September Monthly Excerpts

From: The Gift of Family
Ruth Buckingham
September 6, 2010

There seem to be two possibilities in these family relationships. There’s the opportunity to say, “That’s the way I’ve always been with __________,” or “That’s what always happens when we’re together.” Or there’s the other side of it—to say, “Remember when… Remember when there was simplicity and there was passion, and there was just the fun of being together, of playing together.” We get very tied up with our adult responsibilities and the structures that we have to use to have a life, to earn money, to work. But there was simplicity, there was innocence, in youth. I long for that space of communion. And often family is the hardest place to find it!

I was grateful for the family patterns that bumped up against me during my recent travels, so that I could see what it was that was preventing me from finding this communion. What gets in the way? What stops us fulfilling the potential of the present moment, where bringing in the baggage of the past gets in the way, where doing things the way my mother did, the way my boss does, suggests I have to do things the same way.

Do you ever ask, “Why am I in this place at this time? Why am I in this family? Why am I in partnership with this man or this woman?” Because there is potential for something larger to occur if we’re open to it, because we free ourselves from habitual patterns that can come up so readily, so quickly.

From: The Eternal and the Infinite
David Karchere
September 13, 2010

We experience our lives in this space-time continuum, which extends to who-knows-where in space, and from and to who-knows-where in time. Effective living, fulfilled living, occurs when a person comes to focus in the middle of all that, not worrying about the future or agonizing over the past, and not worrying about what’s happening over here or over there. When a person is now and here, in the middle of the space-time continuum, something can come to focus in their experience.

There are familiar words for what lies beyond the space-time continuum. Beyond space is the infinite, and beyond time is the eternal. When we are in the here and now, we are in position to bring the infinite and the eternal. It becomes very natural for us to bring that reality into this place, right in the middle of the space-time continuum. Of course most people find themselves overwhelmed by space and time—it’s keeping them, perhaps keeping them imprisoned. People agonize over the past and worry about the future.

But our destiny is to bring the eternal and the infinite into the now and here, into the middle of the space-time continuum. When we do, we are tending and keeping the Garden, as it was put. There is the creative process transpiring, for which we are responsible. And there is something changing in the awareness of humanity. There is an evolution of consciousness. Consciousness evolves in a creative direction when the eternal and the infinite are in the midst of that change.

From: The Eternal and the Infinite
David Karchere
September 13, 2010

The words truth and love relate to the eternal and the infinite. The truth for any person is “I am the truth of love here and now, in this moment.” Where we bring the eternal into the creative process, there are things in our world that do move. Our most immediate world is our own body—not just the physical body but also the emotional and mental bodies, and even the spiritual body. All of that is changed by the eternal. When I am present in the midst of this most personal of worlds, shifts occur. If I have a belief in my own limitations or in the limitations of another, well that’s going to have to change. If I have feelings in my emotional body that take me out of the here and now, they will have to change. If I am lamenting an ancient agony from my own life, that emotion is going to be reshaped and transformed by the eternal. It will be changed by the changeless if I let it be.

We are convening a creative field of consciousness. At the center of that field are people who say, “We are remembering who we are.” We are remembering, both in the sense that it is coming into our awareness that our inmost reality is eternal, and in the sense that we are re-membering our body. The vibration that springs forth from the eternal does call us to wholeness as a person. The vibration of the eternal calls us to physical, mental and emotional health. If we are bringing the vibration of the eternal, we are also bringing the pattern of wholeness for humankind. We are calling humanity to wholeness and to the next step in its spiritual evolution.

From: The Truth of Love
Rich Kenny
September 20, 2010

Our beliefs substitute for the absolute in life. “I know only one thing…I’m a failure.” People cling to things like this and, under pressure, they come out as a guiding force in their life. These substitute absolutes get inculcated into our consciousness early on and remain unexamined. People accept things like “Life is hard, and then you die.” This is very powerful. It creates the experience one is both dreading and insisting upon.

Do you ever think about what’s absolute in your life? What needs no justification? What needs no defending? I’ll tell you what it is for me: I am the Truth of Love. Big statement! Even now I feel a quavering. Can I get away with saying that? Can I say that aloud and make it stick? What does that mean? Can I live up to something about which I have limiting, substitute beliefs? To live my destiny, I have to accept this myself and live it, no matter what.

How can a mere human being come to this conclusion: “I am the Truth of Love”? It sounds so theoretical and inflated. “You’ve got quite an opinion of yourself there…” Such thinking comes from absolutes that have been inculcated and have become bedrock beliefs that just aren’t true. They need to be displaced by something that carries the ring of truth. I can’t think of anything more fitting than “I am the Truth of Love,” because I am.

From: The Truth of Love
Rich Kenny
September 20, 2010

Surrender everything that isn’t true; give it up. It doesn’t serve you to believe that life is horrible. Surrender to God, to spirit, to the Truth of Love. The part of us that has a hard time surrendering and accepting things as they are is what I call the small self. An acronym for the small self is small, enmeshed in human drama, limited and flailing around.

As soon as the stuff that creates interference gets surrendered, gets put out of the way, the already-present true self emerges. There’s an acronym for this as well; the true SELF: Spirit Enjoying Living Form. I am enjoying this living form. I am a vehicle for spirit to move through, to enjoy, and, as such, I express the Word that transforms the world.

What wells up for me in proclaiming that I am the Truth of Love is an intense mix of power, destiny, greatness and profound humility. In humility, the step to take is to accept the privilege and responsibility of personal greatness and destiny—the privilege and responsibility of being spirit in living form. This can be a stretch to believe, but the fact is this is a potent force. I am a potent force. I am unstoppable. I have nothing to be afraid of. This truth that I am, cannot be hurt. So what have I been worried about? I’m done with worrying.

From: Remembering Who We Are
Jane Anetrini
September 27, 2010

“Through our living example we invite the world to know the unity of love manifesting in the patterns of truth.” There are a lot of people who are proclaiming all around the world that “all we need is love.” I think there’s plenty of it around, but what about the manifestation of it through the patterns of truth?

“All we need is love. So let’s not talk about what you believe and let’s not talk about what I believe, and we’ll just love each other and see if it will manifest something.” It’s a good starting place, because at least it puts down the fight. But if you want to create together, you will find a passionate desire to create with someone who loves what you love, holds what it is that’s important to you, and will manifest your destiny together.

You are a wonder. You are clothed in glory; and I see it. Let’s go be about that. If I deny that truth, if I live believing “I’m the good person here, and you will only be good if you are like me,” my life will be a failure. Judgment aside, there isn’t anybody else like me. And there is no one else like you either. Therefore we are remembering who we are, not just in our uniqueness but in our oneness. The patterns of truth tie it all together—tie us all together. Let us remember who we are, live our destiny and build a sun together.

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