The Superpower of Love

This week, Emissary Servers from around the globe are gathering at Sunrise Ranch to fulfill the purpose of Emissaries of Divine Light—the spiritual regeneration of humankind. The fulfillment of that purpose requires that we introduce the powers of regeneration into the world through our living and our service to others.


Globally, many people live hand to mouth, day to day, or paycheck to paycheck. They are not considering what difference they are making in the world. Their ambition is to get by, and they aren’t thinking about the destiny of humanity.


In the developed world especially, some people rise above survival issues to consider how they might impact the world. Some think about how they might benefit themselves, or how they might leave their mark. 


People can become ambitious on that basis. The militaries of the world are ambitious. So are technology companies, multinational corporations, and people in all sorts of professional endeavors. 


When people become ambitious, they become focused and disciplined. They have to if they want to make an impact. 


There is something repugnant about ambition that is only for self-benefit or self-importance. But how about the ambition of spiritually awake people? Sometimes, I wish that the level of focus and discipline of spiritually awake people was at least as developed as it is for those who are merely acting out of personal ambition. So often, the person who begins to awaken spiritually does not rise past living day to day spiritually, looking to navigate their own spiritual life successfully without the ambition to play a part in the destiny of the world around them. That consideration requires another level of conscious awareness and commitment. It requires that we become ready, willing, and able to use our talents to affect a larger destiny.


There are ancient origin stories from around the world that tell how animals were made. Some of those stories describe how they received the unique gifts that allowed them to thrive. Tigers have huge teeth. Gazelles have the advantage of remarkable speed. Seals can plunge to great depths for thirty minutes at a time. 


As a child, I heard an origin story that told how, when it came to human beings, all the powerful physical attributes had been given away to the animals, and none were left for us. So we are without the protection of fangs or fur, horns or claws. We don’t have the gift of speed, like the gazelle, or the lungs to swim deep underwater, like the seal. We don’t have the armadillo’s armor. We are naked—without physical protection or the prowess to fend for ourselves with our physical gifts.


What did the Creator have left to give to human beings?


Some might say that the gift we were given was intellect. Looking at our 21st-century world culture, that is exactly what we have assumed—that our greatest gift is intellect. Yet, if we look at the crises we face as a race and the catastrophic risks we face, there is clearly something missing. The gift of intellect alone is insufficient. In fact, it is precisely that gift that has led to the crises—war, global warming, autocracy, and more. They are all a result of what has been created by human intellect.


Scientists tell us that there are technological answers to our crises. So, the lack of technology isn’t the issue we face. The issue is whether we will enter a state of consciousness as a race in which we will be motivated to employ the practical solutions that are available to us for the crises we face. That is the crisis within all outer crises. It is a crisis of consciousness and a crisis of the human spirit.


The truth is that there is an untapped power in us as the human race. It is said that The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing. But what is the action that is ours to take that addresses the spiritual crisis as humanity? What is the something that we should do?


The answer goes right back to the gift that we were given. That gift is our superpower. It is the gift of consciousness. And that goes far beyond using our mind as if it were only a biological computer. 


Awake consciousness awakens consciousness. A person who is spiritually awake is aware of the holistic pattern of our humanity. They are aware of this holistic pattern in themselves, and they see and know it all around them. They understand that their destiny is tied to the future of humankind, and that the destiny of humankind is tied to the future of Planet Earth. They know who they are, and so they know who we are. The identity of who we are together is written on their heart and etched upon their soul.


In 21st-century culture, there are myriad attempts to find the levers in consciousness that manipulate human behavior to satisfy the ambition of the manipulators. I am not attempting to condemn any particular individual or profession. And I’m not saying everyone has the same motivation or takes the same approach. I am simply illuminating some of the principles at work that affect consciousness. 


So, where do the most pivotal factors that influence human consciousness lie? In the heart. If something has your heart, it has you. It has how you think and how you feel. It has your intellect. And if it has those things, it has what you do. Given our ability as humankind to influence Planet Earth, it has the Planet. 


Effective advertisers know this. So do politicians and religious leaders. 


Simply put, human ambition pulls the levers of the human heart to fulfill the self-centered purposes of that ambition. Those levers don’t liberate the human soul. They don’t free the human heart. They keep the human being enslaved by fear. And so, fear-based actions cause destruction among human beings and destroy the Planet. 


Those same levers of the human heart can open it to the power of the universe. That power liberates the individual. It frees them to create. That power is Love.


Love is the superpower that the Creator gave to us. To operate fully through us, it has to operate through consciousness. When we awaken to it, it operates through us. And it affects the levers of consciousness in other people, inspiring them to open to it—to open to the Love emanating through us and to the Love that lies within their own heart of hearts. This Love is their superpower, too.


To harness this superpower of consciousness, we first have to receive it, which requires a centering in the source of Love. For many of the spiritual paths and religions of the world, that’s not a new thought. As human beings, we tend to want something from God or heaven. Bless us, love us, give us comfort, heal us, give us peace. Those are beautiful qualities of experience. But there is more to this picture.


If we look at the natural world, animals around the globe exhibit tremendous power. Think of a tiger, an elephant, or a whale. Or even a butterfly that flies thousands of miles in one migration. And if we look to the celestial spheres, we see unimaginable power radiating from the Sun. Only a tiny fraction of that power sustains life on Planet Earth. 


So, who are we in this vast context? Are we simply these poor naked creatures who are seeking a gift from the Creator that hasn’t been given to us? Please give us more Love.


We are here to be conscious instruments of Creation. As it’s put in the Creation story in Genesis, we are here to tend and keep the garden—to let life proliferate among us and on the Planet. We are here to allow our superpower to operate among us and through us as human beings to guide what we do and create an unimaginable influence in the natural world. Yes, the power of Love comforts us as human beings. But it is capable of far more. 


So often, people want that comfort. They want all the gifts that Love brings to us personally. But as long as that is the extent of the openness to Love, it doesn’t stop war. It doesn’t bring peace. It doesn’t re-create human culture. At a spiritual level, that is living hand to mouth and day to day. There has to be something more to bring spiritual regeneration to humankind. We have to employ the superpower of Love we have been given.  


All too often, good people want Love. But they want it to support them in living the life they want to live according to their own will. Consequently, they do nothing—at least nothing that offers an alternative to the fear-based culture around them. And the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.


Sometimes, people say, Thy will, not mine, be done. And perhaps that is a step out of a life motivated by human ambition. But where are the people who say My will IS thy will?


There is the will of the Creator that we are meant to be instruments for. And only the will of the Creator is capable of carrying the Love of the Creator. And that Love is our superpower. 


This Love carries the intelligence of the Creator. I want that kind of Love. Opening to the will and intelligence of the Creator, it unfolds through human consciousness and in the world. You can keep the stupid love, the love that motivates a person to perform destructive acts. That happens in the micro and the macro—near and far. It’s sad to say, but that’s what’s happening in Israel and Gaza. That is stupid love.


I have no doubt there are people involved in that situation who are motivated by love. But it is a love of culture, religion, family, and nation. All those loves can be beautiful. But without guidance from a higher love and a higher will, it all becomes stupid love—a self-sabotaging, destructive kind of love. 


We need intelligence that is an inextricable part of the power of the universe that is looking to come through us. If we look at the power of the animal or plant realms, we see intelligent power. If we look at the Sun, it is not just raw nuclear power. It doesn’t just blow up and take us along with it. The Sun has smart power—so smart that it has created the exact conditions necessary for life on Planet Earth. It carries out divine will—the will of the Creator and the will of the Creation to thrive and be happy.


Do you think it’s possible for us to bring divine will into the world without being people who are full of that will? Divine will through a person creates vibrational lines of force around which Creation forms.


Do you think it is possible to allow the superpower of Love to operate in the human world without ambition? God is ambitious. God’s ambition created this planet. God is not living hand to mouth, trying to get by. And the Sun is so ambitious that it sustains a solar system. 


The ambition of Love is within every human being. Creating a human being is a massively ambitious project. This is the ambition of Love within us. This Love wants to grow us, support us, and sustain us. And it wants to reach out to the world from us and transform it. 


Spiritually awake people have awakened to the ambition of Love. That’s why truly spiritual people are the most influential people on earth. They know that Love is their superpower. And their Love is changing the world. 

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November 20, 2023 6:43 pm

Love is the superpower that the Creator gave to us.

Dogs have always been wonderful teachers for me since childhood – it seems that no matter what – no matter how they were treated in the past – dogs forgive and carry love to all – always. We often had dogs just show up in our yard – they needed help and were always so deeply grateful. Our family always had cats and dogs – and I loved them all – but the dogs were the best teachers about love.

Kari Bye
Kari Bye
November 19, 2023 5:22 pm

It seems the recipe is clear,
let the power of Love be there,
so hurt feelings or misunderstandings will be cleared
before they develop into growing destructive conflicts and fear.

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
November 18, 2023 6:29 am

David is suggesting a major shift in consciousness. Our true economy comes from the superpower of universal love as an infinite resource, as the radiant sun at the core of our Solar System. That with universal love comes universal intelligence. Aligning with the superpower of love, we are in harmony with the grander design of all things – the things which reciprocate and work together to serve a greater purpose of the whole and not the myopic self and selfish desires that humanity is mired in, which ultimately bring destruction and suffering.

Have you ever considered, when eating an apple, that you are eating the sun? If it wasn’t for the sun energy, a plant would not exist, let alone produce an apple. If it wasn’t for the sun, the right balance of heat and light would be absent from the earth; it would just be a rock in space.

Let us consider Becoming A Sun of Love.

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
November 16, 2023 6:21 pm

May my personal will be totally one with the Divine Will, allowing the Superpower of Love to flow through my consciousness to transform and regenerate the world for which I am responsible. How beautifully you have described our spiritual work, David.

Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
November 16, 2023 1:01 am

This invitation to ‘become conscious instruments of Creation – to tend and keep the Garden’ – ghost-busts the need for ‘comfort’ – the next sandwich – ‘ or give me a job ‘cos i need to get some money’ -consciousness.

Levers that liberate the human soul for me is encapsulated in the following words – Contribution, Co-Creation, Collaboration, and Compassion.

We are never too old to ‘mature our innate talents’; to become ready, willing and able to use our talents to affect a larger destiny for ourselves, AND for the people and fields in our ambit.

There has been no other time on the planet in my life-time, when I have felt such a vital need for a focused and disciplined spiritually awake community to work together for the regeneration of mankind as whole. We came here to thrive and love one another.

I feel truly blessed in many big ways, to know that I am able to increase my ambit & impact, switch on our superpowers that we are born with, and bring those ‘solar nutrients’ in smart ways into the communities that we are a part of.

Come join me and us now. Listen to your heart now.

Samantha McKune
Samantha McKune
November 16, 2023 8:26 am
Reply to  Anne-Lise Bure

( for my part, I am what may be termed “a bridge”. ( till, now, anyway) A “bridge” speaking “between” as it were, the general populace, and Your own focussed Words,

So…….Unless we can conceive of the truth back of all things, as lovable, then, in everything/ everyone how then shall we then love it,?
For the One Principal operating back of all things, a great majority call : “God”, wether theyre quite that aware of it, or not.
(That all things have a “vibrational-life” I was personally taught as Std 6 Science. ) Oh, and indeed, “One can “get there” , (loving it all, ( acceptably, then, God) ) from Here”. ( Vibrational Life back of all things)

So, should one conceive of “all
things” as “God/ Love”. after ones own way of cognition, …..( and beyond) …..well…….Bingo ! Ones “Heart” is “open” to “a higher love” and what one, then, does, has, will fall into more appropriate significance; ( and, perhaps for some, these words may gain , also, more “acceptability” were they to read them.)

So…….with loving thanks, for your Words. Food, indeed, to live by…..

I to “,my part”……..😄


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