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Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

Consider the opportunity we have to catch fire, to be available and willing to be in the creative current moving through human consciousness. It is that current that is bringing evolution and that is changing what humanity is experiencing. It is our time. It is the opportunity that we have been waiting for—we who know that our mission is to assist in raising the level of human awareness.

Now this is a two-edged sword. It’s very easy to get enthused and inspired by the idea. But as consciousness continues to evolve, the pressure of change comes on and we become aware of our own personal pattern of resistance. There comes a point when there is a choice. There is a time when we reach what has been a ceiling. What do we do then? We can choose to accept the ceiling and, to some extent, fall back asleep. Or we can move on the compulsion to break open and welcome something huge in our experience.

As consciousness changes, the frequency at which we vibrate changes. With every rise in frequency, the intensity of our experience goes up—the greater the rise in frequency, the greater the pressure to move and the greater the resistance in our human nature. In my experience, when I become thick or confused or muddled or sleepy, it is a good indicator that the frequency of what is happening in and around me is more than I am used to and my capacities are struggling to “rise up.” Of course I could always see the same symptoms as an indicator that I shouldn’t be taking part in that experience, and that I should withdraw. I have come to see that that is a really good rationalization and excuse by my clever mind—and that I may have just hit a ceiling!

I am clearly getting the invitation to break through my ceilings, to let my consciousness evolve, to embrace what’s coming toward me in the darkness. Every moment I have the opportunity to really let something burn up, and be burnt away, caught in the eternal fire.

As I get really honest and face up to some of the little emotional toy-throwing fits that I am tempted to engage in, I acknowledge that I have a choice in how I respond when I hit a ceiling. When I feel uncomfortable or insecure, the sense of pressure can be embraced. I can create my world differently.

There is a new level and frequency of consciousness calling us, a new stage in our development that is requiring us to step up. If you have been walking on your spiritual path for a time, you might find yourself saying, “Oh, but I’ve done that before. What do you mean ‘another step up’?” The call “to catch fire” is a call to move beyond where we’ve been before and to see discomfort, dis-ease and disturbance as indications that things are changing and Spirit is on the move. The ceilings we bump into are not limits to stay beneath, sitting quietly, hoping they’ll go away, or struggling valiantly to remove them from our experience. They are the precursors to a new experience and a new world.

Catch fire now, and you will find yourself moving past your resistance and past your ceilings. Embrace the potential for you and your world, or you will get left behind by the process of evolution that is at work through your consciousness and mine. This is the time to embody the change and to share it with others in the best way you know how. So I invite you all to catch fire with me and let what is evolving in consciousness show itself fully in our experience.

Ruth Buckingham
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January 13, 2011 3:01 pm

I love your analogy of “catching on fire.” Yes, things will be exposed in my human nature as a result, and yes, I need to be willing to acknowledge these and let go to the flow of Spirit moving through my calcified pipes.

I have had for many years a wonderful photo of an ascending, spiralling metal piece of playground equipment. The photo, taken in the late afternoon, has a shadow on one side of the spiral. The image conveys to me that in the ascension process there’ll be a revisiting of “darkness” at a high level. This will translate in people’s experience as somewhat of a vibrational recurrence of patterns which are ready for a further round of clearing/cleansing/purification. It’s rare that deepseated patterns are cleared in one bite–more often, there are repeated bites of the cherry. With a consciousness of what’s happening, we can rejoice in another opportunity to clear something, rather than say, “I thought I’d dealt with this once and for all earlier in my life!” and throw a tantrum of protest. Letting go to this “fire” is such an important aspect of being the Angel I am here to be in this moment–which requires something different of me than was required earlier.

January 13, 2011 3:00 pm

Thanks for you clear articulation of the intensification that I feel part of my experience right now.

You reminded me of the experience of the prophet Daniel in the fiery furnace, which was heated 7 times more than it was wont to be heated. I used to think how could anyone cope with that intensity? The simple answer from my experience is to be identified with the fire–with what is causing the intensification. That makes the whole process much smoother and it is a vantage point that is so much more convincing when providing comfort for others getting singed by the heat!

I join you in the fiery place.

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
November 28, 2010 12:23 am

Hi Ruth, it is summer in Cape Town, the time of year we hear of fires in the environment…rightly, the fires clear and allow for replenishment, naturally. I am finding ceilings in my world and I thank you for the encouragement to break through in order to release spirit from the myopic perspective which lays us captive.

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