The Call to Awaken

I’d like to begin by telling a story. It is a heavenly story, a heavenly history if you will. We all have our own human histories, our family’s history, our nation’s history, and the history of humanity as we know it. I would like to tell a story of our heavenly history. It will be a story that invites your imagination, and I’ll leave it up to you to discern how much of the story is imaginary and how much is true. So here is the story.

There came a time when you, as a spiritual being without a human form, came together with other spiritual beings. There was a sense of great expectation and great possibility knowing that there was a grand project to undertake. You waited and watched and prayed as you sensed the intention of all the cosmos coming to focus around this great project in which you would have the opportunity to play a part. And sure enough, the day came when a Messenger arrived from the Cosmic Whole who brought the intention for something magnificent—and more than an intention: a design and a plan to create a world. And as this One came to you and to your friends, he was greeted with love and understanding. As you and your friends received this plan—this beautiful design and this wonderful intention—your heart resonated with joy as if you’d known that this was what it would be.

And as you beheld the face of this one, you saw the intention of all the Cosmos to have this world created. You saw in his face and in his countenance the wonder of what was to be created, brought to focus in his Being. And in seeing him, you knew that he was just the one to be bringing this message, this plan, and this possibility, and that you were just the one to take your appointed place and play your appointed part to allow this plan to be carried out.

And so, with your friends, in magical ways you allowed the energy of creation to come through you and to resonate and vibrate among you. Together you sang into being a planet and a world, and created a living form on that planet, into which you could incarnate. Your friends did likewise, so that at the level of the form of that planet, you could live and move and have your being and create and fulfill this grand plan, knowing all the while that the whole Cosmos was rejoicing in what was being created on this oh-so-special planet, in this oh-so-special world, with nothing quite like it anyplace else, wherever you might look; and that you had the opportunity to steward and bring into being all these miraculous forms of life, and the living ecology of a planet such as this.

Imagination? Or truth? This story points to our heavenly history. If indeed that history is true, then we have to acknowledge that something happened, that there was some kind of break in that pattern—that the human form into which you and your friends incarnated lost awareness of the reality that created it, and indeed of your own reality, who you are as the incarnate being in that human form. And so human consciousness has created a way of thinking of itself and a way of understanding itself as some kind of separate being, as if it were a particularly intelligent animal that walked the earth that could create its world in a way that would serve its interests; as if there was no plan and design of Creation. So there has been great tragedy on this planet.

Ever since that break, it has been your intention and the intention of all your friends to bring a reawakening in the human soul to the plan, to the original intention, and to your presence, our presence, and the presence of the one who came—that Messenger who we all hold in the greatest love and appreciation, and who even now holds those seeds of creation which we share with him and with each other: the seeds of a world and the seeds of awakening. Those seeds of awakening are present in humanity and in the cultures of the world. They are present in the religions of the world. We may well say, thank goodness that they are, no matter how cloaked they may be by religious belief.

At the same time, we have to understand that in the human world, everything is seen with that world as its reference point—as if the very pattern of Creation only had meaning as it could earn us money, or get for us the physical things that we want, or make us successful. So all of that reality, the reality of Being, the reality of Creation, as it comes into human consciousness, is inevitably seen in that human context with this as its reference point: How will it serve humanity? How will it serve the human world? How will it serve me?

In the best of cases, our symbols and names for the reality of Being that we are a part of are seen in their relevance to the human life that we are leading in the human world in which we live. However, that is religion at its best, because, the human world being what it is, people take those symbols of reality and use them to their apparent advantage. So they are subject to the corruption and the exploitation of men and women and are no longer clear representations of what the reality is.

And yet, some spiritual and religious symbols resonate with the vibration of reality, whether it’s the image of the Buddha in his peace and understanding and the power of awareness that the image of his presence brings, or whether it is the Christ child being brought into the world. Many of the images we have are from conscious beings who came to bring remembrance, to bring awakening, to allow the world to remember the reality from which it comes.

“The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” This was Jesus’ message of awakening. That reality is at hand, but very hard to understand for human beings. The heaven from which we come, and in which the larger part of us still lives, has not gone anyplace. Heaven is at hand. At the same time, it is not at hand in the human experience. And so we’re left to think, Oh, it must be nearby someplace, or really what he meant is it must be coming, or it must be present after I die. Because at the same time, it’s at hand and it’s not at hand in the human experience. And so there must be awakening.

That awakening is not a curing of the human experience or anything that’s wrong with the human experience. That awakening is not to cure cancer. It’s not to cure pollution. It’s not to cure atomic bombs. It’s not to cure humanity. The experience of awakening is the experience of an already-existing reality. It is living in that reality and letting that reality come into our humanity. The wholeness of that reality re-creates our humanity, but that’s not a curing of the human experience. It is a passing away of the human experience as it has been.

It’s very hard for us as human beings not to see reality as some kind of improvement or cure or answer for our human state. The only answer for our human state is awakening—awakening out of the nightmare that’s currently present in the human state that is creating cancer, pollution, atomic weapons and all the rest. It is that state of consciousness that’s creating those things that must pass away. And so for there to be an awakening, there has to be a letting go of the current state of consciousness; an allowing of our human experience to be made new.

It is made new by the very same design and plan and reality with which we created this world in the first place. Our project now is somewhat different than it was originally, because the world was created. So that project is no longer before us in the same way. But the essence of the design and the plan of it is, and the answer for humanity is on the same basis upon which the original reality was created, according to the same plan and design, and with the same angels, and with that same One who was that glorious, golden Messenger, who we loved and love unquestioningly, even as we are loved by him and even as we love each other. It is by the very same act of receiving that message and that plan and that design now that our humanity is re-created easily. It is through that intention and design and plan that the current human experience passes away in favor of real knowing of this reality.

This is a reality that transcends our whole human experience. It stands tall and dwarfs the human experience. It’s a reality of cosmic proportion, even as we are beings of cosmic stature. But while it is a reality that transcends our humanity and towers over it, it does not ignore our humanity. It does not try to go around it. For the awakened soul, there is the experience of coming into our humanity as we never have before, with true authority, the true power of love to re-create, with the flaming sword of truth that says this human experience is mine, this human world is mine. I created it. It’s coming back to me, and I have dominion and I have authority because of who I am and because I’m entering all the way into that human experience as I never have before, according to the original design and plan—not according to the human pattern. I’m coming into it according to the original pattern of Creation, as the Creator. I’m doing that for my own human experience, and I’m doing that with all awakened angels everywhere. We are coming into the human experience and claiming it as the Creator of that experience.

So today, awake human beings are calling to all humanity to awaken. I invite you into a ceremony of awakening. Find a gong or chime of some kind. Even a glass and a piece of silverware will do. Sound the gong before making each of the statements below.

Gong. Awaken, all who slumber.

Gong. Awaken, all who are stirring in their sleep.

Gong. Rally together, all who have awoken.

Gong. Awaken, man.

Gong. Awaken, woman.

Gong. Awaken, youth.

Gong. Awaken, elder.

Gong. Awaken, you who are in the prime of your life.

Gong. Awaken!

May there be thoughts and images and feelings and perceptions and awarenesses that vibrate strongly in human consciousness around the world, for people everywhere. May this new consciousness connect them with their origin, with their inmost reality. May they know the empowerment to live in that reality and be in that reality in their world, and to face with courage the things that come up in their life, and never be dissuaded from being the truth and the strength and the stature and the eternality of who they are. May we do the same with power and authority, without shadow of turning, through all of the human experiences, high or low, through whatever suffering or pain, through whatever joy and success in victory. May we be fully present, being fully who we are, with courage and with the nobility of being that is our birthright as an awakened human soul.

Thank you for sharing these words and this call to awaken.

David Karchere
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