The Cosmic Break-in

David KarchereThis week, I am publishing this message on my weekly blog, Becoming a Sun:

        It is clear that the soul of humanity is undergoing a huge change in this era. The outer forms of human culture show it—our politics, our human relations, our health and much more. And we can each feel it happening in the depths of our own soul.
       Here is what I have learned about the process of human transformation. It is always easier when you learn to let the deep waters of your soul be warmed by the radiance of the sun. This is the warming power of love within you. It is the power of all the atoms in your body and all atoms everywhere. It is your own fire in the belly and the radiance of the sun of our solar system. And it is the sun present in all the people you know.
      When we expose the deep waters to that warming power, what is hard and frozen melts. And what is melted can flow and reshape. It can change easily to take on the forms of the next stage of our human evolution.
       Ice doesn’t flow. It breaks.
      Cold, hard steel is brittle. No matter how hard it is pounded by the blacksmith, it cannot take on the shape he has in his mind’s eye. Steel warmed in the hot coals of the smith’s fire becomes malleable.
     So if you know your life is calling you to change… If you know you are part of the body of humankind who is being called to its next stage of conscious evolution… How will you expose the deepest waters of your soul to the warmth of the sun? Because only then will those waters melt.
     This is the soul work we are called to today. We are becoming a sun.

We are all part of this massive change. Wherever we are in our life path, whatever we’ve come to, whatever awareness we’ve achieved, whatever spiritual path or progress might be in our life, we are part of this. What applies to everyone applies to us. We have the opportunity now, in this day, to be on the vanguard of those changes and to be the conscious part of the change.

The shift that is happening today within all of humanity is happening to the soul of humanity. It is not just the outer forms of culture—which are breaking in so many ways—that are being reborn. What is happening is at such a deep level that we can hardly speak of it.

There have been so many Keep Out and Hands-Off signs. Human culture has stolen the very heart and soul of humanity and claimed it as its own. But the soul of humanity doesn’t belong to human culture. Human culture belongs to the soul of humanity. It’s been backward. And the soul of humanity belongs to that reality that created it, the truth of you and me, the Eternal Reality of a human being, that which we allude to when we use the word God or whatever other words we use to speak about things that are infinite and eternal.

And so we are here, in the name of that great, vast reality of the Eternal and the Infinite, and what is beyond space and time. We are here in the name of the nearness of that vast reality, to make it immediate in human culture and to the heart and soul of humankind.

I agree with John Lewis: We’re not here to find a way out, we’re here to find a way in. This is a spiritual break-in that we are a part of. We are going past all of the thorns and Keep Out signs of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. We’re hacking through them in the name of the signature vibration of what it means to be a human being: Universal Love. We’re staging a break-in to penetrate the heart of humanity.

In most of human culture, you cannot even speak of these things. The religious institutions of our day have claimed the discussion of existential issues for themselves on behalf of human culture. Spirituality is not proper talk at the dinner table.

The truth brought by so many of the spiritual break-ins of the past has been watered down and disfigured to a point that they are acceptable and understandable in human culture. The interpretation of them is that they were a form of palliative care for the pain of the human condition or a modest improvement in human culture. But in fact, that’s not what they were at all. They were massive break-ins, bringing a totally different premise: the premise that the human experience isn’t owned by human culture; it’s owned by the Eternal.

We’re here to bring that premise. It is a premise of the oneness of all of humankind, not as some far-distant goal to be achieved but as a current reality to be known. We’re not here fighting for human equality. We are here knowing the premise of human equality in the vastness and the nearness and the immediacy of the Eternal. We are bringing a totally different premise. And yes, there is something incremental that happens in human experience and in human culture. There is the marathon effect as human culture awakens, person by person. But the true premise is accepted instantaneously by a person or not at all.

And so we are bringing that signature vibration of humankind, which is Universal Love, to our own hearts and to each other. Today. Now.

This can only happen creatively for a person as there is a warming and a softening. A hard heart doesn’t change very much. And as my little blog post says, the smithy can be hammering away at that hard heart forever without a transformation of the steel. The heart has to be exposed to the fire of Universal Love, and until then there is only a lot of noise from the pounding and the pain.

So we are here to cut to the chase for ourselves, to allow that warming and melting to occur. We are here to know that for ourselves and bring it to each other.

We are here to bring all levels of love, and all levels of love are relevant. But ultimately, without Universal Love they don’t go very far. Philia, which is friendship love; ludus, which is playful, affectionate love; eros, which is passionate, lustful love; and pragma, which is enduring love, all have their place. Yet they lack beauty, integrity and power if they are disconnected from agape, which is Universal Love bringing the signature vibration of humankind, and the basis for oneness with each other and with Divine Presence.

The religions of the world honor those who have come in the past to bring this signature vibration. And it is good that we should venerate the great ones who have walked before us. And still, in your own heart, doesn’t it ring out, Where is our Jesus now? Where is our Lao Tzu now? Where is our Martin Luther King now? Where is our Mother Mary now? Where is our Mary Magdalene now? Where is our Yogananda and where is our Buddha? We have need of the great light and love that we attribute to these ones long gone.

For Emissaries, Where is our Kathy now? Where is our beloved Uranda now? Where is our beloved Martin, our beloved Bill Bahan, now? They are not coming back, not in those forms anyway. But where are those great ones today who are ready for this cosmic break-in into the deepest regions of the human experience, who are ready to penetrate the darkness, who dare to shine the light and bring the signature vibration of Divine Presence into the human experience? Where are those who bring the game-changer, which is this cosmic break-in?

The origin of the word religion means to “bind fast,” referring to a connection between humanity and the Divine. In some religious teachings, they talk about a return. There can be beauty and great value to these efforts as long as human culture is in a state of separation. And yet we have to acknowledge that spirituality and religion are most seen through the lens of human culture. As if we are going to take human culture and somehow bind it back to God. We are somehow going to take all that is fractured in the human experience and put it back together—it’s all going to return. All because there has been a false premise that was accepted sometime along the way and by generations since, up to this current day.

That false premise is that human culture owns the human heart and that we are here for ourselves, and that the nearness of God is actually not very near and we are separate from it, and the vastness of God is so far away it doesn’t really matter. And for many people, the awareness of a reality beyond human culture is a pipe dream.

Human culture has human consciousness coming and going. Acknowledging that there are spiritual and religious teachings that do assist a person to return to an awareness of the Eternal, there are so many religious practices and beliefs that do not. They disempower the individual or, in introducing those disempowering practices and beliefs, they so disenchant the young and the free-thinking people of any age that they discard the entire possibility that there is something beyond human culture. And so people try to own the human experience without reference to the larger order of Reality, in the name of progressivism, humanitarianism, and other high-minded values, which are beautiful as far as they go but so often fall short of the true premise. And thus, they often contain the seeds of the ultimate demise of a culture that does not know oneness.

The true and honorable great ones who came before knew the true premise and lived from it. They taught it and brought the vibration of it. They staged the great break-in for themselves and those with them, terrifically challenging those around them. That challenge was sometimes interpreted politically or philosophically or in terms of a threat to the religious hierarchy of the day, which missed the point. They were simply bringing the true premise. That was ground-shaking and revolutionary for the human soul.

So we come today, allowing our own human experience to shift and to change. Some of us have gotten on in years. I passed what is thought to be some kind of official age of retirement. Too late to change, too old to let my heart melt, too old to act with courage in the world, set in my ways. No, not me. How about you, at whatever age? No, we expose our hearts to the fire. In that way we work it from both ends: we bring the fire, but then also, being the sovereign of our own soul, we place it on the altar and we expose it to the fire. We allow ourselves to be consumed in the flame. Not to be burnt up as ash but to be re-formed into whatever shape the divine smith has in mind, that we might be a human shrine, a human lighthouse, and an enlightened vandal, performing a divine break-in to the core of human experience; reclaiming, on behalf of the originating reality of the human experience, what belongs to that originating reality.

So good to be part of that betrayal of human culture together. And in betraying it, we save it, we uplift it, we heal it—not improving it but allowing it to be transformed and transmuted so that it is a free-flowing expression of the nearness and the immediacy of the Divine.

Good to be with you in these momentous times. There are so many important and significant occurrences in our world today. You can’t pay attention to world events without seeing that. At the epicenter of it all is what’s happening in human consciousness and at the very core of human experience. We are here for this soul work.

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Ngugi kimani
Ngugi kimani
August 13, 2020 5:11 pm

Hi David!
Thanks again for your insighful post.. My thought on this is from Romans 8 vs 18-19.
…the sufferings of this present time..are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us . For the earnest expectation of the creation waits for the manifestation of the sons of God.- when we become sons we become the suns of righteousnes with healing for entire creation.
And here I agree with Fiona, To do this work we must be on the edge of our seats with glorious anticipation even as the whole of creation eagerly awaits with anticipation for this glorious moment.
And for me that moment is now!
Thank you
Ngugi Kimani

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
August 8, 2020 7:09 am

To do this work, we must be on the edge of our seats; not with terror, but with glorious anticipation!

When called for, we can spring from our seats and act with joyful participation because we know who has sent us into this world and the grand purpose of our actions.

Let our hearts be Joyful… unto the Lord.

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