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I’ve been thinking about a place where I lived for a time years ago. Because the local water was very hard, the pipes in the house had been almost totally calcified. And so when a water softener was installed, which was a wonderful idea, many of the pipes that were being held together only by the deposits sprang leaks, and it looked as though there was something wrong. Of course there was work to do to clear that up, because you can’t have leaking water all over the place. So the work on that was done, and then the water could run freely through those pipes.

I see this as a wonderful image, portraying what is happening in the world these days: there has been a softening of the calcification in human hearts and the truth is pouring through. As it does, it is showing up the leaks. That can be very frightening, because it looks as if something is wrong. I’d say something is right with that. But there need to be people who know what to do when the leaks show up, that’s for sure.

I was looking at the difference between creation and reaction, because those are our two choices on the planet. We can either be in a position of accepting the fact and owning the fact that we are creating our experience, or we can react to everything around us and be in a position of disempowerment and denial—and that will show up in our experience, too. In the spelling of those two words, there are just a couple of little adjustments needing to be made to alter the word reaction to creation. And in life, the change is simple, isn’t it? Well, it’s taken me, so far, about thirty years to get to that point.

But what I’m working towards is not just improving and clarifying my own experience. I am looking to the future, so that the work I have done—which is owning what I create—can contribute to what happens for others and can help to decalcify those channels through which the truth can flow. I am already seeing that show up in my world. I’m sure that many of us who are about this work see that happening.

I became intrigued by the word consciousness many years ago, because I love researching what words actually mean and where they came from. In many ways, there has been a degrading of words down through the ages. The word consciousness means “that with which I know.” Nobody can escape that. We all have consciousness and we know what shows up in our experience. If what is showing up in our world is destructive or gives us a feeling of being disempowered, it means that what’s trying to come through is getting distorted on the way. There is reaction instead of creation. We’re back to the pipes again, because the water starts off strongly but is having to run through these calcified pipes.

Allowing the flow of the water of truth to dissolve the calcified places in the human heart often requires that we be prepared for some discomfort, as the way that has been familiar passes away. But I would ask, hasn’t the familiar way been painful? So the choice is clear. Accept and open to that process of healing or have a more and more limited experience. That choice is for each one to make.

Maureen Waller
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