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I choose to be the voice of the conscious revelation of love through a human being. How about you? I am that voice for all people. How about you?

We can take full responsibility for this for the rest of our lives. We are still here and have the opportunity to be part of the revelation and the revolution. I am here to do something, consciously, in love and in grace.

When I look at the world the way it is, I see the psychic break. How is it that the world has gotten this way, if it hasn’t been because of a psychic break, a forgetting that we are the presence and the voice of the Beloved in the land? I also see my opportunity to heal that break by bringing the salve of blessing and understanding. I have the power to bring things ’round right with the magic of a conscious life.

It is clear that a man named Jesus left a legacy in our world. We are still talking about him two thousand years after his time on earth. He became the revelation of the Father and the Mother of all life, without question and without distraction. He revealed wholeness. His legacy calls to me and inspires me to do the same.

Why do we remember this man and his teachings? Could it be because he fulfilled his destiny so completely? Yes. Was he an incredibly special Being? Absolutely! But I too am here for a reason. If I am revealing the reason I am here, will my legacy continue on after I leave? I would hope so.

Do you find yourself talking about the ancestors, relatives, teachers and leaders that influenced you? Are you carrying their legacy forward through your stories of them and through your own life? Shareen Ewing tells of two of her ancestors stowing away on a ship as children to cross the ocean to the United States during the Potato Famine in Ireland. It is amazing to wonder how they found food, how they lived in the bottom of that ship, how they managed not to be thrown overboard after they slipped on without paying the fare. We probably all have stories like that in our history, perhaps not that dramatic. My Italian relatives came on a boat at a very young age, thinking something miraculous would happen once they got to this country. They knew I was supposed to be born—it was in their contract!

There has been a psychic break for humanity and I think it is important for us to see it for what it is. When was the first time that someone decided it was a good idea to kill another person for property or power? I suppose the first story was of Cain and Abel. Today, dozens have been killed by soldiers in the Gaza Strip and thousands more injured. Somehow people make decisions that make absolutely no sense. And these decisions keep being made.

If we want our life to have a creative impact, we have to not only be honest about the psychic break, we have to be honest about the fact that we can do something about it. We have to stop denying the power we have to change the world.

Here are some simple steps. How are you being kind? How are you being generous and compassionate? We have been speaking the phrase “Highest Love.” Are we calling it the Highest Love to compare it to any other kind of love, or to judge if somebody is not loving in the Highest Love? Of course not. The Highest Love is the love that is the most compassionate, the most kind, the most generous, the most forgiving, the most thankful, but also the one with the greatest vision to see the beauty all around. Are we looking for the beauty?

I know you can’t see it very easily if you don’t acknowledge it in yourself. You see beauty when you know beauty. The easiest way to lose sight of it is to compare and judge, Well, that is beautiful and I am not. Our power to change the world is known when the beauty in me sees the beauty in you, and now we are in heaven. The beauty in me sees the beauty in you, and we are creating a container where your heart is safe and my heart is safe. No more unnecessary destruction.

Even when we err in some way, we can still return to the Highest Love and bring it to the world. Even when we are in pain, we can still do it. Constantly coming home to the Highest Love, we are doing it.

As my Italian uncle would say, “We gotta do this thing!” We have to prove it out. We are meant to be a contender in this victory. It might be a silly way to say it, but We really gotta do it! It is not something to just talk about. We can talk about it, but if we are only talking about it, it’s like talking about great art. To appreciate great art we have to bring ourselves into the presence of it and really drink it in. And be about creating it ourselves.

When I was in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence—Fiorenze—I noticed that every room has a Madonna and Child. There were so many of them, I started calling them by their unique qualities: Madonna the Verklempt, Madonna With Fruit, Madonna With the Angels… All of them were beautiful. The artists captured the beauty of a special woman and a special child and shared it with their world. You have the opportunity to see that beauty. To feel it.

The Madonna and Child represents feminine essence, the womb space of holding. The portrayal of that essence can be an invitation to know the magic that heals the psychic wound. Anyone can embody and bring this magic, bringing the Highest Love into the world. This is an opportunity for all human beings, men and women. Anyone can be the voice for that magic for themselves and for all people. Together we can heal the break for all of humanity.

We have the thrilling opportunity to create heavenly space, a space where beauty might be born through each other, through yourself and through another. I don’t know how it goes for you, but my mind on its own doesn’t do a very good job creating heavenly space. My heart on its own doesn’t do a very good job. It’s almost like trying to drive without vision or trying to create something without hands. It’s a limited way of seeing and being in the world. Open your heart to the Highest Love, the most glorious, visionary, full-bodied, aromatic, juicy part of yourself. Open your mind to the part of you that wants adventure, that craves it. Open your spirit to know that you are everything you need, you have everything you need, and you are supposed to be here. Now you are holding the space that welcomes the Highest Love into the world.

Let’s do this with all our capacities fully on hand—body, mind and heart. We were given them for a reason. If we think we are going to work this all out by ignoring the wholeness of ourselves that lets it work, we are creating more of a psychic break. We are strengthening the psychic break instead of healing it.

So I know, in the world the way it is, there are what seem to be “honorable” things that people fight over. My passion moves me to tears by such things as Shakespeare’s portrayal of King Henry V’s courage on St. Crispin’s Day, and by the impassioned speech given by Teddy Roosevelt that has come to be known as “The Man in the Arena.”

In this day, is there not a peaceful battle that is worth all our heart and soul? I invite you to get in there and do something for a purpose without throwing a punch, but by throwing a blessing, by throwing into the world the generosity of your spirit, which is sourced from the Highest Love, an endless source of love and beauty.

I choose to be the voice of the conscious revelation of love through a human being. How about you? I am that voice for all people. How about you?

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
May 19, 2018 8:09 am

Many of us, around the world today, have been viewing the wedding in England of Prince Harry to Megan Markle. An amazing address sprang forth in that setting, in the Chapel Royal at Windsor, from an Episcopalian Bishop from Chicago, Bishop Michael Curry, regarding the “redemptive power of love”.

How current, Jane; how magically current! We are all here to bring the highest love into the world, whoever we are, wherever we are. And we have what it takes. Heaven’s doors are wide, and open.

Janet Wagstaff
Janet Wagstaff
May 16, 2018 1:57 pm

I love the concept and experience of being a blessing; “throwing blessings”. When I travel to my Dad’s tomorrow early morning I will consciously be a blessing rather than a curse when driving and then making scrambled eggs for him. In each moment , the eternal moment, holding and expressing blessing is the most important job there is.
Thank you for your inspirational words and actions.
Janet x

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