Out of the Silence


In these moments, feel the silence within all Creation. Feel the silence within your own Being. It is out of that great stillness that everything is born.

So often in our human experience there is the hubbub not only of media, the news and entertainment, but the hubbub of thinking and feeling that is disturbed and reactive, creating a static that does not allow us to tune in to a deeper level of Being. That static obscures the silence. If we do not hear the silence, we cannot dwell in it. And if we do not dwell in the silence, we cannot speak from it.

For those who dwell in the silence, the great voice of Love speaks in their hearts, and the power of Creation rumbles through their creative expression. The wisdom and intelligence of the Creator is present.

George Eliot said this about silence: Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, abstains from giving us wordy evidence of the fact.

Elbert Hubbard said: He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.

True understanding is born out of that silence. The vibration of love moves in that silence. Understanding between two human beings moves in the silence or not at all. No words can make up for a lack of that communion. No amount of talking can compensate for a lack of silence underneath those words. When we live from the silence, our words carry a tone born from that place, not the cacophony of the human world.

This is from the eighth chapter of Revelation:

And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.

The seventh seal… Sting would say “the seventh wave.” Love is the seventh wave. Love is what opens the seventh seal. The seventh seal we see as relating to the pineal, the little pinecone-shaped endocrine gland that sits in the middle of our heads. It is a window into the infinite, a place where the silver cord brings the infinite to the human. When that seal is opened, there is silence in heaven. There is silence in our heaven. In that silence there is grace.

I commented to friends that, having been away on sabbatical for about two months, I had fulfilled what I had hoped to fulfill over that time. Jane Anetrini asked me, “So what was that?” I responded instantly, “I died.”

It is possible to die in life and not die physically. Living a good life is a lot about learning to die, because when we are allowing what has passed its sell-by date in our life to fade away, then what is new has a place to be born. We have an opportunity to move into the silence to grace, and to move through our life knowing that reality. We can hold both the death and the birth of things with grace, and know that we are holding it in the silence in which the great Spirit of Love is born. What is it that can hold all these things? It is that great Spirit of Love, which is the spirit of Creation.

Apparently, Love has no bias about letting what needs to pass away do so. Apparently the standards by which that happens are not human standards. Even good people pass away. Even good ideas have their sell-by date. The urge of Creation surges on. It does so in the world around us, quite apparently. There have been five mass extinctions on the face of the planet thus far, and we seem to be on track for a sixth. And yet life surges on.

To be in grace is to be in the joy of Creation. It is being in the joy of resurging life that is reborn. Perhaps winter makes us think of these things. The earth all around us shows us the art of dying. We have the opportunity to move through the winter with faith in rebirth. In fact, we hope it doesn’t come too soon, so that the little buds on the trees are not hurt by a late frost. Everything in its season, and within it all there is the urge of Creation.

Feel the call of evolution present within us, seeking to constellate in our thoughts, in our heart, and in the actions we take in the world.

This is the call of what is next, the grandness of it that is looking to constellate in our thoughts. The next big thing, the very surge of life in our heart, the love and the desire that is the desire of the Creator to express himself, herself, in glorious ways. Yes, all around us, but through us as a human being, playing the unique role that we as human beings have to play on this planet.

In these moments, tune in more deeply to the silence. Perceive it, however you do in your own heart, in your own awareness, in the stillness all around you. It is interesting how the more you tune in to that silence, the louder the urge within it becomes. And far from being a blankness, the silence is the source of the ever-renewing spirit of life within it. It is the source of the words of the seventh angel that open the seventh seal.

The seventh angel is the angel of Love. We might think of it as the angel of Love that speaks within the hearts of all human beings. And yet truly that is you and that is me, bringing the Spirit of Love, opening the seventh seal, the highest vibration, the highest Love that we as a human being are capable of knowing and expressing. The seventh angel brings the finest essence of Love before it is differentiated into all of the glory of what becomes a human life, if we let it. The urge speaks to us out of the silence, and we must answer if we are to live.

Think of the world today. Is there any lack of the voice of the seventh angel within human beings? Is there any lack of the urge of Creation on Planet Earth? The voice speaks, and the urge is present for any who are open to it. That urge allows the old to be shucked off so that it can pass away and become extinct, first of all within the minds and hearts of human beings. It is the urge to be reborn. Is there any lack of that? Is there any lack of calling to human hearts and minds? We can’t imagine that there is. Did the urge of Creation stop being present and available to human beings somehow, as it is available to the whole planet, even as it shines through the sun? Of course not.

There is an answer to that urge, and if there is something missing, it’s that. When the call of the seventh angel is answered by a person, they are resounding with that call. That call is sounding now through people who have heard it emerging from the silence of their own Being and could do nothing else but receive it into themselves.

Yesterday, I watched the movie The Post, which told the story of how the Pentagon Papers came to be written, brought to the public and then published by The Washington Post. It was brilliantly written and acted. Behind the story was the courage of the people being portrayed: Daniel Ellsberg, Katharine Graham, Ben Bradlee, and others. These were people who acted with integrity, answering the call that they heard.

There is, seemingly, powerful resistance in the world today to the urge to evolve as a species. There are many voices that tell you not to answer the urge. Those voices are actually telling you to die, and telling us to die as humanity. But they are strong and they are loud. They are voices of ignorance. They are voices of death. It was obvious that, for the people publishing the Pentagon Papers, those voices were present, and yet they answered the call. The call, and the answering of the call, were larger than the voices of resistance.

The same is true in the world today. There are people of courage in all kinds of ways. They have the courage to take into themselves the very power of Creation, which is Love in all its manifestations; the courage to let it move their mind and move their heart, and then to let it move all the way through and be spoken into the world in the living of their lives.

A pious human being without courage consumes the urge that comes from God so that it cannot be spoken and lived out into the world, and the vibration of it does not resound out through them. A pious person without courage is worthless to the world. Let us not be pious people. Let us be people who answer the urge, people who don’t assume that the gifts of God are to be consumed by us for our own benefit. The gifts of God are to be enjoyed, but then we are called to have the courage to speak them and to give them in the living of our lives, so that we fulfill the gifts of God in the world for real, on their terms and not ours. The terms of the White House during the time of the Pentagon Papers were “Stuff it—they’ll not come out.” Those are the worldly terms. Daniel Ellsberg heard a different calling.

But it is not just in such public acts of heroism that truth is brought to the world. It is in the private acts of the supreme courage to be yourself, the supreme courage to fulfill what is yours to fulfill in the world. Truth is brought to the world when you let the vibration of it resound in your thoughts, not recited from what somebody else tells you, not vain repetitions, but enlightened thought born out of the creative urge for a new tomorrow. Truth is brought to the world when the love of the seventh angel is expressed genuinely, authentically, and for real.

It is an act of courage to express your genius in the world. Each person has the opportunity to allow their genius to flow when they have the courage to think for themselves, see the truth for themselves, invent for themselves, compose for themselves, and bring what is beautiful into the world.

Feel the call of evolution present within us, seeking to constellate in our thoughts, in our hearts, and in the actions we take in the world.

The call within us is there to be answered fully, not to die in our hearts and rot in our minds, blocked by calcified thinking. Answering the call, it is born fresh and new and alive, as us, our gift to the world, making us available for communion with other awake souls that bring new life on the planet. Answering the call, we become available for a new communion of thought, communion of feeling, communion of action, and communion of spirit.

You could do all the right things in your life, and without answering the urge to commune in spirit, so that we can create together, nothing of creative import is happening. It may look like you are doing all the right things. But you know and I know that if the urge is not answered and if it is not authentically moving through us and touching others—if we are not joining in communion to create with others—it is inauthentic. New life is not really happening for us, and we wonder why.

Today is a good day to die and a good day to be born. I don’t think you have one without the other. It is a good day to tune in to the silence and feel the call of the silence. I am talking about what is truly life-giving. I am talking about what truly means something. The voice coming out of the silence is not just a nice poetic phrase. It is a life-giving reality to be known and to be shared, so that we may live and not just die.

The dying part seems inevitable. Even at a physical level there is a death every day—all kinds of cells being sloughed off, all kinds of forms in our life passing away. There doesn’t seem to be much we could do to change that, nor should we. That is a given. But will we be born today? That is not a given.

Sorry for getting all serious on you. But this is serious in the sense that if we don’t pay attention to these fundamental realities, we can go in a direction where we are just dying—dying inside, and not being reborn. That was what Jesus’ life taught—the lesson of letting what will inevitably pass away, pass away, knowing that what lives in the silence abides always and is constantly reborn.