The Tone of Our Sovereign Presence

Howard Goodman

I am in service to the life that lives within the very fiery core of my soul, that meets the fiery core of the presence of the One. Dare I say, male and female? We are created in that image. We are created in the image of Father and Mother God, always in perfect fusion, blending.

How privileged we are in this company to know the sound of the Tone of that presence. If we know the sound of the Tone, we automatically know the spiritual character of ourselves in heaven, in the realm from which order, beauty, true government and dominion are extended. In these moments we share together, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever not to be fully given to this and to be fully present in service to a world that is in jitters; insecure, desperately seeking direction, seemingly without vision. The world in which we live desperately needs the presence and the capacities of the One Who Dwells within us, and to whom we have awakened.

How do we know we have awakened? Because the cup of our lives is filled with our passion for being fully who we are. We discover that the only way that this works is to open the cup of our lives in joyous, ecstatic reciprocity; in response to the Presence whose love burns and is seeking to be poured right into and through all substance of human minds and hearts so that we can, in our capacities, bring to remembrance the very reason for our being here: to bring the light of love into the world, not to get it. It is to honor the redemptive presence of our very birthright.

The human mind and heart have been so preoccupied with the material matters of the world in every respect—politically, economically, psychologically, culturally—that it’s no wonder that there may be questioning about the absoluteness and the clarity of who we are and who we serve, and that it is our pleasure and privilege to transform our ignorance because our own human experience is part of what burns.

It is the purifying fire of love that we are letting move through us now in this time together. This service to the world is intercessory as we forgive and learn the beautiful art and science of placing everything that is going on in us and around us on the very altar of life. What is the altar of life? It is simply our open response to who lives in the invisible. And who is that? Somebody else? We know better.

So, we provide intercession through the sounding of the Tone of our own sovereign presence. And we are unashamed about that. As of a trumpet, we let it move; we let it sound, because the vibration of our presence in heaven is the only way possible for the stony and fearful heart, and the troubled mind, to receive a transmission that it can actually truly attune to, because it is so different from the noisome pestilence of the unresolved state of affairs in the world.

How beautiful to be together and accept, in all the moments of our lives, the gift of our commission as conscious Beings, knowing that our capacities for expression are only in service to what it is that is coming to consciousness from that beautiful, still place where the inner truth of us abides. And then there is a softness, there is an ease, there is a kindness, there is a generosity, there is understanding, and we welcome the challenges because we know where the altar is and to whom it belongs.

Arms outstretched, consciousness turned upward, it is all yours.