Our Greatest Love


We live in a culture in which the most primal bond that should be present in the human experience has been ruptured. That primal bond is so natural for us to know with one another. It is the primal bond that connects us to the whole circle of life in which we live on this planet. It is that same bond that connects us to our very selves, to the God or Goddess that lives in the deepest place of our own soul and seeks expression through us, as us.

Particularly in the developed world, that primal bond that connects all those essential components of human life has been ruptured. Apparently not totally broken—we are here, living and breathing—but nonetheless there’s been a great rupture to it, and therefore there has to be a great healing in that primal bond.

Because of the rupture, all kinds of destructive things happen in the human experience. The experiences of fear, hatred and combative competition, that are totally abnormal, begin to be seen as normal.

There are all kinds of things we know in the world in which we’re living that aren’t right and not natural. At the core of that is that we’ve lost our primal spirituality, the spirituality that we were born with that’s built into us, and within which is our primal bond to the very heart and soul of the Creator that’s within us, that is the authentic reality of who we are.

So I ask, could there be any more important role on Planet Earth today than to heal that primal bond? If I look at my home, Sunrise Ranch, and at every phase of what we do, I see opportunities to heal the primal bond. When we’re gardening, we’re looking to repair the primal bond that we have with all of Creation and with each other. When we gather here in the Dome, whether it’s for a concert or a lecture or for a service, we are looking to reunite more deeply with that deepest place within us, to know it for ourselves and in ourselves, and then to know it in each other and to share it openly, and to amplify it. We are healing the primal bond.

What’s happened in the loss of the primal bond is that there has been a loss of faith in the very process of Creation. And so we become afraid as human beings, and we think that we have to protect and defend ourselves, not just as a wise act in a given moment but as a way of life. And acting out of fear, we think that we have to eke out a living, we have to manipulate to make things happen, and we can’t have faith in the foundational principles of Creation.

Creation is, at its heart and at its soul, a spiritual process—not a mental process, not a process of emotional manipulation, not a process of building physically. Yes, it includes all those dimensions of our being, but at its heart, for us as human beings, the creative process begins with us very simply being ourselves and expressing ourselves, and expressing our creativity in all the ways that come to us to do that, and giving our gift at the highest level of our being into the world. When we are truly doing that, creation happens, the creative process happens, there is something that comes back in the working of the One Law of Creation, which is the flow of the torus. Something goes out and something comes back, and it all works, and it all brings life.

For so many people, the faith in that happening is gone. And so it seems profitable or expedient or best to do something else in their life other than to bring the greatest gift that they have to bring to the world in which they live. How many people do you know who have made that calculation? “It would be better if I bring something other than the greatest gift that I know I have to give to other human beings and to the world.”

I had to look at that at one point in my life, when seemingly I had a choice about which way my life was going to go. I thought about the trajectory I was on, and I knew there was more for me to give than would be fulfilled by that trajectory. Have you ever looked around and noticed that? Have you ever thought, Wow, if I keep going this way, what I have within me isn’t going to come out; I won’t have fulfilled my life? And then seemingly, if you go this other way, well, maybe you won’t have a plush retirement. Well, let me see…what do I care more about? What’s the greater risk in my life: coming to the end of it and looking back and saying, “Well, I guess I didn’t really do it,” or coming to the end of my life and thinking, “I didn’t have as many rounds of golf as I wanted to have”?

I’m all for providing for our elder years. And though I don’t golf myself, I’m all for recreational sports. But as a new friend just said to me, “I’m here to help people with their obituary and epitaph. I’m here to assist people to know, when they come to the end of their life, that they truly gave their gift.”

When we give the highest of who we are—when we give our greatest love and our highest truth and let that find its way in expression in our living in all the things that we do—we are setting in motion a powerful process of creation. We are healing the primal bond.

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Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
March 5, 2017 6:24 am

Real Love : Paradise regained ! John Milton said this :’Yet there be some that by due steps aspire to lay their just hands on that golden key that opens the palace of eternity’. Thank you David for your clear crystal Pulse of Spirit words. love, Anne-Lise

Andrew Horwood
Andrew Horwood
March 4, 2017 8:14 pm

Yes, the loss of awareness of the Primal Bond and its enduring nature seems of crucial importance in this day. The hatred & fear that’s generated is primarily directed against oneself. Self loathing is rampant, and there’s a pervasive fear of what a person might be – either terrible beyond redemption or indeed magnificent beyond comprehension. Both images generate fear.

As you describe, faith in the process of creation is vital if any person is to understand their life, its purpose and the process of awakening. It’s so common to try and “tie it all up in a bow”, to reduce the possibilities for a person’s life to an enjoyable version of what has been before, or what one can imagine. But what might happen if a person knew deeply the Primal Bond and that their life had a larger purpose, mission, which will be progressively revealed over time? That this has nothing to do with “getting anywhere” or achieving, but everything to do with deep fulfilment in living. It’s through knowing our greatest love that the greatest possibilities for a person’s life appear.

I join you in celebrating the living reality of the Primal Bond, now and always

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
March 3, 2017 7:31 am

Yes, I agree.
There is a big difference between giving and getting. The interesting thing is that the more someone gets, the more their wants and demands become. We see this in personal gain and in the corporate world. Wealth has been a sign of nobility, honor, privilege, power and stardom; yet history proves time and again how ultimately destructive it is. We have yet to respond to the joy of contribution; of knowing that the worth we seek is the one right within. I stand as one who would like to leave this gift of life knowing I had made a contribution.

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