A Man’s Destiny

We are present in the flesh to bring the fullness of the power of love into the world. We are here to bring the vibration of love. We are here to bring the teaching of love.

The world needs such teachers. Right now we have a relatively limited number of people teaching the courses that we teach as Emissaries of Divine Light. But anybody can be a true teacher of universal love. That ability is ultimately not something that any human being can give to you. It is something you receive from within your own being, something that happens to a person because they come to the realization that there is no greater calling than to be a teacher of universal love.

For a person to truly come into that teaching, to receive it and to give it, all the lies they tend to tell themselves about who they are and what their life is about, and about other people, have to come to a point of breaking. And oftentimes there are forms associated with those lies that people tell themselves. There is a life that substantiates, in the person’s mind anyway, the lie that they have been telling themselves. They surround themselves with people who confirm their worst fears about humanity. They act out of the limited state that they experience and believe about themselves. So something has to break if a person is to live a life of universal love and then become a teacher of universal love.

Most of all, something has to break open in the heart. Being a true teacher of universal love is certainly not solely an intellectual matter. It is a conscious matter—we have to get conscious about what is actually happening in our experience—but it is not solely a conscious or intellectual matter. It is a matter of the heart, as should be obvious. We cannot be a teacher of universal love with a shut-down heart. I know that there are all kinds of reasons why people’s hearts do shut down. It generally comes down to some kind of hurt or another, inflicted by somebody else or self-inflicted, and so there is protectiveness. So something has to break for a person to become truly wise, to know universal love for themselves—as Jane Anetrini was saying recently, to know their own wholeness, their own holiness, their own magnificence; to know that they are an instrument and a vehicle for universal love. Something has to break.

As a man of now sixty-one years old, I have watched my own experience. I have been witness to my own heartache and heartbreak, been witness to beliefs about myself that were and are untrue. I have experienced other men disparaging me and I have had to face the shame that is present in my own heart. I have faced disillusionment and disappointment, and the deep chill of resentment from people from whom I wished there was love. And I have had a front-row seat watching the man that I am come to know something of my own wholeness, and to know it not just on a conscious or intellectual basis, but to know it as a matter of the heart. I also have had a chance to view the men around me, and to witness what happens for men: the guardedness, the fear of being hurt—again; all of the things that compensate for that fear, and all the defensiveness that a man can erect, and all the pretense.

I can speak from personal experience and say that the limitations in consciousness and the lies that men tell themselves sap men of their vitality and of their strength. And sure, there can be a pretense—we call that ego. So as a man, I can make a pretense of vitality and strength and confidence and righteousness, but those things hardly make up for a lack of my genuine vitality and strength as a man, or a knowing of my own wholeness and holiness, my magnificence, and the knowing that I am an instrument and a vehicle for universal love. And so it is for any man, and ultimately any person.

There are those who, in this day, say that it is the time of the rise of the feminine, and what is going to save this world is the rise of the feminine. And I have no argument with that. It is an age of the rise of the feminine, and that is a beautiful thing to witness. It is beautiful to witness in women, and it is a beautiful thing to allow it to happen in oneself as a man and to witness in other men. And still I ask, does anybody really think that what needs to happen in this world today will happen without men who have broken open and dealt with the fear of their own vulnerability, and come into a knowing of their own wholeness, their own holiness, their own magnificence, and the fact that they are present to be an instrument of universal love?

It is hard to imagine that this world is going to a good place without such men, without men who, because they are an open instrument for universal love, find that they can bring the strength and vitality of that love and bring it into their world beyond measure, beyond limit, to whatever extent necessary. Men who are so deeply in touch with the generosity of that love, the unbounded, unending nature of that love, that they have the strength and the vitality of that to bring to any person, any situation, to their world and to the world; men who bring the enlightened awareness that we are human beings made in the pattern of the Creator.

This world needs such men, men who know that reality for themselves and, because they know that reality for themselves individually, have no problem, no issue with joining with other men as one;knowing that only so can the full measure of universal love that is our inheritance be brought into the world. Only so can the full power of that love be brought through us as instruments of it.

There is work for women to do, and there is leadership for women to provide in the world today. And without that leadership, I believe, our hopes as a race are not high. Today I am writing about the leadership of men that is needed. What I am addressing is relevant in a woman’s life too. But I deem it unmanly for a man to expect women to accomplish what I am speaking about without men leading the way. And when men lead the way in this matter, we make the path easy for women. If we do not, we hinder them to no end.

So I say to my men friends, let your hearts break, that the full love of your Father who is in heaven may come in, knowing that that reality is one reality for all of us as men. And even though there is a unique way it comes to each of us, it is ultimately one unifying reality of love. It will not only save us personally and bring our healing—our knowing of our own wholeness and holiness and magnificence and loving nature—but it will heal us as men together. It will allow us to know our oneness, and it will allow us to bring the unified vitality and the unified strength, the one vitality, the one life, the one strength of being, of our Father, into this world. I do not believe there is any salvation for our world without this. On a different day a woman could address the leadership that women need to bring. But I, as a man, am talking about the leadership that we, as men, are destined to bring. Let us fulfill this destiny.

David Karchere
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David Karchere
David Karchere
May 19, 2014 5:52 pm

Beautiful, Ray!

Raymond Salton
Raymond Salton
March 28, 2014 6:26 am

Yes my heart is willing to stand in the fire of Gods Love. This requires both courage and humility to be present in my expression. It also demands of me heartfelt communion with many other radiant beings. My passion and power need to be regulated in regard to my extreme polarity which I sometimes express under sustained stress loading. This energy in me is contained in a loving surround by my consistent response to the creative process of spirit being manifest in EDL ministry. Bless you all.

nick podd
nick podd
March 24, 2014 3:01 pm


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