Victory Without Fighting

Gary Goodhue

When you look out into the world, what do you perceive? Can you hear the sounds of victory? Can you see the scenes of victory? Can you feel the spirit of victory? For most, the answer is no. And yet also, for many, the answer is yes.

My story is one of victory. Our collective story is one of victory. And if you’re in a human body during these times, your story is destined to be one of victory as well.

Only it can’t be seen by watching the evening news. It can’t be heard by listening to the public. It can’t be felt by tuning in to the mass consciousness. It’s an inner experience of victory that reflects on the outside when we are the one bringing it from the inside.

It’s easy to look out into the world and see violence and killing, prejudice and injustice. So many are feeling like they are boxed in by the oppression and control of the systems of this world—blinded and muted by powerful corporations and corrupt governments full of puppet leaders in a global drama of fear and separation. Yes, that’s happening.

But it’s not all that’s happening. People are waking up more and more out of the darkness into the light, out of bondage into freedom, and out of victimhood into power. They are transforming seeming defeat to victory, and fear to love.

We see wars between people and nations, and sometimes we choose sides. There is a war happening between light and dark that is also asking us to choose sides. This war has been raging on in the collective human heart for a very long time. And every time we project that war outward onto another, the darkness wins. Every time we fight something outside of ourselves, the darkness wins. Every time we go into fear and separation, the darkness wins. Fighting can never win this war. It will only perpetuate it.

I believe that we live in a very special time. This is a time of destiny when we are able to come all the way through that war, into the light as a collective human family.

There are many stages within the awakening process, and each of us finds ourself at a different point within our evolution. For some, we’ve come through to the other side, and we stand in the light. We know how to stand strong, and we know how to hold a healing space for those who are waking up and facing the shock of their own humanity, seeing the horrors of their own unconscious living.

And for some in the world, they’re still in that space of feeling oppressed, with no power, no voice, no possibility, and no ability to see. For them, there seems to be a box around their consciousness that they can’t get out of. They feel like a victim being terrorized by all the dominating, hurtful people around them. They are living out of the version of the world that’s being fed to us—an illusion that’s been created out of fear and separation, and blindly adopted as a way of life.

Have you ever experienced voices that seem to surround you and spew lies into your mind and heart? If you agree with them, you fall down and become their slave. If you fight them, you give them power and strength. The more you argue with them, the louder they get. And yet, the only way past them is through them. Facing without fighting and moving toward the light of love is the only way to win. You can’t fight the darkness. Just move toward the light, and let the darkness naturally fall away by the weight of its own illusions.

This is how we collectively transmute this entire experience. This is how we transcend the battle and know victory. It happens one person at a time. It happens when a person has the courage and the willingness to let the lies fall away and move into the light, standing strong and living courageously, facing their own inner demons instead of focusing fault and blame on all the evils of the world they see in others. We transmute and transcend the battle when we move through the fear of facing our own shadow and move toward the light. The light is there. It can be no other way. If there is a shadow, there must be light.

What do each one of us do when we come into the light? We have to embrace our inner child. There’s a part of us that is pure and innocent, that lives inside of our hearts. And sometimes it’s hurting, and it needs for us to give it love and a sense of safety. When we embrace and merge with the purity of our own Being through the inner child, we discover that we have the power of love inside of us. That power transmutes the substance of living, to make all things new. That power enables us to achieve victory without violence. We then become the light.

The war between light and dark is really between love and fear, and it exists inside of each one of us. We can see it magnified on the world scene. We can see it in others. But right here, in our own heart, this is where it lives. This is where the work is done. This is where we come through the battle into victory, without fighting. This is where we win, by moving towards the light, by embracing that pure innocent child of love that we are.

It only takes one—one person to move fully through the transformation of awakening in their own heart, so that they are changed forever. The power of that ripples outward and over time, like a domino effect—another awakens, and another, and another, and another, until the entire body of humanity fully and finally awakens into a new reality.

This is our destiny—the mass awakening of all humanity. That’s what I live for. That’s why I’m here. That’s why I give the inner essence of who I am to this world. That’s the dream I hold and what I choose to see reflected in the reality around me.

Even if all you know in your current reality is that sense of darkness, I assure you that light is inside of you still, right there in your heart. And when you get to the space where you’re ready to pull the sword of truth from the stone of separation, it’s not to fight. Let that sword of truth and light merge into your spine. Let it give you backbone. That’s what this world is calling for. It’s calling for love and strength and backbone. It is calling for us to stand honorably as the Beings that we really are—to move past the lies, past the illusions, past the oppression, into the knowing that we are, in actuality, Beings of love connected to one another.

The truth of who we are is divine, and that reality is still held pure and intact within the inner child that lives in our heart. As we cherish that aspect of ourselves, as we integrate that, we are sparking an awakening within ourselves. And that simple act of doing it for ourselves is sparking awakening for others.

It only takes one. But it takes one everywhere. It takes you to be that one. The days of only one Savior or one enlightened Master are in the past. These are the days that call for each of us—every one of us—to step into that awakened reality. We are called to be that one for our world, for our community, for the groupings of people surrounding us. And so, we represent the awakening of love to those who still feel oppressed and beat down, and don’t know how to get out from being victims of all the outside influences. We can be the one who reminds them not to fight what is outside but instead, move deeper inside and surrender to the influences of love.

You are that one, and you’re called forth to be a point of love and light within the greater body of humanity. Answer the call. The light is there. The light is waiting. The light calls us to come into the truth, the truth of who we are as Beings of love. It calls us to let that truth infuse itself into every aspect of our being. As Beings of love, you and I are designed and destined to do just that.

It’s an individual journey within a collective journey. It’s a collective awakening, but each one must awaken themselves by walking through the portal of their own heart. That’s where we find our destiny—victory. Let’s stand strong with an open heart full of love. Let us each play our part in service to the awakening of the human family.