The Transcendent Self

We are sharing the experience of a transcendent knowing of self. We have a localized sense of self. If we found someone who didn’t, we might get worried. We all have to have self-awareness, self-care, and self-preservation. We have to be aware of our physical bodies and our immediate physical world. And yet, we have the opportunity to experience ourselves as far more than that.

A baby begins life by becoming familiar with their own body and the presence of their parents, especially their mother. They probably cry when they are hungry, tired, or uncomfortable. We can see the transcendence shining through them. And yet, their immediate concern is very local.

The baby’s awareness of themselves and their world grows through childhood. As they reach adolescence, new dimensions of self enter their awareness. And they discover other people, as if for the first time.

Emerging into adulthood, human capacities grow. And so, a young adult is learning how to use and develop their talents. Perhaps they attempt to create their career trajectory and maybe start a family. In important ways, those efforts are centered in self. For them, it’s a lot about my life, my capacities, my education, my experience, and my journey.

This is all happening in the context of the culture in which the young person finds themselves. Especially for those in the developed world, there is a worship of the personality self through culture, and especially media. We might imagine a more perfect world where the education and development of a young person transpires in a more enlightened context. But even though we can envision what an ideal world might be, for now, young people are growing up in the world as it is.

In this process, a higher knowing of self comes knocking. The larger stature of the person attempts to enter the human experience. Everyone responds to that differently. Some turn a deaf ear. They are so obsessed with their local sense of self that they shut out anything more significant than that. Others are tormented with a sense that there is something more than what they are experiencing, but never reach a point of letting it in.

Some begin to become consciously aware that things are not as they appear to be in human culture as it is. New levels of peace enter their human soul. A higher love enters their heart. Their priorities begin to shift. And their ability to relate to others changes.

For many, that is as far as it goes. A few become highly conscious of what is happening. They see that while each person is unique and distinct, there are dimensions of their Being they hold in common with all others. This goes beyond the fact that 99.9% of the DNA of any two individuals is the same. Our destinies are intertwined. We are all part of one species and one body of humankind. We each have within us the spirit of us all—One Spirit.

Our experience of self is a fractal embodiment of a selfhood far vaster than us as an individual. We are the selfhood of all humanity embodied in an individual. If I truly know myself as that, then I know the soul of humankind. And if I know the soul of humankind, I know who I am.

If I know me, I know you. And if I know you, I know me.

We can’t know ourselves without knowing the angels of heaven, or as indigenous people sometimes call them, the ancestors. After all, that is the inner reality of us as incarnate human beings. From the invisible planes of Being we come, and to them we go. We are one of them in human form. And so, when we know ourselves, we know them. When we know them, we know ourselves.

Perhaps the 99.9% of our DNA that is the same as any other person indicates how much of us is the same as all Beings, incarnate and in the Invisible. If we do not understand ourselves, it is no wonder that we can’t understand anyone else.

Many who read this article might say, My sense of self is universal. I realize I am a facet of the One who is expressing themselves throughout the world.

Does this deny my local sense of self? No, it doesn’t. But it changes my experience of myself—how I relate to the personality through which I express and manifest who I am. I penetrate my outer capacity with an inner knowledge of myself, so that who I am as a human being is expressing something vast and glorious.

When I experience universal selfhood, I inherit the power to reach out to others because I’m not reaching out across an abyss of separateness to someone totally different from me. I am not defined only by my individuality, even though I know myself and express myself through it.

I glory in the ways that we are different, each a unique being, uniquely manifesting who we are. And yet I also know what is universal, known in common by us all. As I embrace that expression, it emerges as me, a unique Being. I am, at the same time, celebrating you.

These things are essential for anyone on the Planet. We can see the breakdown of this awareness as the experience of self becomes confined to the local—my personality, my culture, and people who are like me. On that basis, there is no integrating factor. People see competition, not collaboration. They experience conflict without end. When there is no larger reality in which we can find our unity, all we have is our differences.

This is why an experience of universal selfhood is imperative for any human being to know happiness and fulfillment. And then, how about us?

The knowledge of transcendent selfhood is the superpower of Emissaries of Divine Light. This is our message to the world:

Who you are is far more vast than you ever imagined and far more majestic. Yes, you are a person. Yet, you are far more than the person you have thought yourself to be. And the way you navigate your personhood changes when you experience the altitude of who you are, when you experience yourself in the context of the angels, when you know your place in the body of humanity and that you are here to give the gift of transcendent selfhood to humankind. 

As Emissaries of Divine Light, we carry the power to share this knowledge. People inherit this power when they transcend their confinement within a self-obsessed experience. As that happens, the human makeup is available to conform to a higher sense of self.

Here is a question that has haunted me for much of my life. How do I share the transcendent levels of who I am with other people? How do I express a higher love without seeming strange or appearing to be coming on to someone? How do I engage with other people in a way that doesn’t come across as weird?

As Robert Heinlein put it, it can feel like you are a Stranger in a Strange Land.

So, I learned to write songs and poems to say what I didn’t know how to say in everyday conversation. I’ve learned that there are so many ways to convey the transcendent if I allow my expression as a human being to conform to that Higher Love and give voice to it. If I am confined to giving voice to me, then only the bizarre oddities of David Karchere are apparent. And so it is for each of us. When our human personality becomes fluid, it can conform to the higher knowing of who we are and give it expression.

Without that, the personality factors that might have been cute in a child can become grotesque in an adult. An adult is brilliant and beautiful when they have opened up their capacity to conform to the cosmic creative powers moving through them. Then, what’s said and done transmits those powers.

To become fluid, we have to receive some heat from inside. That heat is the Fire of Love, one of our cosmic creative powers. That heat melts our personality. Dogmatic beliefs become fluid. Traumatic memories go up in smoke. A hard heart becomes soft.

Think of a blacksmith. They could pound on a cold piece of metal all day with little hope of forming anything useful. The blacksmith has to heat the iron before they can work it.

So it is for us as human beings. The Fire has to warm and soften us before our personhood can be formed in the size and shape of the Love that seeks to express through us.

This experience is essential for anyone on earth. For those of us who are called to bring spiritual regeneration to humankind, it is not only our superpower. It is our gift. We have nothing else to sell. And this gift is free. We are offering our transcendence and the opportunity for transcendence to the world, because in that is the resolution of every crisis on the face of the earth. In that is our future as humanity.


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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
November 25, 2023 6:53 am

More than ever, there is a crying need to see beyond the state of human affairs. How bound are we in our faith and beliefs, customs and cultures? What do we accept, what do we question? What are the things we don’t speak about or express? For many, fear and personal security rest upon repression. Many are held hostage. But a liberation through Love is a very intelligent mechanism, it has no bounds. It is universal in its origin and universal in its influence. This is where we need to be.

Gaining altitude to attain “Universal Selfhood” the superpower of love brings fluidity of personality – no longer bound by human culture and repression, we are in touch with the primal spirituality with which we are born.

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
November 24, 2023 6:19 pm

You have so beautifully defined our essential spiritual work on earth, for example with this sentence: “I penetrate my outer capacity with an inner knowledge of myself, so that who I am as a human being is expressing something vast and glorious.” And as you put it later, expressing this transcendence “is the resolution of every crisis on the face of the earth.” I can’t think of a better reason for being in form on earth!

November 23, 2023 5:15 pm

So beautiful!!! –

So it is for us as human beings. The Fire has to warm and soften us before our person-hood can be formed in the size and shape of the Love that seeks to express through us.

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