The Old Ceiling Becomes the New Floor

I am still in a place of celebration, joy and gratitude for what happened at the Wrekin Trust Transforum at Hawkwood College from October 4 to 6. It was an exceptional time. I sat down on Friday night to have our first meal together and felt a celestial festivity in the air, something magical and wonderful that was sparkling in the atmosphere. There was a sense that this was a significant event. I could try to explain why it was significant, and I could talk about what happened that manifested that significance. But I sense that what was happening transcended anything I could describe.

This network of people is changing the world. As I put it during our time together in one of the presentations I gave, what has been a limiting ceiling in our life has now become the new floor upon which we stand. So we stand with the confidence of what has been created and the sense of the significance of it. From here, we are carrying a mighty message to the world.

Clive Larsen, the vicar at the Anglican Church in North Reddish outside of Manchester, England, spoke that message in this resounding call and response with the forty-odd attendees at the Transforum:

I am a sun.
I am a star.
I am an angel.
I am very, very beautiful.

Clive is a charismatic and courageous leader, who, in the middle of the institution of the Anglican Church, has taken the pews out of the St. Agnes Church in North Reddish and dispensed with the choir and the organ. He is bringing a new paradigm and a new way of worshipping that carries power and freedom.

On the Sunday morning of the Transforum, Clive received an electronic Anglican newsletter, the Church Times, with these comments from Mark Earey on Common Worship, the current Anglican liturgy:

WE NEED a review of Common Worship, not to produce more texts, but to consider the fundamental framework within which Church of England worship takes place. To use a computer analogy, we need to consider the operating system within which Common Worship functions.

This operating system is based on the Canons, the Prayer Book, and the notes, rules and rubrics of Common Worship itself. It is an operating system based on the needs and assumptions of the 16th-century Church. Although it has been tweaked and adjusted over the centuries, it is essentially based on a model of uniformity and control.

It is clear through the article that the thinking of the Anglican Church is cracking open and something new and fresh is occurring. I am sure that Clive’s creativity and courage is a potent factor in the mix. Consciousness is powerful. When it comes to focus in a person, it penetrates this human world in which we live.

So what is the message that we are bringing to the world? Very simply it is this: We are a free people. There is no one and no thing that has the power to constrain the creativity that is our very nature. It is a mirage that we are anything but a free people. We can walk a path in our life of uncovering ways in which we have believed that we are not free, that we are a limited people, that we are a people in bondage in some way or another; that there are powerful forces in the world that are keeping us back or holding us down.

While I understand and do not underestimate the darkness present in the institutions of the world, the truth is that there is no force in the world and no power in the world that does not originate in Universal Being. When a person is cracked open themselves, and receiving Universal Consciousness and thenbeing that presence, they are more powerful than any adulteration of pure consciousness that there may be in the world. We are more powerful than that. And where Universal Consciousness is constellating among people, there is a strong current of joy and empowerment. There is a strong current of awake consciousness itself. The presence of that consciousness within the larger body of humanity has a mighty power that awakens others.

In the flow of creation, there are risings up and there are fallings away. So there are tides in the creative process and nothing lasts forever, nor should it. There is that which is rising as there is that which is falling away, and it is very clear in our world that there is much that is present that will not last, that is in the process of crumbling.

So we call to awake people everywhere to stay awake and be with what is coming together. And if in any moment we find ourselves associated with or identified with that which is crumbling, that is falling away, get out of there. Let go of it. That’s not who we are. And even if the consciousness of other people is getting stuck in what is crumbling and falling away in any respect, that is not who we are and that is not where we belong. We are the consciousness of Universal Being that is creating all things. And while we can receive what is crumbling as the raw material for whatever is next, our spirit is in the creation. We are the spirit of the Creator moving in the world. If we are ever forgetting that, let us reawaken. Let us get with the program—and the program is creation.

One of the beautiful things that came out over the course of our time together at Hawkwood College was that the path of joy and creation is a path that involves the true pleasure of a human being. How is that for a radical idea? I suppose that thought may not have gone down well in many churches of the world, because you have to suffer, right? You have to suffer to be a good person or a righteous person, and the path of suffering is the path to some kind of nirvana or heaven or spirituality or morality. So the radical idea was presented that real creation involves true pleasure.

Probably, we all know that for us as human beings pleasure can get us in a whole bunch of trouble. There are attempts to experience pleasure that can be our undoing. It can be a path of addiction if it is not true pleasure. The true pleasure is the pleasure of the Creator in His or Her creation. Part of our path as human beings is learning how that pleasure works for us. It is enjoying other people, with all the stuff of their humanity—learning how to set aside all that is so troublesome, and being willing to let that go and see through to what brings true pleasure and true enjoyment in every interaction. It is the joy of seeing and experiencing what is coming together in the creative process.

When we own our ability to truly enjoy our lives and truly enjoy this world that we are in, we are aligning ourselves with the consciousness of the Creator. Because if we think the Creator is not enjoying His or Her creation, we are sadly mistaken, and sadly is the operative word. Traditionally, human beings tend to believe in a cranky God. Really? Is that really the attitude of Universal Being? Is that the attitude of Planet Earth, or Mother Nature? The Creator is, after all, all powerful. Whatever we’ve been up to as human beings is no problem for the Creator. The Creator is taking joy in His and Her creation, despite what human beings might do.

So I am joyful on this day. I had a personal breakthrough at the Transforum. I experienced a culmination of work that I have been doing for many years. As I presented I felt a powerful assurance and confidence in the value of the presentation of insight and understanding that I and others have developed over many years.

I picture the building of a house, during which you are nailing the two-by-fours together and putting together the walls for the first floor of the house. At some point you have built the ceiling and the floor for the second level. That is where we have come to. There is all the hard work of building the first floor. As you do so, you can read the blueprint, and the blueprint may look promising; there might even be an architectural drawing of what the building is supposed to look like, but you cannot actually see the thing. You may have confidence in the blueprint, and the building process may be going well, but until it is actually built, you cannot be sure just how it will look. You do not yet have the manifest reality of the house until the time comes when it is complete, and you can say in words echoing the Creation story in Genesis, It is good.

So I feel that in a personal sense, but I also experience it in the larger creative cycle in which we are working. It is true for the cycle of the Wrekin Trust. As an organization, the Wrekin Trust has been wrestling with various matters related to how they are going to move forward and how they are going to be configured. And I use that word wrestling to acknowledge that we have a human experience in the creative process. In the cycle of the Wrekin Trust, a new form has been coming together all the time and that showed itself in this weekend. And if there were any doubts on the part of those of us who have been involved, those doubts were dissolved as the clarity and the solidity of what has been building through this whole process, which is the foundation for what’s coming next, showed itself.

New forms showed themselves over the course of this weekend. But even if they hadn’t, the substantiality of the vision and energy that was shared by us as a body of people was so clear and so beautiful. We can take confidence as human beings in the presence of Universal Consciousness that is showing up through us and as us. It has something in mind for us to bring to our world. It has keen intent.

So now there is the body of what is being built. It is not just a physical body, although we all have physical bodies and are thankful for them. There is a body of consciousness that is being built. What is often overlooked is that the creative process is not just building a body of flesh. It is not just a physical body, whether we are thinking of an individual human being or a body of human beings. There is a body of consciousness, a body of knowledge, a body of emotional experience and an energetic body.

These are all aspects of what is being built. This is what is necessary if the body is to truly come alive and be ignited and lit up from within. Because this body is not going to just sit there, as if we were going to stand back and admire the physical form of it. This body is getting built so that it can be lit up. All of who we are and what we have as human beings is being built, individually and collectively, so that it can be flambéed in the fire of spirit, brought to flame, so that we can fulfill our destiny to radiate into the world what is ours to radiate.

That is our destiny. I do believe it is the destiny of all of us who are associated with the Wrekin Trust or Emissaries of Divine Light, and it is the destiny of spiritually awake people everywhere. We are coming together so that we can be collectively lit up and shine the light of consciousness to the world, and so that we can bring the fire of Universal Being to the world. We are being called together to fulfill our destiny, and our destiny is to be a sun.

We, as humanity, are becoming a sun. We, as individuals, are becoming a sun. To participate creatively in that experience we have to be willing to let whatever is old and dying in us get burnt up in the process, so that the reality of the sun that we are can emerge and shine and be in the world. That is what’s happening for us. It is so good to be with that process and feel, not so much the pain of the old burning away but the delight and the lightness of being the light in our world. The joy is being in that nature, being the light, being the warmth.

These are the thoughts of victory and it is really good to share these victorious thoughts with you. It is not the victory over anyone or anything particularly, but the victory which is the emergence of spirit through us. That is victory. That is our victory.

David Karchere
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Gunther Honold
Gunther Honold
October 20, 2013 9:18 am

….and 2×6 double framing plus R2000 insulation, net zero structure with passive and active Solar Energy. Now WE are building.

Andrew Horwood
Andrew Horwood
October 18, 2013 2:50 am

Hi David

Thank you for the gift of this wonderful metaphor for describing the experience of spiritual evolution. I see so many examples in my own life – at a personal level of increased understanding leading to the boldness I’m now experiencing, to professionally, in which I’ve outgrown to a large degree the profession I’ve loved, and on to organisationally, here in Australia, where the pleasure we are experiencing now is firmly built upon, arising out of, what’s gone before. I’m reminded of Jesus saying “in my Father’s house there are many mansions”. A mansion is likely to be a multi-storied building, arising out of the experience of continued building upon what were ceilings.

Whilst it can be tempting to be impatient, wanting all the building to be erected pronto, I know that it’s all a continuum of Victory, and I can celebrate that fact, enjoying the increasing revelation of true identity in people I’m meeting – they are, in their words, speaking Clive’s call:

I am a sun
I am a star
I am an angel
I am very, very beautiful

This is the reality to be known increasingly as fact as one ascends beyond the ground floor in one’s building prowess. I’m so thankful that there are people like you to show the way!

With much love

Brian Henry
Brian Henry
October 16, 2013 10:07 am

Uranda once stated that the destiny of the earth was to turn into a sun.That comment could throw anyone for a loop .
Perhaps we can see now that he wasn’t inferring that the earth should turn into a gaseous ball of fire but that the destiny of the earth was that it should turn into a radiant globe of radiation.This is happening whether anyone likes it or not.
The options for human beings are to yield or resist.Either one magnifies this occurrence.
The radiation bring increasing heat and the lines of force become drawn.
Here comes the sun…here is the sun !

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