The Attunement Project #3

Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

(Carol Travis welcomed 64 stations online. Joyce Karchere offered a chant. Then Laurence Layne spoke from St. Augustine, Florida))

Thank you so much, Laurence. I’m sure that all of us on the line in our various places and settings are loving and appreciating the quality of atmosphere and the evidence of the place of dwelling that you live in. Your presence is strongly felt in our midst.

As we continue together in our shared interest to bring attunement into this diverse world of beauty and dysfunctional cultures, I believe that what you described as the most compelling aspect of your experience when you came across the Emissaries has been true for many of us.

You spoke of finding an answer in a quality of atmosphere and a sense of vibrational congruence, or shared accord, that couldn’t be found just at the level of mentally held beliefs or shared philosophical views. But the answer you were looking for, and I think the answer our world is looking for, does rest in a fundamental deep desire to be in position to fully realize our core purpose. As you acknowledged for yourself, there is nothing more important for us to do than to bring the highest frequency of love, the integrity of the attunement current, into the world we live in. This is the foundation on which we stand, that best enables us to deal with our various life situations and circumstances.
And I agree with you, Laurence—we don’t need to know everything. But we have this present moment together, and what we may know in shared experience in this moment is a deepening intensity of love for the core sense of purpose that brought us onto this call in the first place: to be in position to bring love, to bring attunement into the world.

We would surely acknowledge that we each center the world we live in. Each of us is the focus for that world. And so the attunement current rightly must come through each one of us if the world is to receive that frequency of love that is mine to bring, that is yours to bring, and that is ours to bring together.

And as we act in concert under the direction of the universal spirit of Love—one of the premises offered us at the inception of this Attunement Project—we may have confidence in the spiritual technology that we’re working with, which brings the essential vibrational seeds of the future that we welcome and that we let radiate into the world. No one in his or her right mind would want to re-sow seeds from the past, certainly not in terms of the pain and suffering that has been generated through a lack of being in attunement on this planet. So it is important that, if we have access to a high-level spiritual technology, we exercise our shared interest in letting it be used fully.

I was meditating on this recently and asking myself a question. What is it that is required of me to be in attunement as a way of life, to truly be in position to welcome and bring the presence and current of Love, the causal resource for this planet, for this world? What is required of me to do that? In this regard, I love the question that Rudolph Steiner was asked: “What is it that you would build?” And his answer, which I believe we would resonate with, was “I would build a temple.” A temple speaks to the living design for the sacred life of this planet—we were designed to know a sacred dwelling place, a place of habitation for the creative Spirit. And so, surely, we are about building a temple.

Attunement, in its perfect design and flow, lets us build that very temple, because the design of the temple is the design of attunement at a vibrational level. So I would like to speak of that a little more before I bring some of the requirements to live in attunement that came clear to me in the meditation I mentioned earlier.

The design of attunement comes to focus in the seven spirits before the throne of God. And the universal spirit of Love is the supreme focus for this design. The government of Love, the will of Love, the action of Love, requires a design that can accommodate its creative movement, to receive the seeds of creation that would be planted by Love. And so we have this beautiful design of attunement—the Spirit of Love, the Spirit of the Womb, and on through each of the spiritual gateways that we are no doubt familiar with in the sharing of attunement—the seven endocrine glands and the seven spirits before the throne of God, of Universal Love, by whatever name.

Let’s build this temple in our continued movement together—tonight here in South Africa, and this morning for you in the Northern Hemisphere. What a magnificent opportunity to build the temple because we know where we dwell and from whence our answers come.

I was meditating on the requirements to be in attunement and to bring attunement, to create a spirit-infused future for this world. And of course, with attunement, it’s so fascinating, isn’t it, because we are told to “let love radiate without concern for results”? So here we are, creating a future that we can’t have a handle on. We can’t dictate what that future is going to look like or whether it’s going to suit us in old self-serving ways.

First, I recognized that love for Source—full, complete love for the source of our Being, for the originating truth of ourselves—is a requirement. Love for Source.

I’m sure there are many different ways of clothing that requirement and that each of us on the line would perhaps find a slightly different way to language it. But there is something that we understand about that. And I believe, as people who are drawn to be in this situation together, in an attunement service, we would agree that we understand something about what it means to love the source of our Being.

The second requirement that I recognize, to be in and bring attunement into my world, is willingness and an ability to surrender to Higher Being. There are many people in the world today who are engaged in spiritual practices, keen to live in a mindful and conscious way, who would agree that surrender is important, is necessary. But I have found that you have to develop the ability to surrender, because it doesn’t come simply on the basis of wanting to surrender, if there isn’t a core purpose for it beyond just wanting. Why do this? Is it just for one’s own spiritual development? Well, to penetrate the resistances that I find in my own capacities and in my own habitual patterns that I have developed over the time I have lived in the world the way it is, I have to deliberately go to a different place in myself, a place I need to surrender to.

I find that it takes both willingness and a developed ability to be fully open, to be able to welcome true Spirit into the present moment—to surrender to that, to open that door, the gateway to Universal Love. A friend of ours, Nick Gordon, who brought the Pulse of Spirit for this week, encouraged his audience to be novices. It takes that kind of openness, doesn’t it, to fully receive a new experience of what is available to us from the invisible, ineffable realm of cause. So that was the second requirement: the willingness and ability to surrender to Higher Being.

I was thinking this morning, before I go into the third requirement, that another name for Love could be “Thy will be done.” Now, I don’t know at a mental level the truth of this, but it seems to me that that is the attitude and the constant stance of Love—that Love always engages with that which is of the highest, to bring vibration into manifestation “Thy will be done” at all levels. I don’t think that stops somewhere and then somebody takes ownership and says, “That’s mine now.” I think we’ve been kind of cute in doing that down here on Earth, but I don’t think that’s the way Life works. “Thy will be done” always requires surrender.

The third requirement is to center. Laurence spoke about that. To bring oneself to center in each moment is required. And what I have found is that you develop a capacity, a centering capacity. When I share an attunement with somebody, that stance of openness, surrender and humility in entering their field requires a particular depth of centering. As that centering is exercised, as I enter into the sacred space of another, or into shared temple space, I experience the constellating of a capacity, or container, that will hold safe the movement of spirit for that attunement.

Centering creates a container. That’s why I call it a centering capacity, a capacity that is able and willing to receive, hold and let constellate Sovereign presence and let the spiritual current of that presence move through all our capacities, and on into the world. In these days part of Love’s work is in restoring a person’s consciousness from being merely human, to remembrance of being a creator-being.

We are in this work of raising the frequency of love here together on this call. And as we let our own consciousness be raised, let the frequency of love intensify and be of the finest quality that we can welcome into our temple space, we are extending that very invitation to those in our world to rise up and come out of the destructive, dysfunctional world patterns.

Jesus said in his ministry: “And I, if I be lifted up…will draw all men unto me.” (John 12:32) The ascension in consciousness that attunement invites is in fact the drawing power of love that lifts identification out of the dysfunctional human state, out of the state of separation, conflict and self-serving agendas, into the true atmosphere, higher frequency and quality of sacredness that the word temple speaks to—the temple we are in the individual and collective aspects of the true design of Being. We are designed to be a temple for the living God and to bring the radiant expression of that. What a blessing that we have attunement as a very specific, focusing facility, a way of bringing the truth of Being into our world.

The fourth requirement relates to key attitudes required to be in attunement and to bring attunement. And that includes the attitude of forgiveness, which helps dissolve and release from consciousness our tendencies towards human judgment. True forgiving unveils loving-kindness, compassion, the spirit of blessing, knowing assurance in the truth of Being and, as Laurence suggested to us earlier, trust in life, trust in the design of life, trust in the spiritual flow of life, that it may interpenetrate all levels of creation in and through us.

And finally, the crowning requirement: Love for True Identity.

I would like now to invite us to move in a current of attunement in silence, to bring more fully the frequency of the presence of Love, the character, the will, the wonder and wholeness of that.

I will use the five requirements as spiritual gateways. So what I propose is that, as each requirement is named, we allow in the deep silence of Being the spiritual current that is evoked to freely move in and through us. I trust you’re in agreement and willing to do that, and I thank you in anticipation.

Love for Source…. Love for Source.

Surrender. Surrender to the original reality and truth of our being. Surrender to the truth of Love. As we are centered in this surrender and receive the current of love, let us center our world in this flood of attunement, flood of love. Let us hold center for our world.

As this current of love comes out of the unmanifest future, as we create a world together, as we build this temple, let us forgive and release all that has been a blockage, that has been an insult, a cause for judgment, and release it all freely into the very process that we are participating in, the true re-creative process.

Let there be a spirit of loving-kindness, of blessing, of full welcome for all things to be made new in us, through us, and in the world that we center.

Let us proclaim proudly and in deep humility in whose name we bring this attunement. We bring this attunement in the name of true identity, Universal Being, I Am That I Am. I invite my world to come into alignment with my presence. For each one, we provide that invitation for our world.

So as this attunement comes into a place of stillness and balance, we experience shared radiance, joy and gratitude for the power and beauty of this current of love that we have focused together on this call.

I would invite anyone on the call to answer, in a concise way, in a sentence or two: Where do you stand with the priority of living in attunement and bringing attunement into your world—how important is that for you? There will be something to follow once we’ve had a chance to appreciate each one who speaks.

(Several comments were offered on the phone line.)

HOWARD GOODMAN: Let me express my great appreciation for what has been brought into this call through those of you who have spoken and all of us, and I would now like to invite Joyce Karchere to bring the sound of “Let Love Command” to fill this temple. And I invite all to join our voices with Joyce.

That will conclude this attunement service, with a reminder that the fourth and last Attunement Project teleconference call will take place at the same time on December 20th. Thank you all so much.

(Joyce Karchere led all in singing “Let Love Command,” by George C. Hanson, from Songs of Praise and Thanksgiving.)

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