The Conscious Evolution of America

David Karchere

Today is a good day to come to the aid of the United States of America in her hour of need. For today, I invite all people from around the world to become honorary citizens of America.

There are many actions we might take. Some are called to political action. Some to report on the unfolding facts of what is transpiring. Some are called simply to raise their voices for America.

Today, I invite you to be part of loving up on America, to love the gold within her history. So, love her truest heart and her desire to be free. This is not blindness to her flaws and error. It is loving what is true of her.

I’ve tended to think of Irving Berlin’s song God Bless America as a conservative anthem to America’s greatness. But even though some have thought of it that way, that’s not what the words say.

God bless America, land that I love
Stand beside her and guide her
Through the night with the light from above
From the mountains to the prairies
To the oceans white with foam
God bless America, my home sweet home.

Today, perhaps we can stand beside her in her hour of need. Perhaps we can be that transmitter of light that this patriotic Jewish immigrant prayed for.

Here are words from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address from 1863:

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

 Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.

Now, twelve score and four years since America’s independence, some of the Civil War era’s unresolved issues plague this country. As the oldest existing democratic republic, America has been an inspiration for the world. As Abraham Lincoln noted, humankind as a whole has something at stake in this experiment in government. And in recent days and years, we have disappointed the world.

A week ago today, an armed insurrection sought to overthrow the legitimate government of this country. An armed mob invaded our Capitol Building, and there was apparently a desire to kidnap or murder the Vice President and the Speaker of the House, and perhaps others. There were the images of people storming the Capitol Building spread across the televisions of the world, and the flag that we have held for freedom in America had its reputation tarnished. The hopes and dreams of people worldwide were shaken by witnessing that event, and Americans were shocked.

Today, the U.S. Congress is impeaching the President of the United States for his part in these events.

What happened a week ago didn’t suddenly appear out of the blue. If there was hope coming out of that horrible event, part of it is based on the possibility that something that had been obvious to many people because it was in virtual space—because it was a phone call or it was a tweet, a secret conversation or a cyber-attack—then became something physical. All of that corruption was on full display in manifest form, with people storming our Capitol Building. I hope that, while the corruption could be avoided and eyes averted from it while it was in the virtual space of our country, now that it is so blatantly in the physical space, it can be a call to awaken. We shall see.

This event highlights how reality works. What is in virtual space—and I’m not speaking only of computers now—but what is in the invisible space of heart and mind ends up determining what manifests in the physical space. We had an awful demonstration of that. That same principle holds true, whether what’s being held in consciousness is creative or whether it’s destructive. So, we seek to generate and magnify what is creative in consciousness.

This is our answer in the face of something manifesting that is destructive. Our answer to it is to pay attention to the invisible space, knowing that what’s in the invisible space manifests. And while we’ll look at what’s manifesting with realism, seeing it for what it is, nonetheless, our answer to it is ultimately what’s happening in the space of our own heart and mind, and then what we share. Do we need a more vivid portrayal of how what is in consciousness manifests? We’ve been watching it, in this case, for at least the last four years, and it just kept happening and kept happening. And people denied it in virtual space. It got minimized, as if it didn’t matter. And yet, finally, it manifested blatantly. So, we have to deal with the manifestation of things but, more importantly, we have to deal with the origination of things. We have to be at the origination of things.

So, where does that origination occur? What is the field in which it’s occurring? We could refer to it in so many ways. It is culture. It is the noosphere of humanity, the field of consciousness. We could refer to it as the field in which we are participating. That implies not only human consciousness but the larger field of energy and consciousness of the universe. We could use Rupert Sheldrake’s term, the morphic field. We could use the name that we employ in Attunement, which is pneumaplasm, which we could also speak of as auric substance or prana. Whatever word we use, we’re tempted to believe we know what we’re talking about, while humility requires that we admit that we don’t fully understand the field.

But we do have the sense that there is a field of consciousness that we certainly are coming to know ourselves—we are conscious. We experience it as thought and feeling. And then we know that there’s a field of energy that we’re living in. There’s a human energy field. We feel it ourselves, we feel it from each other, and we feel what happens when something creative is happening in that energy field. We know that consciousness is linked to energy. We know that from the reports of scientific experiments. But we know it from the most profound scientific experiment possible, which is our own experience. From firsthand observation of our own human experience, we know that when our consciousness changes, the energy field that we’re experiencing changes. So, we know that we live in a field of consciousness and energy.

The miracle of the reality in which we live as human beings is that we have freedom of choice regarding consciousness. We can choose what pattern of thinking we adopt. We can choose the flow of emotions that we allow to move through us. And we know there’s a link between what we think and what we feel, so that personally we can cultivate a culture of one that is creative and that manifests creativity in our life. And we know that freedom is God-given and cannot be taken away from us by any government, despite any tyrants abroad in the land. We have the freedom to think creatively, to set our minds free, the freedom to love. No one can stop you or me from loving.

So, we have this remarkable freedom of consciousness that affects the energy field in which we live as a culture of one. And then we know that we have the opportunity to come together as human beings and participate together in creative thought. We hatch creative ideas, creative inspirations, creative dreams, and share all the feelings that those dreams evoke. And then the culture that we share changes, and what manifests in the culture begins to change. We’ve all had experience of that, whether it’s with just one other person or in a family, a community, or organization. Or simply working with someone on a project. Nations are formed in this way.

Except sometimes, when the culture is large enough, we lose track of the fact that it’s being created out of consciousness—that the energy of that culture is being influenced by the thoughts and feelings of the people of that culture. By its very nature, the field is evolving. We can tend to forget that. We can think that America was defined by the Founding Fathers or the Constitution. But even the Constitution has evolved some. Our awareness of the Founding Fathers of America has evolved too. In fact, the field of America, while it had seeds of its destiny in its initiation, is also an evolving field. And the dream of America is evolving too.

So, we seek to liberate America to fulfill her evolving destiny. We set Lady Liberty free so that she can inspire new levels of freedom in America, new levels of creativity that have evolved out of our past. We are not attempting to go back to anything. Yes, we stay true to the essence of the original dream. But we let it evolve, to set it free to become what it’s meant to become, because that’s the very nature of reality; it’s the very nature of the field.

To set America free, we have to be brave enough to think the thoughts of her evolution, brave enough to have a heart for her becoming, because such is the nature of reality, all reality in every field. It is in the process of conscious evolution. That is the very nature of every field.

Thank you for being an honorary American Citizen today, or perhaps even an actual one. Thank you for standing beside my country in her hour of need. And for guiding her “with the light from above.”

It is that light of consciousness that is activating the field and stimulating its evolution. We have the joy of being instruments for the transmission of light, setting our culture free to become all that it longs to be.

The voice of the Christmas angel still rings in my ears:

 Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

 Thank you for loving up on America in her hour of need and setting her free.


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January 16, 2021 2:57 pm

Thank you David, how delighted I am to join you and others ‘loving up’ on America. Beyond the ‘clash of civilisations’ and ‘post modern materialism’, and as a humble honorary American Citizen, I am deeply grateful for the freedom to bring my love, light and life to the oldest existing democratic republic ! and seeing ‘the American Dream’ anew. This is vitally important for the whole world right now.

May America continue to anchor a new world, with all who are belonging and connected be liberated and living as a culture of One.

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
January 16, 2021 7:23 am

From conception to death, each one of us is an evolution; a creative life brings forth health and well-being. Destructive thinking about ourselves can root itself in alcoholism, addiction, even suicide. We make choices.

Increasingly, we are living in an invisible world; think of electricity – can’t see it, flick a switch and know it by its manifestation – the light goes on! We have cyberspace and the internet – the new highway of human activity. Money is increasingly virtual. There is so much we don’t see and an increasing confusion in our senses as to what is real, what is virtual or even fake. Distortions. What do we trust?

It is vital that we learn to develop trust; to cultivate an inner sense of this; to know how to trust ourselves, how to trust others; alternatively, we cultivate fear and suspicion. It is easy to spark trouble when real trust is absent with people clutching straws in hope, looking outside themselves for reassurance for the inner lack.

This was all part of the cocktail of events in Washington.

But there is an invisible world to be trusted, a resonant field, known through time. It is a conscious field beyond the realms of human activity though no less a part of it; it has been more recently been identified through quantum physics; Einstein, Sheldrake, McTaggart.

It is time to reactivate consciousness; our innate intelligence. As we now use technology in cyberspace, our spiritual legacy pre-exists in another realm of invisibility and this is the key to how truth and reality rightly manifests into the world.

America needs intelligence; the world needs intelligence. We all need one another.

God bless us all.

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