The Sun Cross

Gary Goodhue

I’d like to explore something that we use in all of our course material and in the Primal Spirituality program. It’s called the sun cross, and it is a symbol for the structure of reality. Since earliest man began to write on the sides of caves with rocks, there’s a symbol that’s been appearing. It’s an equilateral cross, simply a vertical line intersected with a horizontal line. We call this symbol the sun cross because it’s encompassed inside of a circle.

What this represents is a foundation for creation, the structure of reality. The vertical line is this beautiful representation of Being. From the top point of the line, which represents our spiritual connection, all the way down to the bottom part of this line, which represents our physical reality. This line connects from the infinite of the spirit all the way to the finite of the physical; from the eternal reality to the temporal reality; from the spiritual quantum realm of possibility all the way down to this human moment of here and now. We have this whole range of Being with which we’re connected, from this invisible essence of spirit to this very material human form.

Then we have this horizontal line, which represents consciousness. The combination of mind and heart, thought and feeling, conscious and subconscious. This is the realm of our awareness and it is a big part of how we create our experience of reality. We’re in touch with everything that’s going on in the vertical, from the most ethereal essences that can barely be defined with words, all the way down to the most concrete aspects of ourselves. With this horizontal line of consciousness we are able to determine what we are aware of, where we exist, and how we create the reality that we’re experiencing—because it’s all reality. All of it is available to us to experience.

One of the main determining factors in what we experience is something we term as orientation, the direction that we’re facing. We have the ability to turn our attention inward and connect with this limitless realm of spirit, just as much as we can turn our attention outward and experience and connect with all the physical forms and realms—the 3D. All of it is encompassed inside of a circle. The circle has this wonderful quality of having no beginning and no end. It’s simply one line that feeds right back into itself. It represents oneness and wholeness as all of this is happening inside of one full potential of experience. And we get to have that as human beings.

This explains our full experience as a spiritual Being and a human being, these four aspects of spiritual and physical, mental and emotional, which includes all of our capacities. This is a pattern of creation; it’s a pattern of success. It’s something that is replicated in so many places all throughout Creation. I believe our job is to use our consciousness, our awareness, and our capacities of thought and feeling, to bring the spiritual into the physical—to bring heaven into earth.

David Karchere invited us earlier to meditate for a few moments on what is most precious to us. Let it just come to mind. What is it that you really value, that’s really important to you, that’s really significant in your life? What do you treasure; what do you truly love? Give yourself a few moments, perhaps with your eyes closed, to let that constellate in your mind. You’re invited to think about the very essence of what is coming to mind for you, the very essence. What is the essence of that which just came to mind? Give that essence a name. A name with one word—what is that one word?

By reaching up and tapping into a spiritual essence of what we hold most precious to us, and bringing that down into a very finite and concrete form of a word, we bring that into reality. It is something we can touch and taste, as the word rolls off the tongue. We can speak it, we can hear it, and we can connect with it. I’d like to invite you, in this moment, to take that exercise a step further. Breath is an amazing tool that we have, to be able to flow energy, and that can work for our benefit in many different ways. Right now, I’d like to ask you to close your eyes for a moment, and go within. Center yourself. To whatever degree, touch into the stillness that’s available. As you breathe in, I ask you to breathe in the essence of that word, of that which you hold most precious. And as you breathe out, breathe out the expression of that word. So breathing in essences from the spiritual, and breathing out the expression of that into your world.

We can deepen into this experience simply by giving our attention and intention, by moving with the breath and the energy. We have the opportunity in any and every moment to touch into what is most high and bring it all the way down into the here and now by expressing it through our living. May that be the focus of our daily moments as we bring heaven on earth, both individually and collectively.

Gary Goodhue
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Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
July 27, 2019 11:21 am

Thank you, Gary, for a beautiful invitation !

As I meditate this morning on your words, I come to appreciate again that for me often ‘to be free to breathe’ is what I truly love. This took me to ‘inspire’ – breathing in from the Universal Source of my Being, straight into my heart, filling the cup again to overflowing – so easy, is it not ?

The rhythms of our ‘modern globalised’ cultures seem removed from and out of ‘sync’ with the rhythms of Nature herself, and the natural rhythms of our bodies. For sometime now, I have made Saturday mornings a time of ‘no thing’ – to ‘re-sync’ this rhythm, and fill ‘oil in the lamp’.

I am happy to join you in the Sun Cross, at the sovereign place, which guides all of mankind and that natural world.

The concept of ‘anomie’ is a condition in which society provides little guidance to individuals, and yet we are all born with an inherent ‘guidance perceiving system’ – we just need to listen to it, pay attention to it, and let it guide us in right attitude, right expression and right action in everyday life.

Following the gps from the inside out, with you, as we track the larger changes globally.

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
July 27, 2019 7:23 am

Your presentation is both masterful and magical, and so well articulated, Gary. I am very grateful you feature in this Pulse of Spirit.

I am here. I am encoded with magnificence. I am one who can emanate the light and express the lightness of being of divinity.

We are on our way to switching on our world. Re-igniting consciousness to re-order the Earth.

Thank You.

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