What Is Attunement?

David Karchere

What is Attunement?

It is one of those words that says what it names, even if you’ve never heard it before—a process of tuning, which implies harmonization.

So Attunement is tuning in. Or we might say, tuning up. It is finding the source of your own wisdom, love and power, and accessing it. It is aligning your conscious state with the source of creativity that originates at a higher order of Being within you, so that you resonate more clearly and fully with that source. And how do you know that your consciousness is aligned with the source of wisdom, love and power? Because you light up, resonating with the vibration of that source.

Attunement is also tuning in to each other. I’m hoping to do that now through these words. I am not only tuning in to the source of wisdom within myself. I am tuning in to you, my reader. And hoping you will tune in to the wisdom I am letting flow through my words.

Tuning in can also be an experience within an individual. Our thinking and feeling can stop fighting each other and attune together. All the facets of our psyche can learn to get along and create wholeness and personal well-being. The complex physical systems within our body can work in greater and greater harmony.

Attunement is also something we bring to the world around us. When we have tuned in to the source of wisdom, love and power, we have that to give to the people around us—to those closest to us, to our community and the larger world.

Whatever is vibrating in us tends to resonate in some way with other people. Someone who is a conscious practitioner of Attunement enters a mindfulness practice relative to that vibration. In their own tuning up, they bring the most creative vibration possible to their world.

Attunement is also a collective experience. When a group of people knows Attunement together, the higher harmonics of human awareness can resonate in that group. Imagine if the whole world came to know Attunement together!

For Attunement to work creatively in a person’s experience, it has to become a consciousness practice. The person has to adopt a mental attitude and thought process that guide the whole human system into Attunement. They have to learn the emotional intelligence that lets them tune up, tune in to others, and resonate creatively in the world, because the human heart is vital to how we resonate.

The conscious practice of Attunement becomes a spiritual practice. It is the thinking and feeling part of the practice that opens up spiritual experience. This is true in the art of living, day-to-day and moment-by-moment. So, Attunement is relevant to every moment of our lives—everything we do in every facet of our life, and even to those times when it seems we aren’t doing anything.

The practice of Attunement is also relevant to specific times of spiritual intensification. Through a deep conscious focus, there is a greater tuning in, followed by an intensified resonance in the human experience. That might be achieved through prayer, meditation, mindful body movement, such as yoga, or collective worship.

For someone who engages in Attunement as a conscious practice and as a spiritual practice, it can become an energy medicine practice. The practitioner is tuning up, tuning in to another person, and then allowing the source vibration to move out through their hands to that other person. Then the conscious spiritual practice of Attunement empowers an energy medicine practice. And the energy medicine practice focuses and strengthens the conscious spiritual practice.

Any attempt to engage in the energy medicine practice of Attunement without the conscious spiritual practice is futile.

Attunement is the spiritual practice of an Emissary of Divine Light. Yes, an Emissary of Divine Light shines the light, and that is part of the practice. But where does that light come from? From the source of light at a higher level of Being.

So, shining the light is part of the spiritual practice of Attunement, and you have to tune in to that light before you can let it shine. You have to tune in to love and receive it before you can let it out. An Emissary of Divine Light lets love radiate without concern for results. But only if they are in Attunement with love.

Is there anything that has any value outside of the experience of Attunement?

What is a family that isn’t experiencing Attunement? It can degenerate into emotional pain and agony.

What is relationship without Attunement? A loveless association that can turn to anguish.

What is God without Attunement? A belief in a distant entity.

What is selfhood without Attunement? Loneliness and barrenness.

What is humankind without Attunement? A self-sabotaging species. There is no peace on earth, there is no thriving future, without Attunement.

All that has value is part of an experience of Attunement. And without Attunement, everything falls apart. It is admirable to set as one’s mission the conscious evolution of humankind or the spiritual regeneration of humanity. But how? Through Attunement.

I declare 2021 to be a year of the rebirth of Attunement in the human experience. I commit myself to live and know that experience for myself and bring it to the world. Will you join me?

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Laurence Mendes
Laurence Mendes
December 27, 2020 12:32 pm

For me this address is masterful. It takes me to the place of remembrance that the Spirit of Mary is me, is mankind, the Mother, the divine feminine to the Holy Ghost, the invisible, the Father, the sacred masculine. I am in Spiritual retreat, beginning with repentence and self forgiveness, sloughing off facades, and committed to revealing a truer self, that I may manifest the truth of the above in Holy conception through my living, bringing heaven here on earth now. Cosmic Blessings. Laurence in England

Ngugi kimani
Ngugi kimani
December 26, 2020 12:07 pm

Hi David!
I always look forward to your insighful posts.
I must confess that I lose the thread when you talk about the auric subsatance tthrough the pineal gland..the silver cord …..etc
But I agree with you the Holy conception is told from the human perspective.. Behind the whole story is God’s soverignity and His Divine infinite Love for all mankind..It has nothing to do with our intellect or religious or social standing. Mary a simple village girl, I assume was but a warm receiver of the glad tidings of GREAT JOY to all Mankind;
And the angel answered unto her.the Holy Ghost shall come upon thee…therefore that Holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God. In truth nobody in opinion can become or make another person become ” Son of God”..It is the work of the Holy Spirit. through the Holy Coveption.Period!
I agee with Fiona too that it is an inward jouney back home to where we came from.
We are eternal beings born from above by the Holy Spirit through the Holy Conception just like Jesus Christ. We are sojourners here in this world of Caesar for a while just as in the case of Abraham the great patriach of Faith;
By Faith he sojourned in the land of Promise as in a strange country , dwelling in tabernacles with Isaac …for he looked for a City with foundations whose builder and maker is God- Heb 11vs9
I have been thinking about the story of the prodigal son.. He gets to the lowest pit and decides to go back home. He says to himself,how many hired servants have enough to eat and to spare.. The bible records that while he was yet afar off his father saw him and he run towards him. and embraced him and kissed him.
What if he returned and was received by a servant with these news.
“So Sorry your Father died just before dawn but left us with this robe and this signet ring to give to you and instructed us to slaughter the fatted calf for you…”
You have guessed it right.. The “gifts” could never mean anything to him. without the Father’s smle and warmth. My story and your strory in coming home this Christmas to our Father and our loved ones is about the Embrace and kisses and thereafter the “gifts”
It is Coming home to our DNA,
coming home to our roots,,
Its coming home to the family hearth
It is coming home to the eternal Fire
To warm our hearts.
Coming home for the Embrace.
Thank you

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
December 26, 2020 7:08 am

We are being called home.

As a child, I went out to play in my neighborhood. I did not feel scared, unsafe, and when called home, there was a place of warmth and nurturance to return to. I had a mum and dad; we had a house, I had food to eat, I had a bed to sleep in. I was a lucky child, born in a safe land in the mid 1950’s.

However, I feel I was compelled to be here at this time for the initiation of unprecedented change. It is not so much a time of outward change but of an inward journey home to know we are not merely human but of cosmic origin.

This is the time to bring love, joy and goodwill to all men.

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