Activation at the Core

David Karchere

These are words of appreciation and truth that Karen Pritchard wrote after the Sunday Service hosted from Sunrise Ranch last week:

Dear All,

I would like to take this opportunity of deeply thanking you for the consistency in which you All show up each week in supreme spiritual dedication at each Sunday Service. For me, it enfolds the role we are all ensuring to have on our individual pathways in this lifetime, the Soul Work we are all committing to do together in bringing Our light into Oneness. Each week you almost blind me with your light, bringing me to tears. I am forever grateful for the consistency you all bring into my life and the richness that flows into being. Realising that loving friends and deep spiritual bonds are here, threading through the matrix of the global time zones, space and may I say solar fluid techno interconnectedness.

It was a first for me to express how I bring my Soul Work into being to our powerful expansion group and expressing that personal work. One almost feels a nakedness where you bare your inner self into the outer world. Yet we are all doing that same thing each week, baring ourselves fully to one another with the assuredness of a deepening trust.

I can only say I access my Soul Work through engaging in the innocent in this lifetime. Where I connect with the subtle fit and flow of our childlike joy and hope through that medium, I bring the kingdom of heaven here on earth. For joy, laughter, Love and song spread far and wide when expressed through my innocence, and for me, I know my Soul is shining, delightedly bringing its work forth to pave a comfortable place for divine manifestation to easily become present in the natural here and now.

Thank you, Karen, for articulating something of the soul work that you do, and I believe you named something that is true for us all. We are exposing our core so that Cosmic Love can come in. That does take innocence and a spiritual nakedness, as you were pointing out—so beautiful.

Our hearts go out to the people in Beirut after the devastating explosion in their port. Beirut has been called the Paris of the Middle East. The people are now protesting in the streets against their government, who they believe has been negligent and irresponsible.

Here, in the United States, seeing the impact of the global pandemic, seeing the tremendous loss of life, and seeing people act so ignorantly, I have thought, Wow, I am sharing the fate of some ignorant people in this culture. And simply from the perspective of a person living during this global pandemic, I think I’d rather be in Canada than here, and I would rather be in New York than in Georgia. Leadership and wisdom matter. We do share the fate of our fellow human beings, and indeed, the fate of all humanity. As the song says:

We’re all swimming to the other side… 
some in power and some in pain.

There is so much happening in our world, and there are so many dimensions to it. There is the public health of humankind. There is our political, our economic and financial life; our commercial life and our cultural life. It is sometimes thought that politics is the control point in the experience of humankind. And certainly, politics plays a part. But politics isn’t the ultimate control factor in the body of humanity. Many have the suspicion that behind our politics is something else that is controlling us. Indeed, finance and money play a part in that. And yet money itself isn’t the ultimate control point in the body of humanity.

The human spirit is the ultimate control point. And very closely tied to the human spirit is the human heart. Whatever happens to the human heart happens to the human spirit, and whatever happens to the human spirit happens to the entire human experience. Here is the ultimate control factor in what happens for us as individual human beings and for all of us together. If something can capture the heart of humankind, it captures all the rest of the human experience.

And so we are interested in this most core dimension of us as the body of humanity and the conscious awareness that is tied so closely to it. We are deliberately opening our consciousness to what the Cosmic Love vibration is at its source.

In the world in which we live, with the values of Western culture that have overtaken the world, it is thought that the intellectual element of consciousness is the ultimate value. And so, intellect is lauded and we believe our science is going to save us. Certainly, intellect is an element of consciousness, but consciousness is far larger than intellect itself. Consciousness has to do with awareness. It includes what transpires in the emotional body. And consciousness is intrinsically related to the spiritual nature of the human being.

So here we are, experiencing this constellation of human consciousness within the larger body of humanity. We have the opportunity of locating within ourselves our spiritual nature and the Holy of Holies within our human soul. That core chamber for our human experience is a space within the total field of consciousness for us as an individual. That space is occupied by something. It’s occupied by the very core of who we are. What we are attempting to do is to locate that core of our individual human experience and then expose it to the vibration of Cosmic Love.

Thus far in the human experience, it is common that there is insulation around the Holy of Holies, for an individual. That insulation accumulates over a lifetime. We tend to build walls around the innocence of the child in the processes of human maturation. Culture surrounds the human soul and demands its attention. And then culture claims the human soul for itself. So the human soul begins to vibrate with world factors and becomes insulated from the source of its own creating. We are here to perform a break-in, bringing Cosmic Love to our own soul and then exposing this most core element of ourselves with the innocence Karen spoke of.

We begin to vibrate with cosmic vibration in this most core dimension of who we are, and we feel the signature vibration for this planet, which is the signature vibration of all of humankind that we all share in common in our own Holy of Holies. That begins to vibrate in us. Having been activated, we become an activator. Having had that vibration activated in the core of ourselves, we are then empowered and commissioned to activate it in others. We are called to do what we can to help another person set the walls aside and expose this most core dimension of the human soul to the activation.

As Bill Bahan used to say, we might be able to prime the pump for another person with that activation, but truly that’s all it is. We are assisting them to open to something we didn’t create. That opening is, ultimately, not up to us. It is up to their own opening of themselves to that cosmic vibration, so that they may be fully activated and self-reliant in their activation.

When we become activated ourselves, what we wake up to is that we are living a holographic experience with every human being on the face of the earth. And what is true of us is true of any individual, and it’s also true of us collectively as humankind. We are no longer fooled by the seeming separation of race, culture, ethnicity, faith, belief, politics and nationality. All those factors are present in human culture—there is no denying them. But we see past all of that to see the field that we are holding in common as humankind and come to know that we are not only touching the Holy of Holies for ourselves as an individual and for all the people that we meet—we are touching the Holy of Holies in the heart of humanity.

Here is the control factor for all of humanity—more powerful than guns, more pivotal than politics, more potent than human religion, more influential than money. It is right here, at this control point, that things have gone wrong for us as human beings. And here is where our salvation begins. We expose this most core dimension of the human experience to Cosmic Love, and it begins to vibrate with that Love. And then it starts to vibrate through human culture.

Having touched the heart of hearts of the individual, where is the first place it begins to vibrate? In our politics? In our commerce? In our art? I say that the first place it begins to vibrate when it goes beyond the individual—and it has to start there—is very simply between you and me, in the field of human relations, where we bring the transcendent to how we see each other.

This has to be a now phenomenon, or it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t really help to try to make it about someone who used to be here. We venerate those great ones who have come before us. Their words and example inspire us, and we stand on their shoulders. And yet we cannot re-create human culture, we cannot bring spiritual regeneration to humanity, with people of the past. Likewise, we cannot do it with the people of tomorrow. And we cannot just wait for it and have it happen.

The only time and the only place when spiritual activation can happen is here and now. And that means you and me—between ourselves and people who are in our lives now. This is how we re-constellate human culture around what is now vibrating in the Holy of Holies. Then we are in position to set up a vibratory field among us where the signature vibration for humankind reigns supreme. There are beams of light connecting us, one to another. We become a constellation of light, and therefore our whole field is illuminated.

We are not separate from the whole body of humankind. For Sunrise Ranch, the spiritual community in which I live, we are not some monastic sect in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The people around the world who read this Pulse of Spirit are not some secret society, keeping an experience to ourselves. We are simply people who have come together. We know we haven’t left the body of humankind. We are performing a subversive act within the body of humankind. What we are doing is not just with respect to ourselves, though it is that as well.

We are betraying human culture in the sense that we are saying, You don’t own this soul. Human money doesn’t own this soul. Human religion doesn’t own this soul. Human art doesn’t own this soul. Divine Presence owns this soul and is vibrating in it now, at its very core.  

This is what we are beginning to share. It is the coming of the spirit of the living Christ—the reemergence of the very essence of the soul of humankind. There are plenty of other things that are happening on the planet today. And amongst it all, we are witness to human beings who are raising their hands and saying, This is what it means to be true to what is at my core; to thrive, living a life of selfless service while human culture struggles. We are not immune to the struggle, and we are certainly witness to it. But we embrace the thriving and the core of Love that is at the heart of it.

So good to be with you in this cosmic break-in, honoring the dignity of this constellation of Divine Presence. There is far more to manifest, born out of this ultimate control factor in human experience. There are all the fields of human culture to regenerate. Let them all be an expression and an embodiment of this. Let our art and our commerce, our spirituality and our politics, all be an expression of this. From this perspective, it is all so easy. Politics is easy for people who know this. Commerce is easy for people who know this. Science is easy for people who know this.

Let us rise to this occasion, each of us, and give this most core gift—the activation at the core of a human soul—upon which all other gifts depend.

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Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
August 15, 2020 9:57 am

I feel compelled to rise with you David, and feel blessed to be in this body of awakening people on the Planet at this time. Thank you so much for articulating the problem & the solution so clearly in such common straight forward understandable language. Certainly there are many dimensions to be encompassed, however I am sure that everyone who enters here, is activated and delighted to experience this communion. I love our Spiritual Commons.

It’s a journey, its a quest to discover this ‘core gift’ and liberating it from the false insulation that has accumulated over a lifetime.

Thank God, the gold is never lost as I discover in recent mining operations after performing a necessary ‘break-in’ right here . I will, let the Guardian of my own Spirit reign supreme; and let go of the self-appointed risk manager who served well in ‘old days’ holding safe security walls, no longer needed.

‘Ripped’, I am more open to an inner sense of purpose and liberated joy to participate in this common conversation. Let’s activate together.

Bless you for leading us in this exploration and adventure.

much love, Anne-Lise

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
August 15, 2020 7:33 am

The term “the sweet spot” has been used variously…. however, you might think, similarly about that core of the human soul as the sweet spot. It is sweet. It is innocent. It resides in each one of us.

There is innocence and inner-sense. You need the inner sense to understand that magical soul-space.

My work is with young children. At present, it entails preparing online work. In preparing my projects, I am very aware of tuning into the inner sense of the children. I ask questions – of myself – of the field I am addressing, and I find out through a kind of innocence in myself what would inspire the children. There is a kind of Attunement going on.

This week, I prepared a -not even 2 minute video – for a child to create a miniature garden, which went on the school’s home-school platform. However, my brother in UK has two young grandsons, and I sent him the video. A few hours later and most beautiful photo was posted on my cellphone of Leo and Joe, joyous and doing the work. The picture wasn’t just a photo, it radiated back to me! It went to the sweet spot in those little boys in England.

This is the kind of magic we are speaking of. So, let’s get practical, like the little boys, and get busy with life. Make your garden!

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