Life Is a Kaleidoscope


Spiritual activation. Certainly the phrase implies there is something happening from within. It is an internal process, but in actual experience is it totally internal? In other words, do you experience spiritual activation unrelated to anybody else? Or could spiritual activation happen for you, for me, in association with somebody else? Could somebody else bring the current of that to you, possibly? Of course, we have a choice not only as to whether to be activated but a choice as to what we will be activated by.

I’ve noticed, in the coverage of political affairs in the United States, the comment that we haven’t been listening to our better angels, or our higher angels. The image came into my mind of an angel passing overhead but not visiting us. How would that be? There is something next for this planet and for humanity. There is a way forward. And yet, as far as we personally are concerned, it could pass us by. It could pass you by; you could be obsessed with something else and miss it. It could pass us by at Sunrise Ranch. We could be here, cutting our hay and cooking our meals, and not see our higher angels, who could just pass us by and leave us in a mundane existence that goes nowhere. It could happen for the organization, Emissaries of Divine Light. It is a beautiful name and wonderful legacy, but our higher angels could appear and they might just pass us by if we were not open to them.

Life is a kaleidoscope. You look through the kaleidoscope, twist it a little bit, and with every twist there is a new pattern and a new color that is highlighted. Life is like that. What was before might have changed. In fact, the pattern of our life is constantly changing. And if we are still reveling in whatever the pattern was, even five minutes ago, we might be missing what is happening now.

For us to receive our higher angels, we have to be open to the emerging pattern. That pattern contains two things within it, both of which are captured in that phrase spiritual activation. There is what is activating and there is the activated. The vigor of a thriving life requires both. That is a picture of two realities coming together in union—the activating element and the activated. And there is no spiritual activation and no Creation without this co-creative union. We have to have union with our higher angels. They have to visit us. We have to entertain them and be activated by them. In that union, all manner of things happen. There are all kinds of ideas and visions and possibilities that come to mind. There is love that is reawakened in our heart. All things are made new. The world is fresh. Or our higher angels could pass us by.

There is that which is activating, and then there is us, to be activated. Through the magic of reciprocity, when we are activated we become an activator ourselves. We bring the vision and the energy of the creation of tomorrow. We bring life at every level of our Being, and we are then available for co-creative union with other people. Everything good comes out of that. Everything good comes out of us, as human beings, coming together and bringing the activating power of Creation to one another. In that way, we join in creating a field of spiritual activation.

With people around the world, we are coming together, creating a unified field of co-creation. We are inviting our higher angels into that field. So I invite the higher angels of love into this field—not just romantic and affectionate love, although who would turn that down? I bring the higher angels of Universal Love into this field, to activate this field.

What could that possibly have to do with a creative future for the world? Our eyes get fixated on all that is happening in the world as it is, and the projections are not good while all the political fisticuffs are going on in the United States and elsewhere. In 2017, weather disasters due to climate change cost the United States $306 billion. And yet, if our eyes are fixated on such things and all the political shenanigans related to them, and we are not open to our higher angels, we are not bringing any kind of answer to the world. It is plain to see, in the body of humanity at large, that our higher angels are absent for so many human beings. But through awakened and awakening human beings, our higher angels are at work, bringing another possibility.

At every phase of our human experience, we have the opportunity to come together in co-creative union. We have the opportunity to bring genius to genius. We have the opportunity to bring heart to heart and create a field of heart in which people and things can grow. It is in our coming together, as the kaleidoscope turns, that the new patterns of Being are known and embodied.

There are trends in our world that show us the disintegration of the old. That is certainly true for us in our human lives individually. There are things that have passed their sell-by date, which cannot continue, as much as we might want them to. It is happening at every level of our human experience. It is happening in our physical bodies. It is happening in the patterns of our life, the patterns of our relationships, the patterns of our community, the patterns of whatever organization we are a part of, the patterns of our country, and in the patterns of the natural world around us.

In Cape Town, South Africa, they expect to literally run out of public water in May. This is something that is so very real and immediate, but of course there are very real and immediate things happening around the world. So can we acknowledge that the cycles of disintegration are a given? Disintegration is obvious at every level, without question. And I would dare say that no matter what we do right now, all that is not going to stop.

I met a physicist who thinks that if we spend something like the amount that the United States spends on its military budget on technology to take carbon out of the atmosphere, we could reverse global warming. It is a noble idea, and maybe it will happen, and I certainly support bringing forward the idea for people to consider. But do you really think it is going to happen? It could. But not unless there is a major awakening of consciousness.

The larger question is this: Are we really going to reverse the disintegrating trends as they are on the planet? Probably not. But we can create a new trend and we can live in it ourselves. We can be the birth of what is new while what is not working stops working. There is a certain logic to that, is there not? What is past its sell-by date doesn’t work. The kaleidoscope is turning. And All the king’s horses and all the king’s men…” can’t put the past back together again. Why not face that, see the bigger picture, and decide we’re going to be part of what is being born? I just turned sixty-five and I am being reborn. How about you?

So often we hear people speaking—apparently logically—about whatever the current topic happens to be. It might be politics or world affairs. It might be the affairs of a family, community or organization. And if you took the snippet of what they have said, it sounds so intelligent, and so wise. But then you think, They have failed to see what is really happening. They have failed to see the big picture. And stepping back a little bit, you begin to see what is really going on. They are seemingly so brilliant in this little twenty-second frame, and it makes so much sense. And in some cases, perhaps they are standing in their self-righteousness. But their assertions are all within the context of a reality that is dying, and there is no resolution to that little frame and that little perspective. And for them, there is no vision of the big picture. They have failed to see what has passed its sell-by date and is not working. And no matter what they do, the world they see in that little frame is falling apart.

At the same time, they are not seeing what is being born and what does work. That could be born through each of us if we would let it. If, when our higher angels come, we say, Yes, come! Be here. Guide us. Be with us. Bring your power, bring your glory, we are then visited by an emerging reality. The kaleidoscope is turning. I am looking at the picture and loving it. There is life in that new pattern. There is life for you; there is life for me. There is ongoingness. And we are looking for the continuance of life, not the deadness of what is past its sell-by date.

We are looking for what is ongoing, where life appears in the new patterns that are forming. For us individually, the birth of new life is always there if we are jumping into the new pattern and moving with it. Or are we thinking, I’m trying to recall what the kaleidoscope looked like twenty years ago, trying to re-create it now. How is that working? There is a new kaleidoscopic picture, and there is life in that.

Do you know people who are operating on that basis? We ought to celebrate them. They are so inspiring when you meet them. There is something effervescent, something joyful, something inspired and inspiring. They bring the activating power of Creation that is coming through them. Of course, the power of Creation is always present. It is all around. There are things that are being born and there are things being cast aside. And there is a new pattern that wants to be born.

The problem for us as human beings is that we have this troubling facet of our makeup. It is called a mind. And I say “troubling” because our conscious participation is required to move with the changing patterns of the kaleidoscope of life.

The natural world does not require a conscious mind to move with the processes of Creation. They just do. The rocks do, the bears do, the birds do. They just move with it. The patterns of Creation are hardwired into their experience. Through us as human beings, the troubling thing is that the patterns of Creation require our conscious participation. We have to have the thought that is a reflection of the turning of the kaleidoscope. We have to have the thought that is aware of our higher angels. And then, having had that thought, we have to have a heart that says yes. It requires conscious participation in that way, of both heart and mind.

So while the human mind is a troubling facet of our human makeup, it is also a glorious facet of it. We get to participate consciously with our higher angels. I get to participate in co-creation with you, and you with me, and all of us together. At every level of conscious awareness, we find the patterns of the kaleidoscope that are unfolding, calling us to join together, to create together, and bring something new into the world.

What will it be?

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Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
February 11, 2018 5:29 am

Dear David and Everybody on this platform, In the kaleidoscope, i see that we have vision and genius within us and we do not need to use the mind to create a vision outside – i note that Elon Musk is generating the idea that we could all travel to Mars in the future, but as Howard so amptly reminded us again this morning, we need to bring Heaven down here,now, there are stellar opportunities right in front of our eyes. How about that ?
Thank you for ongoing inspiration, for The Voice of Being, a call to remember Who we are, and become a Sun for others in our world.
Nothing stops me and us from revealing our gifts of genius, a wellspring of Presence, if we but allow it. The next generation depends on it and we have all that it takes to bring Blessing and Understanding, Spiritual Activation to the fore.
with gratitude and Blessings, Anne-Lise

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