Spiritual Activation and Intimacy

David Karchere

In the Attunement process, spiritual activation begins when an aspect of the One Spirit moves through one of the seven major endocrine glands in the human body. That activation affects all dimensions of the human experience, even as the hormones of the endocrine glands affect all our physiology and all the processes of consciousness.

The One Spirit that activates the entire human experience has seven aspects, like the seven colors of the rainbow. Each aspect is relevant to one of the major endocrine glands and to a range of the human experience. We speak of these seven aspects as Seven Spirits—all part of the One Spirit. And we speak of the activating of human experience by these Seven Spirits as the opening of the Seven Seals.

This activating power has been present down through the ages. It is present today around the world, in full power, nothing held back. As sure as the sun is shining, the activating power of the seven aspects of the One Spirit is present. But that activating power only has meaning to the degree that the individual tunes in to it. Generally speaking, human beings are only partially tuned in to the activating power within them. And so, the first thing that has to happen for us as a human being is to tune in and listen. We have to receive it and let it in.

When we do, it does activate us, and there is a natural response that comes. When the Spirit of Blessing comes into the heart, the heart leaps. And so it is with all of the Seven Spirits. When we actually receive the activating energy, we can’t help but respond. And when we respond, we want more. We draw closer to it. We move into not only receiving it and being activated but resonating with that activation. We start to become what moved us. We become the Spirit of Blessing; we become the Spirit of the Single Eye on earth ourselves—not only being seen but seeing. The lust for life that is the Spirit of the New Earth stirs us, and then we become that. We become that urge in our life.

We become one with what activated us. We become one with that voice within us and part of the chorus. That brings us to union with the activating energy and all who are knowing that union. We become an activator and part of the chorus of activators. That is what we are doing, all who are spiritually awake together. We are each becoming an activator and, being that together, we are bringing a unified activation.

How does that unification happen? How do we unify? Certainly, first of all, it’s by unifying with that spiritual power within us. We welcome it, receive it, and become it at all seven levels of our Being. That’s the story of Mary Magdalene. Through all seven levels of her Being, there was healing. There was a reception of the One Spirit. There was a resonance with that, so she became a living embodiment of it. And how did it happen? Not only because that activating spirit was present in the air somehow, latent in the field—it was brought by an activated man, and so she was exposed to it.

We are here to be activated at all seven levels so that we can become activators at all seven levels. We are Blessing. We are the Eye of Providence. We are the New Earth. We are the Spirit of Purification, the Spirit of Life. We are the Great Mother come to humanity. We are the Highest Love.

But this isn’t a solo act: Look at me! There is one activation going on that includes all of us. And so there is unified radiation—not one human being radiating all by themselves, but one human being who is unified with the source of the radiation within them and unified with all other human beings doing the same. So we are part of a rolling, collective activation at all seven levels of Being. That’s happening for us as a collective. It’s happening for the body of humankind—a rolling activation through these seven levels.

The seven levels have a relationship to the human experience. And so, all of our human experience is being activated, and we are experiencing union and unified radiation. This is a union that is not some kind of forced conformance of any kind. It is a union of intimacy at all levels.

Here we are in the middle of a pandemic; a lot of us right now would probably enjoy a little physical intimacy: a hug, a kiss, even a handshake, some human touch. Or just being in the same room as another human being. But there are many levels of intimacy.

We have the opportunity for mental union and mental intimacy—an intimacy of thought. Have you noticed how divided the thoughts of people tend to be? I believe this, and you believe that. Diametrically opposed, neither of us going anyplace, fighting each other: My thought is better than your thought. No intimacy of thought. Intimacy of thought brings us together in a unified radiation of thought. We are then participating in an evolution of thinking—thought that is alive. That unleashes divine intelligence into the world through a body of people of whatever size. Ultimately that intimacy can include all of humankind, bringing divine intelligence to the world.

We’re here to know an intimacy of feeling—not feelings for and against, not feelings embattled with each other, not feelings of fear that separate us, not feelings of resentment that pit one person against another. We are here to know an intimacy of feeling, one heart, one love shared easily, flowing among us. This is not the domination of irrational feelings that seek to destroy, but the prevalence of one love known in the heart, in this intimacy of feeling around the world, unbound by the physical.

Intimacy of feeling is not bound by geography unless we believe it is. In the simple act of reading these words, you have the opportunity to participate in one love and one great heart. When we release all the small feelings, all the trapped feelings, all the fearful feelings, we become part of the radiation of one large heart. We know an intimacy of heart with the Divine.

We come together in an intimacy of spirit. This intimacy transpires through our spiritual nature, the sovereign soul’s domain, where the power of the human being originates. Certainly, we are each unique, yet in our union we are as one. E pluribus unum: out of many, one, bringing the one sovereign soul, the one Lord, the one Mother, through the oneness of our humanity.

This is the journey we are on. It is a journey of reciprocity. We receive and can’t help but respond when we receive truly. And when we receive and respond, we are activated. We start to become what we have responded to. We begin to give back. We praise the source of the activation. We begin to ask, How can I help? How can I contribute? We begin to not only be grateful for what we receive but also to pay it forward, realizing that the greatest act of gratitude is to pass on the preciousness of what we have received from another person and the preciousness of what we have received from inside ourselves. So we pay it forward. We radiate what we have come to love and know in ourselves and share it with the world.

And so we give our life to the Highest Love. We resonate with that Love. We start to become it and to bring it to other people. We share the Highest Love with humanity. This is the fulfillment of the opening of the Seven Seals and the spiritual activation of humankind.

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David Karchere
David Karchere
February 13, 2021 9:55 pm

Thank you, Allan. Yes, we are two or more.


Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
February 13, 2021 8:25 am

We are awakening, reawakening, to what is eternal and always has been. As it is said, there is nothing new under the sun. But every so often, a critical point is reached, and there is urgency. Whatever the cosmic system, that which is in place needs to be observed, aligned with and respected.

It is interesting to note that the cross within the circle has been the astrological sign for the Earth from ancient times; that symbol and signature was understood; carrying great meaning as an icon. As a symbol, it pops up very often; hidden in plain-sight as Celtic cross designs, on grave-stones, in astrological notation, etc. I would suggest that, with large sectors of the population illiterate or in multi-lingual cultures, icons could be universally understood, and at a glance of the eye.

There is a call to be a living cross, not a relic. To live the cross. To be at the origination of life itself. That may seem, in current times even, to be fantastical; but the encoding and blueprint of humanity is there.

Increasingly, we are living in an invisible world of technology; even money is vanishing as ‘hard’ currency. But, the epicenter to our very being is an internal mechanism and invisible to the physical eye; perhaps this is just the way things appear for now where man cannot interfere.

What a gift; to be at this apocalyptic emergence and to be conscious – and responsible – for what is unfolding. Thank you, David, for rolling-out this passionate and coherent message.

February 12, 2021 8:52 pm

Thank You David. I was indeed fortunate to be part of the Zoom conference last Sunday when you presented these thoughts. I was compelled today to revisit these words online. After some thought and reflection and wishing to offer something, I have realized that the only thing I really have to say now is that
I AGREE. I cannot find anything in your thoughts that I could criticize, embellish, question, debate, reject, protest, or ignore.
Very simple and yet dare I say Earth Shaking. As it is said,( and I am paraphrasing) whenever two or more of you agree at the epicenter here true creation is initiated, it is done.
How wonderful to be in this process with you and many others who love to agree and stand together at the crossover point.
Cheers Allan

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