Raising the Vibrational Rate of the Human Energy Field

David Karchere

For a substance to combust, it has to reach the temperature at which that can occur. There are three relevant temperature levels:

The flash point—the temperature at which a substance will combust when presented with an igniting spark. At the flash point, the combustion cannot be sustained. There is the proverbial “flash in the pan.” But then the fire dies out.

The fire point—the point at which not only will the substance catch fire but that combustion will sustain itself; it will keep burning.

The autoignition temperature—that temperature that causes spontaneous ignition. The substance will spontaneously ignite at the autoignition temperature without an external spark.

This is from the world of chemistry. But I suspect the relevance to our own human experience is evident and immediate. Whether we look at it from the standpoint of ourselves as an individual or from the perspective of what we share collectively, we need something more than a flash in the pan. If our world is to thrive, we have to change the vibration of our creative field—the field of energy and consciousness we share—so that it rises beyond the flash point where, if it is sparked, there is a short-lived combustion. We have to bring the temperature of our creative field to the fire point. When it does, we can introduce a spark, the field combusts, and the combustion sustains.

Our intention is to raise the temperature of our creative field beyond the fire point, to autoignition. When that transpires for us as individuals, we are no longer reliant on the spark from somebody else. We spontaneously combust ourselves. Our vibrational level has reached a point where our human soul is fiery. The eternal flame is present in us and through us. Perhaps this is a definition of spiritual maturity.

I have had experiences of reaching a point of autoignition with small groups of people. I can hardly describe the experience. What if a large collective of awake individuals reached the point of autoignition?

There are a lot of ways to look at the human experience. For me, it is clear that whether I look at it from the standpoint of myself individually or us collectively, a rise in vibrational rate is critical. Whatever else we are accomplishing in life—earning lots of money, building things, gaining fame and fortune, developing our craft or profession, or whatever it may be, there is this primal matter of temperature. At lower temperatures, the ultimate goodness of what could happen in the human experience cannot appear. And try as you may to get everything to come together—whether in your own immediate life experience or in a group of people—it is not on until there is a rise in the vibrational rate. But how do we raise the vibrational rate of the human energy field?

I suspect that all of the readers of this blog have some awareness of this necessity. Whether it was in a relationship, our own life experience, or a collective body of people, you became aware that what was needed was to find some way to raise the temperature. And maybe some of us have pulled our hair out, wondering, How is that going to happen? And how do we keep going with a vibrational rate that is not natural to us as human beings?

We are made to live at a higher vibrational rate than the average human being. And that is a way of describing what goes wrong in the human experience. We wonder why it does not all come together in our life, with other people, and in the world. It never will at lower vibrational rates.

Last week’s Pulse of Spirit spoke of a vibrational cathedral. A vibrational cathedral is a cathedral of consciousness, energy, culture, and light. It is a cathedral of fire and air. So, fire lives in the cathedral we have the opportunity to share.

How is that cathedral broken in the human experience? It is a building where the fire lives in the culture, in consciousness, and in what we share between us. How did that break? How does it get broken in human experience? And if we understand how it broke, we can undo the brokenness.

I would like to offer a simple diagnosis and prescription. And they are rooted in the same essential reality. The diagnosis is an unconscious response to life itself—our unconscious response to life in all its forms, life in the people around us, and then most centrally to the source of life that we sometimes call God. What is our life response?

We were given life; that is clear enough. We were all given life in utero and at birth. If you are reading this Pulse of Spirit, you are being given life right now. And what is our life response? How do we reciprocate with the life that we are given?

We would all probably say a good first response would be, Thank you. Nothing good happens if we do not give a thank-you. Whatever is happening in my life, whatever challenge I am going through, I am still being given life. Thank you! I have the resource to be here now and to address what is happening now. Thank you! I have life to receive and to give to my world. Life response and reciprocation with life begin with reception and gratitude. And when we truly receive, we are filled with life, and we pass it on. We overflow with it. We give it to another person. We provide it to our world. And the more fully we receive and the more fully we respond, the more fully we may give.

Why were we given the gift of life? What a loving thing to do! To give us the gift of life!

This love itself is another gift we are given. This is the Big Love. It is not the fractured love that people often experience. It is common for people to walk through life without knowing that the Big Love loves them. There are states in consciousness that are dull, with a heart closed off in rancor, resentment, envy, and fear. This weekly blog is devoted to the opportunity to turn in the direction of the Big Love, so we know that we are loved and receive it. When we receive the Big Love, it fills us, and we have it to give. We can say, in essence, to another person, I love you with the Big Love. You are not just loved from above. You are loved by the Big Love overflowing through me.

The third element that we have to receive is light from above. Our awareness is lit up with insight, intelligence, and creative thought, to whatever degree we allow it.

This is the light of understanding. When we open our human soul to be seen by the Wonderful One Within, we allow ourselves to be known.

This is how I said it in the first paragraph of my Attunement Card 8: 

O beloved Source of life within me, you see me as I am. You saw me take my first breath. You saw my first laugh and my first kiss. You know my hopes and my dreams. And you know my fears and my anger. 

Our response to the light is to receive it and let it come into our hearts. When it does, we are filled with light, and we have it to share—to shine.

Our shining of the light creates a superpower—X-ray vision. We see past anything other than the truth of another person. It is not that there is no limitation in them or nothing that has been unnaturally bent out of shape in the human soul. But having noticed those things, this superpower lets us set those things aside, to see them for what they are.

I have been seen and known that way by another human being. It changed me. It helped me realize that I am seen and known like that from above.

Our life response is what changes the vibrational rate in our creative field. The vibration of the field rises until it comes to its flash point, to its fire point, and then to its autoignition temperature.

How did it happen that I am writing about these things to you? After all, who thinks about flash points in the human experience? It is the light shining into me that makes me think these things. I simply woke up one morning thinking about the flash point and what it took for us, as human beings, to come to that point. It had not occurred to me previously.

There is divine wisdom for all of us to open to. By the way, I am not claiming that everything I say is divine wisdom.

One of the reasons it is timely to speak of these things is that we are having a direct, firsthand experience of them. It is happening! It is happening individually and it is happening together. Hallelujah! I cannot tell you how happy I am that this is transpiring for us, and it is.

Do you see any flashes going on in this community of people? Do you observe any combustion, and then even something that looks like autoignition? For no apparent reason, people are on fire. There is this creativity bursting out all over. And I am not saying we have reached the ultimate in any way. I am saying this is happening. Hallelujah!

I was speaking about these things to someone earlier, and they said, Yeah, maybe there’s a rise in temperature over here, but not so much a rise in temperature over there. So this part of the substance is combusting, and this part over there is not.

We could look at all of humankind in this light. It does not seem that our U.S. Senate has reached the point of spontaneous combustion. And there are oh-so many more cases of people functioning at a low vibrational rate that we could point to.

Here was my reply. When you create campfires in the wilderness, parts of the fire often don’t catch fire initially. You craft the pile of wood in the best way you can, and you put the tinder underneath—perhaps some pine cones and pine needles or dry twigs. When you light it, this part over here catches fire. But another part? Not so much. Perhaps the wood is too damp to get up to the temperature at which it can ignite. But what happens? If enough wood burns hot, it raises the temperature in the whole pile. The other wood dries out, and soon the entire pile of wood is on fire.

It is a simple analogy. But that is what happens in human experience. The temperature rises over here. These people begin to catch fire, and these people over there? At first, they are wondering, What is happening? They wonder, Why are things getting hot around here? And what are you up to? Over time, there is a drying out and a rise of temperature. And that collective, whatever it is, reaches a flash point, then a fire point, where it can sustain combustion, and finally it may reach its autoignition temperature. Of course, that all depends on the combustion of the dry wood—those awake and aware human beings who are already at the autoignition temperature because of their life response.

This is how we raise the vibrational rate of the human energy field. This is what creates the vibrational cathedral. There is the story of the substance that burns but is not consumed. That is a description of the eternal flame that burns bright in our vibrational cathedral.

We are the creative field that has become a vibrational cathedral. The substance of our souls is the fuel for the fire that warms and lights this field. And we are the eternal flame.

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
January 22, 2022 8:00 am

SHC or Spontaneous Human Combustion is a noted occurrence; literally, a body catches on fire with no apparent cause – as with an electrical fault in the home. Dickens wrote about such a thing in his 1853 novel “Bleak House”.

But, how about the possibility of vibrational combustion? This is something to consider without morbidity. Autoignition is how we Become A Sun; as David has put it. To catch fire, stay alight, and to share this with the creative field around one.

It is about raising the vibratory rate; from the low, stuck and embroiled experiences to those which are higher, which are free and have elevation. With the analogy of the cathedral, to go from the crypt to the soring heights of the vaulted ceiling and the eternal light entering through the magnificent windows with ranges of coloured glass.

Entrain with music, read meaningfully, trade ugly thoughts with greater understanding, offer gratitude and thanksgiving, enjoy nature, create happiness, share. This is the joyful work.

Let’s do it!

Ron Free
Ron Free
January 19, 2022 10:38 pm

There is a phrase that has become popular in recent times: pay it forward. The first time I recall hearing it was in a movie. That may have been the title of the movie but I’m not sure about that. In watching the movie the meaning of the phrase became clear to me. It describes a form of reciprocation.

When this pulse of spirit speaks about raising the temperature of our creative field, I envision a process whereby the fiery aspect of our nature is passed on to others, not unlike the process of lighting one candle (or campfire) from the flame of another. Keep it going and eventually there is a roaring fire that not only burns away the chaff, but also provides warmth, light and perhaps autoignition.

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