A Living Cross

David Karchere

Dear Reader,

The Pulse of Spirit this week is more than twice as long as my usual post. I thought about how this article might be abridged or perhaps delivered in installments. But I realized that there is a whole picture I have painted, and the power of the message would be sacrificed if I didn’t show you that picture in full.

If this article is for you, I promise that you will find new knowledge and experience. And I hope you invest your precious time and conscious focus to explore it and take it in.

Warm regards,


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I am a living cross.

Long before the Roman Empire turned the cross into a symbol of crucifixion, the ancients honored this primal description of their humanity. As I documented in my book, Becoming a Sun, this symbol is in ancient and modern cultures worldwide.

We can picture the first caveman with a piece of charcoal, writing on a cave wall the first symbol of his primal spirituality: drawing a horizontal line to represent his humanity, and then drawing a vertical line intersecting it to represent the mystery of his existence—that he was shot full of cosmic life, animated by the Great Mystery of the cosmos in a way that he could not understand but profoundly knew.

The living cross is a primal symbol of us as a human being. The symbol portrays alpha and omega—the origin of our existence and our destiny. It is a symbol of the eternal now, representing where we stand as a human being and the essential nature of who we are.

We stand at the crossover between past and future, here in this present moment. Here we feel that great urge of our legacy, the desire of life itself, evolving and blossoming through time. This is the urge to become, the urge to elevate, the urge to grow, the urge to manifest beauty and wonder, the very impulse of life that is in all of Creation.

We understand that we are here in the present moment at the crossover between that urge, coming out of our past, and the destiny that we are called to fulfill. This is the great urge of life itself present throughout the cosmos and through all of nature. It is in our body—in our blood and bones. It is the primal urge of evolution, not according to any limited scientific theory but the very urge of Creation.

So we stand at the crossover point between past and future, here, now, in this present moment. But as that caveman that we imagine was coming to understand, there is not only the horizontal line of our humanity—not only the progression of time on earth—there is the vertical line. In this present moment, we stand at the mountaintop, at the crossover point between the heavens and the earth. The heavens are the realm of invisible cause, full of the invisible Reality of Being. We do not have the arrogance to believe that just because we cannot see something with our own two eyes, it does not exist.

Here we stand at the mountaintop of human experience, exposing ourselves to those heavens.

Holy, holy, holy.

All that is wondrous and beautiful originates in the heavens, just as all growing things are born from the sun of our solar system. And so, we raise our hearts and minds to expose ourselves to the heavens. We let ourselves be seen and known by it and loved by it. And we feel our association with the angels while accepting our place at the crossover point as a human being.

From here, we look out and see the mountainside. We see the valley below. We see the plains beyond. We can see the great circle of life from here at this crossover point between heaven and earth.

The mountaintop is the crossover point of our Being as an individual. It is the epicenter of our life and the place of origin for all that is born within it. Present, now, at the mountaintop, we inhabit the place where our past meets our future. Here the timeline of our life is intersected in the present moment by all that is holy above. Here is the place where the creative current of Reality from above enters our field.

I am a living cross.

This is what the living cross is portraying. Do you want to say those words to yourself with me?

I am a living cross.

From this epicenter of the human experience, we find and know the profound focus of Being. This epicenter is the reception point for what is above and the point of radiation to everything around us. From here, we offer Attunement to all our world.

Come. Harmonize with this vibration from the epicenter of Being.

 Come. Know the true home established in the heavens.

From the center of the living cross, we bring the spirit of the Great Mother, the Spirit of the Womb, to our world.

Come. You are safe here in this vibrational surround, in this Attunement, in this harmony.

And we bring the profound radiation of the fire of love into this field.

Feel and know this warmth. Be a part of this warmth that emanates from the epicenter of Being.

Our individual world is focalized in this epicenter of Being at the crossover point. So we offer ourselves as a living cross, bringing that focalization to our world, which is Attunement. That is the truth for every human being on the face of the earth.

These principles of primal spirituality are not old; they are not futuristic. They are the eternal principles of now. They depict how we are made. They illustrate the design of our Being that defines our appointed place as a human being at the crossover point. This is true for us as individuals for all our Being—all our thoughts, all our feelings, and our whole body. We bring the call that radiates from the epicenter to it all, inviting all of who we are to harmonize with the epicenter. And as our legacy is called into destiny by what descends out of the invisible, intersecting with the timeline of our life, empowering that urge of life to move forward from that epicenter, we call to our whole field as an individual human being to harmonize.

All thoughts attune to this Light. All feelings attune to this Love. All actions bring this Life into the world. Fulfill your destiny.

None of us as a mere human are that crossover point. In all humility, we find ourselves drawn into it and drawn to the responsibility of embodying it. We do not have the vanity to believe that our personality or ego is that crossover point. No, never! We know the crossover point in transparency because we leave behind all the false personality structures—all false beliefs, all the tangled oracles that ignorantly guide. We leave behind all the deceitful feelings—the feelings of isolation, fear, and separation. For none of those thoughts or feelings, none of those personality structures, belong at this crossover point. So, in transparency, we come to the crossover point to bring the supreme focalization of our own human experience.

As we do so, we realize that we are not alone. Our body and mind and heart are not isolated realities. We realize that this point of focalization is not only for us individually. It is for the world that we center—and surely we each center a world. And so, in full humility we stand at the mountaintop, which is the crossover point, and bring the focus of Reality to our world. We focalize our world. We invite it into harmony and Attunement with what we know at the crossover point.

Jesus taught the principles of this reality. They are hidden in plain sight in all his teachings. For those who have eyes to see, it is right there. These are those who see past any remnants of religion that worship the cross of crucifixion, to see the cross of life.

He taught that when there is a single eye of perception at the epicenter of Being, our whole Being fills with light. Consciousness lights it up. And so it is for us as an individual when we stand at the epicenter. We fill all realms of our human capacity with Light. We are coming alive. Our feelings awaken. They are becoming conscious feelings that bring life, not asleep feelings. Our thoughts are coming alive. They are lighting up. Our subconscious mind is rejoicing with illumination. The Light emanating from the mountaintop illuminates our human experience.

And so it is for the world around us. Standing at the mountaintop, seeing with 360-degree vision, we are filling our worlds with Light. We invite our worlds to become conscious of this emanation from the heavens—aware of the spirit of the Great Mother that holds the world, conscious of the radiation and the warmth of Love of the Great Father, knowing the pattern of truth in all things, aware of the invitation to harmonize and attune.

We invite an Attunement of mind. We could describe that as an intimacy of thinking. We ask of ourselves thought that is intimate with the truth, that touches truth and communes with it. We engage in an intimate conversation of truth and allow our thoughts to be changed by it. And we invite that intimacy of thinking with all those in our world.

Come, let us reason together. Let us share an intimacy of thinking. Not just your thinking and mine. Let us share the wisdom that emanates from the epicenter. Be part of that. Be part of allowing the world to be lit up, the whole body filled with Light.

We invite an intimacy of feeling—a reciprocity of feeling, a give and take, a shared heart.

Feel my heart, feel my love, receive my love. I welcome yours.

We welcome the intimacy of physical action. Sometimes we think of intimacy as sexual, and surely it includes that. But there is even a physical intimacy that is not about physical sexuality. There is the intimacy of action, the intimacy of work together, the intimacy of creating together, and of giving birth to new form. Shall we share the intimacy of standing together in the world and representing something grand and noble? There is intimacy in creating something for the world. There is the intimacy in moving the life of the world forward so that it can fulfill its destiny and evolve.

Helen Reddy sang the hit song “You and Me Against the World.” But it is not that there is an enemy to fight against. We are here to represent something together and, in that sense, to face the world, you and me, bringing our truth to the world together, standing in strength, arm to arm, heart to heart. This is an intimacy of action, not going off in different directions, doing separate things. Doing one thing—you doing your part, me doing mine, intimately together.

An intimacy of action is attuned action. Some of the greatest fulfillment we could know is through an intimacy of action, an intimacy of Creation, one with another, each playing our part individually, uniquely, and yet doing one thing together.

For any individual, for any group of people, there is the epicenter. There is the epicenter for you, in you, and for me in me. By the holographic nature of the universe, it proves to be one center for us all. That is the Great Mystery behind monotheism. A people in the desert discovered that there is one epicenter, appearing throughout all things.

Living out of some kind of false personality or egoic sense of self—a separate sense of self—that one epicenter is not known. So in our world today, we are witness to a shattering of that false personality-based self.  It is an apocalypse, in which the separate self is revealed, plain for all to see…and it is shattering. It is clearly dysfunctional. The egoic self does not take us to our destiny. More and more, this is plain as day in the world.

And, at the same time, there are people who are awakening to the epicenter, that focal point of identity within each one and within all things, realizing that it is one reality within us all. We are one people with one dream and one destiny.

Within any person, there is that epicenter, and within any group of people. Within your nuclear family, there is an epicenter, is there not? It is there. Can you feel it? Who that family is, its legacy, its future, is held in that epicenter. And when a person comes to that epicenter and opens to what is in the invisible cause from the heavens, that epicenter is charged up from that heavenly reality.

That is true for any family. I remember distinctly sitting at my dinner table with my parents and siblings and realizing, Oh my god, the epicenter is right there, and I know it for my family. My family changed when that happened. It is true for any community of people. It is true for this community of people who read the Pulse of Spirit. It is true for any organization and any nation. And it is true for the entire human family.

We can see, for the nation, how wrong it goes when people see the human being who has the role of representing the epicenter and believe that the person themselves is the epicenter. Never! The person is never the epicenter, of themselves. But a human being could stand there. They could be a living monument for the epicenter—for the heart of a nation, for the wisdom of a country.

Here in America, we have seen a dramatic depiction of this. And I do not mean to get political on you or claim perfection for any of our political leaders. But like night and day, we saw someone who claimed to be the epicenter himself, personally. We have seen a nation get confused on that point. And then we saw someone who occupied the epicenter and expressed the heart of a country with compassion and wisdom. We are witness to an intimacy of thinking, to whatever degree, by people who are associated with that epicenter in the current political administration, and it is a wonder to behold; far better than the ignorance of a cult of personality. As I say, we have a stark demonstration of these principles.

For most of us, there is not too much we can do directly about that political reality, though we can vote and perhaps contribute or campaign. But we can do something about ourselves. We can do something about the world that has come to us. And for you, there is a world that has come to you, whatever that looks like—your family, the people around you, your community, perhaps your organization. There is the world that is constellated around you that is rightly under the domain of the epicenter in you, which is the seat of the sovereign soul. And so, for you and for me, the question becomes, What shall we do? Shall we stand at that epicenter? Shall we invite our world into Attunement? And what do we do about how we relate together? In whatever field that we share, shall we not all stand at the epicenter?

We move forward from the epicenter. It is at that intersection in the living cross where we move into our destiny, or not at all. The whole field does not move forward all together without that. It moves forward because there are those who come to the epicenter and become the spearhead of the forward movement through time.

The field does not come together without Attunement. It does not come together without an intimacy of thinking. Not rock thinking—your rocks, my rocks, clanging up against each other. That is solid, immutable thinking that does not allow for intimacy. No, thinking that is ever-evolving, ever-changing, ever-emerging. We are sharing the thinking of Creation, the Creator’s thinking, together. This is not groupthink—accepting one dictated pattern of thought. This is an intimacy of thinking, sharing the thoughts of Creation.

Reality is conscious, and it is thinking its evolution. And we are here to be conscious instruments of that thinking together. We are here to be at the epicenter, feeling the feelings of the Creator with an intimacy of feeling together, brought to focus into ultimately one feeling, moving forward powerfully into our future—the great heart of the Creator moving into the future together, giving life to the creative process. Does that happen for any group of people, or for humankind, without one heart known together at the epicenter, moving together from that focal point, with an intimacy of feeling?

There is no intimacy of feeling if we are stiff-arming the people around us. That is a Super Bowl reference. For those who are not familiar with American football, a stiff-arm is an American football move. We are not here to stiff-arm other people at a feeling level. We are here to come together and experience an intimacy of feeling. But not down in the valleys. We could have a shared feeling of being victimized and depressed down in the valleys, and people do that—they commiserate to share that kind of closeness of feeling. Generally, it only lasts so long and breaks apart into separation. But we could attempt that kind of closeness of feeling, and that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about the intimacy we know at the epicenter.

Holy, holy, holy.

The intimacy of heart lifts us up together. It allows this field—this human being, this group of people, this world—to be penetrated from above and activated at the epicenter. No epicenter, no activation. We have to show up fully present in the now, fully receiving our lineage, present in the now at the crossover point between past and future, and then open to be penetrated from above in heart and mind, splitting open our human spirit. So it is that we are entered from above. And then the powerful urge of life activates this field, fills it with Light, and propels us into our future.

Years ago, I learned of an expression ascribed to French knights long ago. How true it is historically, I can’t say. But it seems relevant today.

A moi.

To me.

Jesus’ way of saying it was this:

Come unto me.

A moi.

He was explicit about where his invitation was coming from, and it was not from his humanity. He was clear that the words he spoke originated from an invisible reality.

Probably most of us would like a certain amount of social distance in our lives, pandemic or not. But from the standpoint of the epicenter, we issue this spiritual call:

A moi!

Come near unto me. Know the peace, the power and the love of the epicenter. Know the embrace of the Great Mother that is known only at the epicenter.

A moi.

Know the fire of love that opens the heart, warms the heart and radiates to the world from the epicenter.

And so, we are conscious for this field that we center and for our own humanity. We hear the call of Being from the center of our Being:

A moi. Draw near to me.

And we are the voice of the epicenter, calling to all of our Being and all of our world:

A moi. Come near unto me. Come to the epicenter.

There is a familiar proverb ascribed to various cultures around the world.

He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a fool. Shun him.

He who knows not, and knows that he knows not, is a student. Teach him.

He who knows, and knows not that he knows, is asleep. Wake him.

He who knows, and knows that he knows, is wise. Follow him.

It clearly relates to individual people. But perhaps those people symbolize parts of our human experience. In some place within us, we know, and we know that we know. We have to follow that knowing; be true to it, and let it expand. We have to let it guide us.

He who knows, and knows not that he knows, is asleep. Wake him.

Perhaps we underestimate ourselves. We lack confidence and assurance. We know, but we do not trust that knowing. It is there. We know. But then we end up acting on something ignorant, something fearful, something small, something separate. Perhaps we have to awaken to what we know. We have to believe in our knowing. We have to let it prevail.

 He who knows not, and knows that he knows not, is a student. Teach him.

 There are parts of our experience in which we realize that we might have thought we knew, but we do not. There is ignorance there. That part of our experience is not yet illuminated. And in the humility of that acknowledgment, we can learn. We can be a student.

It is never too late, and we are never too old to learn, at whatever age. You could be a stubborn 12-year-old and refuse to learn, and you could be an open 70-year-old and become enlightened, taking parts of your experience that had gotten rock-hard and bringing them into wisdom.

And then there are parts of us that know not, and we are not aware that they know not. That’s problematic. If we are hitting a wall, maybe that is the time when we wonder:

Are there things that I do not know, and I do not know that I do not know them? Things that I am foolish about?

The proverb says, Shun him. Shun the ignorance. And move it into the range where you recognize you do not know so that you can awaken and learn.

All these categories of knowledge are relevant to the shining of the Light from the crossover point within the cross. They describe the significance of having a single eye and lighting up all of our human experience with conscious awareness. This is an apocalyptic process. It is not bigger and bigger and lighter and lighter every day in every way, is it? Some elements in the world seem to be getting darker, actually, right now. It is apocalyptic. There is a shattering of the darkness, and the Light is emerging. This is happening for us individually and collectively in whatever groups we may be in, and it is happening for the world.

Here we are, called to stand at the epicenter for ourselves and for the world. Is that arrogant? Not unless we are claiming to be that epicenter as an egoic human personality. The rightful place of all human beings is standing at the epicenter.

I am a living cross.

 A moi. Come to me.

 Stand at the epicenter.

 I am a living cross.

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David Karchere
David Karchere
February 13, 2021 9:55 pm

Thank you, Allan. Yes, we are two or more.


Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
February 13, 2021 8:25 am

We are awakening, reawakening, to what is eternal and always has been. As it is said, there is nothing new under the sun. But every so often, a critical point is reached, and there is urgency. Whatever the cosmic system, that which is in place needs to be observed, aligned with and respected.

It is interesting to note that the cross within the circle has been the astrological sign for the Earth from ancient times; that symbol and signature was understood; carrying great meaning as an icon. As a symbol, it pops up very often; hidden in plain-sight as Celtic cross designs, on grave-stones, in astrological notation, etc. I would suggest that, with large sectors of the population illiterate or in multi-lingual cultures, icons could be universally understood, and at a glance of the eye.

There is a call to be a living cross, not a relic. To live the cross. To be at the origination of life itself. That may seem, in current times even, to be fantastical; but the encoding and blueprint of humanity is there.

Increasingly, we are living in an invisible world of technology; even money is vanishing as ‘hard’ currency. But, the epicenter to our very being is an internal mechanism and invisible to the physical eye; perhaps this is just the way things appear for now where man cannot interfere.

What a gift; to be at this apocalyptic emergence and to be conscious – and responsible – for what is unfolding. Thank you, David, for rolling-out this passionate and coherent message.

February 12, 2021 8:52 pm

Thank You David. I was indeed fortunate to be part of the Zoom conference last Sunday when you presented these thoughts. I was compelled today to revisit these words online. After some thought and reflection and wishing to offer something, I have realized that the only thing I really have to say now is that
I AGREE. I cannot find anything in your thoughts that I could criticize, embellish, question, debate, reject, protest, or ignore.
Very simple and yet dare I say Earth Shaking. As it is said,( and I am paraphrasing) whenever two or more of you agree at the epicenter here true creation is initiated, it is done.
How wonderful to be in this process with you and many others who love to agree and stand together at the crossover point.
Cheers Allan

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