Masters of Space and Time

David Karchere

It is an important juncture in the year for Emissaries of Divine Light. We meet annually at this time with people from around the world, including many of us who live here at Sunrise Ranch, to set the course of our coming year. And thus, what we are doing here is important. There are matters of organizational governance involved, but most importantly there is a spiritual governance. What will we bring to the world? How will we bring it? What does the world need from us in this cycle? What are we up for? Who is up for it? Important questions are rightly asked at a time like this. And so we have met—about 40 of us—beginning yesterday and continuing today and through the week.

In our work we are interested in Divine Mind. And what does that mean? The presence of Divine Mind leads us to be masters of the pattern of Creation. It means that the pattern of Creation comes into mind and is translated into practical terms in the world in which we live.

We become masters of time and space when Divine Mind comes into consciousness. Of course, there is an attempt to do that from the vantage point of a human mind. Anybody able to report success in that regard? Have you mastered the universe with your human mind? It doesn’t work too well because there is an already-existing order of things. There is an already-existing pattern for time and space. Living in Divine Mind is becoming consciously aware of that pattern, and then becoming a conscious instrument of that pattern to facilitate its unfoldment.

Divine design is relevant to the space in which we live: the physical space, the emotional space, the mental space, and the spiritual space. Divine control is relevant to the unfoldment over time in all those spheres. We are here to be masters of space and time. The only way that that ever happens is through a surrender of mind. When the mind surrenders, it opens to the inherent pattern of Creation. Most people demand that the world unfold on their timing, according to their conception of the design of things.

Ambition comes into the picture. A person can become ambitious about how they want to be themselves. Then they become ambitious about how they want you to be. Ambition breeds manipulation and oppression. It is hard to oppress yourself and then not oppress others. And the converse is true—it is impossible to oppress other people without oppressing yourself. It is personally oppressive to be oppressing others.

We are here to be liberated—to liberate mind, and to have a conscious understanding of the pattern of Creation. And in that conscious understanding, we become masters of it; not as a human being with self-will. We become masters of Creation because we allow the Creator, who is our inner reality, to be conscious through us in the world.

The origin of Creation is in the Creator. And when the Creator is conscious through us, the Creator has the opportunity to have responsibility for his or her creation. Obviously, the Creator is responsible for his or her creation, by definition. And the magic of it is that the Creator has authority over what he or she creates. There is a natural authority.

The word authority has the same root as the word author. The Creator is the author of Creation. We, ourselves, have a natural authority over anything we create. That is not an oppressive authority. As the Creator in our field, we have a natural ability to be masters of that field; masters of the unfoldment of things, masters of that space, masters of time related to that creation.

When our human mind surrenders, Divine Mind can come through. Divine intelligence can come through. Certainly the world we’re living in needs that. The whole world needs that through humanity. It is looking for humanity to show up in a surrendered way and to become masters of Creation—masters of time and space for this world, bringing divine intelligence.

That might seem like a lot to take on. But we can start with the immediate field in which we are functioning. We can start by assuming the attitude of the Creator, which is: I am responsible for what I create. We all are.

Those of us in the Servers Week had the privilege of sharing a transcribed talk that Lloyd Arthur Meeker gave here in 1949 to a small group of people. There were three qualities to his message; all together, it had an impact. I know it did for me personally. It was incredibly loving. It was incredibly challenging. And it was incredibly respectful.

He was asking the people to search their hearts for what was yet there to transform and change and purify. He was asking them to see what didn’t belong, and needed to go. For me, that’s the most challenging thing that one human being could say to me—to challenge what’s present in my own heart and governing my life experience. It was challenge to the max. But it was profoundly respectful because he wasn’t standing in judgment of anyone. He wasn’t telling anyone that their heart was impure. He was respectful of the natural authority that we each have for our own human experience.

Something happens when we are not respectful in that way with other people. We start telling them what to do. And then we adopt a culture in which some people are supposed to be telling other people what to do, and other people are waiting for someone to tell them what to do. We end with bystanding: people waiting around for someone to tell them what to do. And then, of course, the other side of that is they object when they’re told. You have the bossy ones getting irate because people aren’t doing what they tell them to do. That’s a game that we play as human beings, all around the planet.

When are we going to wake up and assume responsibility for our own authorship?

This field is my field. I am the creator in this field. I have responsibility for what I express and for what I create. I have responsibility for what comes to me. It did come to me for a reason. I have responsibility to take it and do something creative with it. And the more I wake up to that responsibility, the more I am waking up to the creator that is within.

 I am a living embodiment of the creator in my field. I have stopped denying that it’s somebody else’s problem and somebody else’s fault, and somebody else’s business to tell me what I should be doing.

How long do we trade on the kindness and generosity of life itself? Waiting for someone to tell us to do different from what we’re doing. Not waking up to the natural responsibility and authority that we have as a living expression of the Creator.

We inherit incredible powers of mind when the mind surrenders.

Yet in speaking of Divine Mind, we are only speaking of half the picture. We are speaking about the truth channel, which is the pattern of Creation. But there is also the power of Creation, which is Love. To be a living expression of the Creator, it takes more than Divine Mind. It takes Divine Heart.

I’m grateful that we’ve begun to teach emotional intelligence here at Sunrise Ranch and throughout Emissaries of Divine Light, in recognition of the fact that it takes more than a bright mind, even a Divine Mind, to be a master of Creation. It takes the Divine Heart, and for that heart to be present it takes surrender, which is the first step in emotional intelligence.

We are here to be masters of love. Of course, that could mean all kinds of things. It includes, for sure, relationship between each other as human beings, but it means far more than that. It means that the highest Love is present through us and available in the world. It means that our motivations transcend the personal and the local. Our motivations are expressed locally and personally, but they transcend that.

Being a master of love means that we have surrendered to the One who loves; who loves with the highest love available. We’ve surrendered to that love—to be that love, to express it and to share it.

That was what Uranda was doing in his teaching in 1949. He was calling forth the tender heart of love in people at that time. There is no real intelligence and no real being a master of Creation without being a masterful expression of the highest Love.

Tell me, what is truth, if it’s not the truth of that love? What other kind of real truth is there? The truth of what I want and how I can get it? The truth of how we can get ahead? The truth of how we can all work this out? The truth of Creation is so far superior to that. It is the truth of the highest Love. It is the expression of the highest Love in all things, which brings the ordering pattern of Creation.

We are here to be masters of time and space, which is to be a master of Divine Mind. But if we do not know the imperative of Love in our own heart, what are we doing? What are we doing with our lives and in the context of Sunrise Ranch and the context of Emissaries of Divine Light? There is a formula to Creation and a formula to a human life. The formula of a human life is the same as the formula of Creation. And when there is the right starting point, it all blossoms from there. It all blossoms naturally and easily, and unfolds in time and space. It unfolds easily in our own mind and heart with the right starting point. And what is the right starting point? It is the highest Love.

In the beginning was the highest Love. And beginning there as a human being, there are things that unfold in consciousness. There’s an unfoldment in heart and mind, and in time and space, that makes sense and which is natural; which has a natural power to it.

Do you ever get tired, worn out, with no motivation? Maybe you need to go back to the right starting point, which is the source of all power and all motivation: the right starting point for all Creation—the highest Love. And from there, allow Creation to unfold. And if life has become confused, go back to the beginning. Go back to the origin of all things in Creation and in human life.

That origin is much better than almost anyone believes it is! It isn’t a scientific equation. It isn’t something technological or philosophical. It all begins with the highest Love. Imagine that! What better way to create a universe than with the highest Love, and to make everything out of that.

We are here to be priests and priestesses of the highest Love. I believe that’s the only good reason for being at Sunrise Ranch or being associated with Emissaries of Divine Light. We’re here to be that. So let’s be it. Let’s do it—for real.

Words from Bob Dylan’s most famous protest song came to mind this morning:

Don’t stand in the doorway and don’t block up the hall…. For the times they are a-changin’.

Don’t block up the highest Love. Don’t come on earth to be that and not be that! Don’t stand in the doorway and block up the hall with our human experience. Get out of the way! Let whatever it is that’s blocking the doorway and the hall get out of the way so that the highest Love can come through. We all came for that. That is ever more specifically true of why we are here together at Sunrise Ranch and in the context of Emissaries of Divine Light. Don’t come to be a priest or priestess and then not bring the highest Love to the people all around you.

Bringing the highest Love might seem like a radical idea, because Love is no respecter of persons. It is no respecter of fabricated human culture. Love is just itself. It is not trying to fit in. It is not trying to follow any old pattern. Love doesn’t care. The Love within you just doesn’t care. Love is no respecter of persons, in the sense that it doesn’t respect the things of culture and of personality—whether it’s in ourselves or within another.

That doesn’t mean there is not a politeness and a courtesy. I’m not trying to push what I know to be true in anyone’s face. And still, the highest Love just loves. That’s what it is and what it does. And that’s who we are and what we do, when we know who we are.

When we are that, we become masters of Creation. Not because we have some great ambition to be that. When we open to the pattern and the power of Creation, the Creator comes into us, and then through us, and into our world.

Then the Creator is present. If you’re doing that and I’m doing that, what we find is that there’s one Love and one pattern of Creation, and we are in it. We are each unique yet all the same. It’s all one Love and it’s all just one unfolding pattern—one beautiful pattern of Creation that we are masterfully participating in and stewarding.

But not without surrender—surrender to what is most true in our deepest heart of hearts. And not without responsibility and deep care as a creator for what we are creating.

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