The Vibrational Cathedral

Jane Anetrini

When we speak about turning mystery into wonder, it is clear that this is not a problem for a child. Everything is a mystery, and they wonder about it all. Sometimes, that can get them into trouble and shock their parents. They eat the dog’s kibble because it is there on the floor, or drink or play in their water. They are curious about what is behind the electric outlet or under the kitchen sink. Yikes! There is an innocence present and also a lack of wisdom and understanding. They need our wisdom and protection.

As we pass through the teenage years, we tend to become skeptical about everything and often lose our connection to the magic. Sometimes, in adulthood, mystery is reawakened as we realize there is so much we don’t know or understand. We have the opportunity to be open to our curiosity and explore the mystery and wonder of life. We can engage with new thought, inquiry, and discovery if we stay open.

I think it is delightful to consider how we keep that wonder alive while being intelligent and knowing our responsibility to stay alive. No probing electrical outlets! How do we continue to be creators and conscious participants in this life journey?

This poem is about the passion to open our human experience to the mystery.

We Will Open
David Karchere

We will open those hidden portals
In the flesh
Which let this stellar light
Penetrate, at last
Those darkened corners
Of this grand, human obstinacy.

O, yes, we will,
My dear companion,
We shall bring our simple answer
To this worldly fraud,
The preposterous travesty
Of a feigned human life.

And we will tell our souls,
And the souls of all men,
And all women,
To truly live,
To breathe,
And forget the ancient sadness
That assails the human heart.

O, yes, dear one,
We will live and breathe,
And bring beauty
To every corner of our Being,
And as we do,
To every sea,
Every land,
To the four directions of this world,
And ask, for our Creator . . .

“Will you open now
To that spirit who you are?
Will you forsake now your hardened ways?
Will you now embrace
With your every cell and gland and tissue,
That power who made you,
That creative energy,
That being,
That flaming spark
Who is your God?

“Will you now?”

“Can you now?”
Yes, you can.

And you will be held
In heaven’s love,
As the light of the stars
Enters each earthly door,
Opening you
To the sacred reality
Of your inmost Being.

Will you now? 

When we open to the magic of life, we create a vibrational space that welcomes the mystery. Our conscious awareness changes to become a place for the birth of the new. Our human energy field transmutes and rises to a new level.

These changes create a place in us where wonder resides easily and safely. In the physical world, there have been buildings dedicated to that kind of sacred intent. One such kind of building is a cathedral. They can create an atmosphere that welcomes the Invisible, the Holy, the Sacred, and the Mystery.

As we welcome the mystery and experience the wonder, we create a vibrational atmosphere. This doesn’t necessarily involve the physical structure of a building. And yet it is real. It is known and felt by those who have built it through their openness to the Mystery. It is a vibrational cathedral. All who welcome the mystical create this cathedral and can expand it, serve in it, bless it and keep it sacred.

I wrote these words this morning as my awareness of this reality was heightened by reading David’s poem:

I will welcome the magic, the mystical, the juicy, the divine plan.
I will give thanks for it, lay out the welcome mat for it.
I will be willing to see it through the eyes of a child,
leaving behind the tainted glasses of an arrogant lethargic elder.
I will let it in so that the cells of my Being feel it,
enjoy it, engage with it in the creation of a new world.
O shine bright, morning star!
The world around us is dark and hungry,
longing for home.
So, I will build a cathedral with my companions
from the sacred reality of our inmost Being.
I will keep it sacred.
I will maintain it.
I will invite people in and serve them wine and the bread of life,
expanding the walls and windows until the whole earth is within it.

This is, to me, the call of my life: to create this vibrational cathedral so that there is an experience of heaven and earth being one—this magic, this mystical experience of touching the Invisible that I have found readily available and never far from mind.

If you want to touch the Invisible, just take a breath. There it is! We don’t have to think about breathing. It comes naturally. It brings oxygen in and removes carbon dioxide. You might say that’s because we have receptors in our brain managing our CO2 levels. The question is, where did they come from if not the Mystery?

The mystical, magical reality of life is consistently present, and we participate in it. When we open to the experience with others, the wonder increases. The cathedral expands—this vibrational experience of sacredness, excitement, and creation. We know the invitation of the Mystery together. And it is not only known with our mind but through our entire being.

This is not a sacred place filled with caution and restraint. The vibrational cathedral is a place of excitement and creation, engagement and awe.

In this place, we experience and know the fundamentals of how life works. There is a giving and receiving. We understand that we open to the mystical and share its magic with our world. We know there is the mystical in people we meet. We may enquire, What more can I see? What can I create with this angel in front of me? We welcome the opportunity to see more of the magic.

A physical cathedral that is not cared for can be covered with dirt and grime. Dirty windows can block the light from coming in and shining out.

We may have dirty windows that have blocked our vision in the vibrational cathedral we inhabit. What is the dirt and grime in consciousness that obstructs our view? Old beliefs and understandings that have not been reviewed or addressed. As we clean those windows, those portals into the mystical, we see all things new. We perceive opportunities that were previously hidden.

When we awaken to what is going on, we do the work of opening our spiritual eyes so we may more fully enter the Mystery. That is the experience in my own heart. There are a lot of juicy connections with people that I have probably overlooked, thinking it should be a certain way. Or I may have gotten lazy, settling for the familiar. I may have had arrogant or lethargic vision, believing I knew how things are or should be. All kinds of conclusions and beliefs were coating the glass. As I am honest about the buildup present, I choose to let it go, clear the glass and be in the atmosphere and the culture of the vibrational cathedral.

There is a playful, joyous, mischievous, on-the-edge, sexy, sensual, innocent, and engaging reality of the cathedral that I live in. As we create this new culture, we are willing to admit that some of the windows need to be cleaned, need to be opened up, not only so that the light comes in but so that our light shines out, to be seen by the world. And how does the invitation go out if our light is not shining? I am not promoting knocking on doors, proselytizing, or sending out pamphlets. I am talking about your radiance, the sheer beauty of your Being expressed into the world, so that people can then feel this in their own cells. Their spiritual juice is awakened in your presence.

For most of my life, I have known that this experience of the cathedral is a project for humanity, not just a project for myself. I have the privilege and pleasure of knowing that this is the true design of all of humankind. And it is my responsibility to share this knowledge with the world.

We are made to be co-creators of this vibrational cathedral. We are made to create it, protect it, and serve in it. When we do, we allow a new earth to be constantly born. The new earth comes from the atmosphere of the vibrational cathedral. In that atmosphere, what needs to pass away can do so easily. There is a great pyre of disintegration that we throw things on with delight because there is no fear of missing out. There is a joy in what we are creating together. We are birthing it. There is power and pleasure in being filled with that wonder.

How about this as an experiment? Approach every person you meet this week as if they were the Grand Canyon.

You are a wonder of the world, and I see your majesty and glory. Tell me more about yourself. What is it that you would like to show me? What could we create together? You are far more than what I see. 

Have you ever looked at someone and thought, Who knew? Who knew you could do that? Who knew you could sing like that? Who knew you were an artist? Who knew you could cook?

Those are obvious surprises. But then there is the discovery of more subtle ranges of a person’s being. Who knew the brilliance of your mind? Who knew the tenderness of your heart? Who knew that when you and I are together, people feel safe?

People feel safe in the presence of two or more people who know the vibrational cathedral. If you have two people who agree that they will care for that atmosphere, a person feels doubly safe than when they are with one or the other. The atmosphere becomes stronger and stronger as people are dwelling in the unfolding mystical pattern.

Let us put out the welcome mat, like a child, embracing this magic and beauty in each other. It is there to be received, shared, and given.

I welcome this magic that keeps me animated, full of life current, awake, and aware. The magic continues as I pour it out—to you and all my world. The Mystery brings me the magical compulsion of life as a gift. It is a gift to me, so that I might be a gift to the world. So it is for anyone who awakens to the Mystery.

I pour forth joy into the world. I serve the people in my world while I serve the source of the gift of the magic. It is given to me for a purpose. It is not just for me. I give thanks to the Mystery by giving the magic to my world. My praise rises and echoes up and out.

All of humankind is made to function as one reality, dwelling in this one vibrational cathedral.

I am incredibly thankful to be aware of how the magic works and for the gift that was given to me. This knowledge is deep within every human being, sometimes realized and sometimes hidden. If someone had not come to me, vibrating with the atmosphere of the vibrational cathedral, I am not sure I would ever have gotten to know it to the depth I do now. So, it is my responsibility to maintain it and radiate it. I give thanks for the person who did this for me. More than one, actually, but there is always that initial one. Inspired by their presence, I touched the vibrational cathedral and began to know it for myself.

So, I ask,

Will you now?
Can you now?

 Yes! You can!

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
January 15, 2022 7:59 am

In order to create the potential for increasing height in the body of the cathedral, the crypt provided a basement level of pillars and foundation for what was above. It was also a mausoleum for kings and nobles and for relics.

There are aspects of ourselves which need to be laid to rest, along with the fetish for keeping remains, however holy, and letting them go.

Whatever the archeological potential for digging up the past, there is a need to dig further to unearth parts of ourselves, and others. To see beyond the surface and façade.

I met someone this week from my student days, holidaying in Cape Town. It was exciting to be re-acquainted. We did some digging, but we also created some cathedral space, and were able to span the years; reconnect.

For God is Light. We have wonderful windows of light and possibility penetrating the structures of consciousness. There is always the potential for magic!

Kari Bye
Kari Bye
January 13, 2022 9:06 pm

Things we overlook with people we meet, things we think should be different…. Staying with the familiar, getting stuck in expectations…..
These are things “coating the glass”. And how wonderful it is each time my awareness brings the needed cleaning supplies!
They are actually in the awareness itself. As I wake up to the need for seeing something more clearly, an invisible loving hand clear my vision, and I smile and I see new possibilities for what we can vibrationally create together.

Willow Winddancing
Willow Winddancing
January 13, 2022 6:06 pm

YES! I Am.
My heart sings knowing the deep awareness & commitment of this vibration with you, dear Jane. May all who seek find the radiance that is offered………….

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