The Spirit of the Womb


Readers of The Pulse of Spirit are people around the world connected in a field of high conscious awareness. Many of us have devoted ourselves to bringing the powerful vibration of the highest love into the world, knowing that this is the vibration of Creation that changes everything. When this vibration lands in human culture, human culture responds and transforms, because it cannot help but do that. It was made by that vibration of highest love, and no matter how far we have veered from that reality, still, the voice of the highest love is the voice of what created us in the first place. It is the voice of our primal spirituality, our first spirituality, the one we were born with, the one that is behind all the great religions of the world and behind all spiritual paths. It is the originating vibration of humankind. We are here to bring that vibration into the world.

There are so many facets of human culture that could distract us in the process. All the layers of culture deserve some attention for us in our life, but not to the point that they cause us to lose relationship to the vibration that is at our core. Our own individual culture—we call it personality—is the culture closest to us. And then there is the culture of the families, communities, organizations and nations in which we function. All those dimensions of culture deserve our attention but not our distraction, because that could mean that the highest vibration within us never gets out into the world. And we would then miss the big picture. We would have forgotten why we are here. The truth is that each of us is here to bring something profound into the world, and we are here to do that together.

This missive is, itself, an opportunity to sound the highest love in unison with many others. I invite you to let that vibration resound through your thoughts so that you are thinking new, enlightened thoughts. Let it resound through your heart and through your spirit, unified with many others around the world.

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of being at Gate House Spiritual Centre in Cape Town, South Africa. Africa is an incredible place. When you are in Cape Town, there at the bottom of the whole continent, you feel like all of Africa comes to focus right there, as if you had it all in your hands. I had the thought that when Africa comes forth and awakens fully, that will be the fulfillment of the awakening of the world—there is such power in that place and in her people. It was a privilege to be there and to share what we did.

On that morning two weeks ago, I spoke at the service. Sometimes what happens for me is that a message from the Invisible takes hold as I stand up to speak. There is a powerful vibration that rises and wants to come through my words into the world. I do my best to open myself to that and let it out. Even though it feels a little risky at times, it is a powerful, fulfilling process.

On that day I found myself asking people, Do you want to know? Do you want to know the people who are in your world? Do you really want to know them for who they are? Do you really want to know what is happening for them? Do you really want to know what is happening in the culture around you, and why things are happening as they are? Do you want to know what is happening inside yourself, in your own thoughts and feelings? Do you really want to see down to the bottom of it, and understand it? Do you want to know what is happening in the world today? Are you willing to look at it and see it for what it is?

I was emphatic on that day. I have been thinking more about it since then, and thinking about the nature of knowing and the nature of seeing. We tend to think of seeing as a receiving of information. And it is. I am learning something about what is happening in the world in which I am living. If I am really seeing you, I am knowing something about you that I wouldn’t know if I didn’t really see.

To be willing to see is to be willing to know what has become broken in a person that I may not want to see. I have to be willing to see the grief that is present there, and the disappointment, and what has gotten hard for that person. If I want to see, I have to be willing to see that. But I have to be willing also to see past that to see their perfection. Do I want to know their perfection? Or is it easier to see the surface imperfection, the surface difficulty that a person may be going through? Do I want to know their beauty?

That would call for something beautiful from me, would it not? And the same is true for you. You would have to admit something about them. And when we admit another person’s beauty and perfection, in some way we are admitting our own. We have to be willing to see our perfection reflected in their eyes, in their face. And so, in that way, we are receiving information.

But what is beautiful and what is perfect, while it is specific to a person, or some aspect of Creation, is also universal. The beauty of a person is the beauty of all people. I speak for the love of all people. I speak for the beauty of all people. I see the beauty of all people in one person. And in some way, when we see the beauty and perfection of one person, we are seeing the perfection of all people. We are seeing the perfection of ourselves. We are seeing the unfolding reality of beauty.

Beauty is not a static thing. It can be captured in a painting, which we think of as being static, but it is actually more like a video—an unfolding reality. We are here to be facilitators of beauty, facilitators of the unfolding reality of Creation, which is beauty. We are here to be that for one another. Real seeing and real knowing is not just gathering information. It is facilitating the emergence of beauty. It is a positive act of consciously facilitating Creation.

The Divine is present in every person. That is a foundational principle of Emissaries of Divine Light. You are divine. The Divine is the beautiful. We are here to be stewards of that, and I do believe in a very specific way we are here to be that for each other. Because at the same time that the individual is responsible for their own incarnation, for their own expression of unfolding beauty, life is not a solo journey, nor is it meant to be. The unfoldment of the Divine in me, if I am honest, is not happening as a solo journey. And as much as I take responsibility for it as an individual, I have been helped in so many ways by so many people who have loved and supported and even facilitated that in me. I do believe we are here to be facilitators of unfolding beauty for the people who are in our lives.

In essence, what we say in that role is, I see the angel in you. I welcome the angel in you. Your incarnation is welcome. You are wanted. You are desired here on earth. You are wanted in this world. You are special and you have special gifts to bring. Please bring them—they are needed. I am here to welcome you in the world. We have that service to bring to other people.

We speak of that spirit with this poetic expression: the Spirit of the Womb. The Spirit of the Womb is the power of the Great Mother who holds all Creation, who holds all unfolding beauty and holds the incarnation of the Divine in Creation. We are here to bring the Spirit of the Womb to each other and to the world.

Do you think that changes what happens in another person’s life, when you are there bringing the Spirit of the Womb? Yes, it does. Do you think your family, your community, your organization changes when you are there in that capacity? When you are the Spirit of the Womb for that person or that collective? Things change when you show up like that. Yes, we see the psychic break that is present in our culture. How else would you describe it? But we see something more: the perfection of Creation and the perfection of unfolding beauty through people.

We see it in the world at large, too. We have a media that seems to delight in the imperfection. It reports all the surface play of imperfection around the world. But where are those with eyes on something else that is happening? There are people who are bringing profound, transcendent love into the world. There are people who are famous in the public sphere, great spiritual leaders like the Pope, the Dalai Lama, and others, who are seeing past the limited beliefs that have been held by some of their faith, to a transcendent universal truth of humanity. They are facilitating the coming forth of that truth in humanity. And they are all the ordinary, yet extraordinary people, the vast majority of whom we do not know, who are nevertheless assisting humanity to fulfill its destiny.

Following our service at Gate House in Cape Town two weeks ago, we had an outstanding Interfaith Day. It is so delightful to be with people who are, on the face of it, so different, but who acknowledge a common origin and a common love; who acknowledge the primal spirituality that we share in common with people around the world. We are meeting people who are part of the creative movement in the body of humanity. And we are not there as passive witnesses to that coming forth. We are there to bring the Spirit of the Womb that holds it all, that doesn’t just receive the information of it but which is facilitating a birth. We are here to be midwives of the birth of a new humanity, and we, ourselves, are being reborn.

Thank you, wherever you may be, for all that you are doing to be that in your world. I honor what we are each doing, and I honor what we are doing together to let this be a reality.

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
May 12, 2018 1:07 am

We are tasked with having vision; to see through the layers and fossils of one another to the heart of universal creation, to see the star in each one. This is exciting work, beyond all our pathology.

I, and we, are moving into the next level with love and joy. To be free, as creator-beings; as the Creator’s beings on earth.

Anita Albright
Anita Albright
May 10, 2018 6:18 am

I confirm your message. It is spot on! The spirit of the womb allows me to be with the discomfort, not try to fix it, or run from it, but to bring it into the love womb. Breathing in Love, the “dis” in discomfort is dissolved. I aee things anew. Freeing a chain that binds, transmutation and transformation occur. Thank you,

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