Spiritual Velocity

Attunement is an energy medicine practice and a consciousness practice. The Attunement process relies on the velocity experienced by the practitioner. Velocity is more than speed. It is the speed of something in a certain direction. We can imagine an object moving at a high speed but zig-zagging, not with a high velocity.

The Attunement current has to move if it is not to become stagnant.  And it has to find where it is meant to land. It has to have velocity.

So, consider velocity related to the spiritual energies that move through the field of human consciousness and culture. Consider the power of Love you sometimes feel from someone. Or consider the uplifting, inspirational energy you might feel from another person. Think of a time when someone’s understanding and compassion made a difference in your life. A spiritual energy moved, so there was speed involved. But it moved in a direction—to you. Those two elements created the spiritual velocity that impacted you.

What is it that empowers a person to bring spiritual velocity? Primarily, it is their openness to the source of spiritual energies within them. When that openness is present, the energies enter the person. They land in the person’s capacity, and if that person will let them, they overflow and find a place to land in the world. The person’s conscious relationship with the world creates a pathway upon which those energies flow.

The emotional body plays a vital part in the process. Our heart-openness toward the source of spiritual energy allows it to enter us. And our emotional connection with the people and other living things of our world is necessary for spiritual energies to reach them from us. This is part of our conscious relationship.

We live in a consumer society, increasingly so. People sell cars, appliances, electronics, and so much more. Our culture develops more and more ways of addicting people as consumers.

Today, people sell themselves on social media. And it’s all made available to us online. It’s not surprising that consumer consciousness affects people’s approach to their own happiness and spirituality. They want to get something good into themselves—some peace, tranquility, empowerment, and knowledge.

A consumer approach to spirituality doesn’t work, mainly because it fails to take into account how we are made and how life works. Life is a fountain. It circulates. Spiritual energies enter us but are not meant just to sit there in a stagnant pool. We are made as human beings to let those energies flow to other people and our world.

A consumer approach to our happiness and fulfillment attempts to bring positive spiritual energies into us—more Love, more Light. But if the energies that have already landed in us are not flowing through to our world, the new energy has no place to land.

If you want to know more Love and Light, try this. Share the Love and Light you already have with other people. That will likely create a vacuum if you keep it up. You may even feel spiritually exhausted. But nature abhors a vacuum, and so does the source of Love and Light inside you. So if you open to it, it will fill you again. If what you share is holy, the vacuum you create will draw down a holy flow from inside you.

This creates spiritual velocity. You are a fountain, and your waters are flowing.

Think of your physical body. It is a fountain. The blood flows from the heart. And it has flow with some velocity, or there is trouble. The blood returns, and the heart is filled again and again.

What does it mean for Light to flow through us as a living fountain? It means that we shed Light on other people. We see them for who they are.

Sometimes, we can become so accustomed to the people we see every day that we don’t really see them. Our light has gone dim. I just read Karen Armstrong’s excellent book Muhammed: A Prophet for Our Time. I learned how Muhammed was from a poor family and how he was orphaned early in life. When he shared with his clan what had been revealed to him, they scoffed. Who was this young man whom they had known as an orphaned boy to claim he had received messages from God? As Jesus said, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.

Today is a good day to see the prophets of our own house, among our kin, and in our own country. That could increase the spiritual velocity in our own experience.

There is a cycle to this flow. The lub-dub of the human heartbeat is almost instantaneous. Other cycles in a human life are much longer. There is a time to receive and a time to give. There are cycles of growth to maturity and cycles of service to the world.

Where are you in your cycle? Is there something for you to receive deeply into yourself? Something to give? Service to offer?

As it is said, there is a moment when the time is ripe. And if that opportunity is not taken, the fruit can spoil on the vine.

There is a cycle in a human life. We don’t expect a young child to become incredibly fruitful and productive in life and make an immediate major impact in the world. There is a time to learn, to grow, and to awaken. And then there’s a time to use the capabilities we’ve developed and to be of service in our world.

I used to be a good middle-distance runner. I could run a race with good velocity. Not so much anymore. But I have a greater capacity for spiritual velocity than ever. How about you?

Keahi Ewa, Marilyn Manderson, and I spent last week at Edenvale, an Emissary community outside Vancouver, British Columbia. The community is in the middle of rebirth—a most exciting time and a delight to be part of.

As we sat in a circle, person after person spoke of how they could serve the community and the world. We watched the fabric of community being woven right before our eyes. We saw prophets among us. And you could feel the spiritual velocity entering the heart of each one.

May we all have an experience of rebirth now. May we experience spiritual velocity because something bigger than us all flows through and finds what it is looking for in human hearts and minds.

May we bring Attunement to the world.



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Anne Lise Bure
Anne Lise Bure
January 27, 2024 2:47 pm

Beautiful comments – we all have much to contribute into our communities in so many fabulous ways – poetic, artistic and practical. How vital it is to keep Elders active in our community and value their Life experiences.

I saw a great presentation by Steven Spielberg to a graduation class at Harvard on the topic of ‘character defining moments’; and It sparked my thinking about ‘heavenly divine characteristics’ that define our true and expanded spiritual character and expression here and now. This unlocks a real experience of primal knowing – ‘golden moments’, allowing for perfect maturing and unconditional love for one another.

When you and I bring this real experience to our world, others may be touched and moved to follow.

This is our time to do this, thank you to David for inspiring natural capacities in us to invite those same ‘divine qualities’ in everyone we meet. We keep the fountain working and able to give ‘water’ to those desperately thirsting. Our deep dream of restoring Soul Family to Oneness feels possible again.

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
January 26, 2024 7:22 am

The French word for a bicycle is “un velo”, from the Latin root “velox”, meaning speed.

Velocity indicates not only speed but direction. On a bicycle, you need balance, which is not possible if you remain stationary. It is the mechanism of rotating the pedals connected to the spinning of the wheels by human activity that enables the rider to maintain balance. The articulation of the front wheel through the handlebars enables a rider to steer the bicycle.

Here is an illustration of velocity and balance plus physical effort. We may consider this spiritually-speaking. As life appears to be speeding up, we surely need balance and our spirits oriented in a higher plane to provide necessary direction. May our actions also be sanctified in these times.

Thank you, David

Andy Vincent
Andy Vincent
January 26, 2024 2:47 am

Dear David,
Your words always bring comfort to me. Thank you so much.



Kari Bye
Kari Bye
January 24, 2024 10:25 pm

Where am I in my cycles of receiving and giving? My experience now is that there are “prophets” among my own kin, in my own world. People who are open to a conscious relationship with their world, and spiritual energy increases as it flows through us and between us. Giving and receiving seems to be one now, in a new cycle of our relation, where we make a difference in each others lives, and in our world.

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