Fantastic Powers of Consciousness

David Karchere

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.

 So said Solomon. We have the amazing ability, through the words that we speak, to give birth to something beautiful in the world and to let something beautiful live in the world. I sometimes picture words that a person speaks that truly bring regeneration to the world as little balloons coming out of a person’s mouth. When they pop they release the joy that is inside that balloon.

Our words can be invested with love. They can be like presents to be unwrapped by another person.

I’ve been meditating on the process of speaking. It begins at least someplace in your diaphragm with your breathing. Words are spoken on the breath. But then it’s not just the physical breath. Words are spoken on the ascending current that comes from the solar plexus and deep within the roots of our power. Somewhere that breath and that energy meet what descends through the mind from above. There is a heavenly potential that we can tap into. Through a magical alchemy of the mind that shapes our words.

It is a magical process. Words can be invested with divine intelligence and love.

Here we are, with this amazing ability to affect the space-time continuum through our words. We are planted right in the middle of that continuum. We are planted as a center of power. During the weeklong sessions of Emissary Servers from around the world, we spoke about the power of the Shekinah presence, Shekinah being an ancient word for divine presence on earth, in the space-time continuum. At the center of Shekinah, I Am, a still point in the space-time continuum.

From that still point emanates the Fire of Love. The very fire of Creation is in our atoms, in our cells and tissues. It seeks to constellate in human awareness so that it can emanate from us consciously. But all too often, people are running from the fire. The flames lick them in the behind as they try to avoid the fire of Creation. But it is in you and in me. Let it burn.

Out of that fire at the core of Being is the Light that Glows, an emanation of creative power and the presence of awareness. And then there is the glory—the pleasure, and the pleasantness of what life is. We are made to be some kind of heat pump, a generation of Shekinah in the middle of the space-time continuum and in the middle of the field of human consciousness, with all that goes on all around us—all the nonsense, all the words unfitly spoken that bring death and destruction. And here we are, planted in the middle of the field of human consciousness and in the center of the field of Creation.

What does it take to offer a word fitly spoken? You might say that it takes conscious attention and care and desire—a desire to speak the word that is like a balloon of joy, of insight, and of awareness. It takes some understanding that it’s more than a moving of lips and tongue—that there is a power of life that rises in us, and that power can be invested in the words that we speak. The urgency of life can be in our words, in effect saying to our world, “Live! Live! Stop your discouragement and your silliness and your distraction and your judgment. Live! Feel the urgency of life that is on your breath. Live.”

We had an opportunity in the sessions of Servers Week to contemplate what is most precious to us. It was named by many, using the name “Love”—Universal Love. Universal Love is a quality of Being that is invested in all things and gives all things meaning and value, and without which nothing has any meaning. We have an opportunity to meditate upon that Love, to touch it in ourselves, to worship it, acknowledging its value to us. And then we have the supreme privilege of expressing and embodying that in our life, taking the care in what we say and do to channel it, to invest our words with that Love, so that they might be unwrapped by another. When they are, those words land in the heart and the person fills with a warming fire. All because someone gave conscious attention to investing what they were expressing with the love that they knew inside.

It’s a very simple idea but, when it is practiced consistently, we find that there is a stream of never-ending love within us. It doesn’t stop. And it’s a growing love, not a diminishing one, and not a depleting one. And sure, we get tired, and there are cycles and rhythms to life. But nonetheless, that Fire of Love is always there, and the more you access it, the more it flows through. And the more it flows through, the more it creates a field of energy and a field of awareness. Awareness of what? Of that Universal Love that connects all people and holds all of Creation together, and that gives it all value.

The sad state of affairs is that humanity doesn’t understand that it belongs to Love—that we are Love’s children, and Love is calling us home. Love is calling us to itself to be that in expression. When we walk through the open door that words born of that Love open for us, what do we find? The Fire of Love. In embracing that Love for ourselves, we don’t shut the door behind us. We leave it open to let the stream of Love fill the world.

Do you ever find yourself reacting to all the words unfitly spoken around you? The world is full of them. You can turn on the news, if you like, but you don’t have to turn on the news to hear them spoken. They are all around, like balloons filled with hate and lies, resentment and fear, spreading those shadow states in the world. Those words are constantly polluting the field of energy and consciousness of the world. They are vacuous, sucking life and hope out of people.

This field of consciousness that we share as humanity is designed to be Shekinah—the conscious presence of the Creator surrounding and holding this planet and guiding the processes of Creation in the space-time continuum. And yet that field that has the potential to be Shekinah is constantly being polluted with words that carry something else.

And so, what do we do?

Nothing. Until we learn to do nothing about it, we have no ability to speak the word fitly spoken that is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. We just join the cacophony of words that pollute the field of human consciousness, and we become one of so many people around the planet who are constantly doing that, perhaps momentarily disrupted by clarity on a bright and beautiful morning.

We are here to do nothing about all that; to tune in to what is coming down from God out of heaven in ourselves and to let it come down, and to let the urgency of life come up and meet it, and use human experience for what it is meant to be—a tree in the midst of the space-time continuum, creating a field of conscious awareness, a field of Love, a field of Life. And if you have to do it alone, do it alone, because nothing is worth compromising that reality in your own experience, as is true for me. As we commit ourselves to this and we are consistent in doing it, the bubble of awareness and presence we create touches the bubble of another, and another, and another.

And now the urgency of life, the power and Fire of Love, the Light of awareness, are on the move, repatterning all of human consciousness. And there is someone on the other side of the planet who is hearing some kind of distant call. Perhaps it is somebody in a desperate place in their life, and yet they are perceiving the Light of awareness, hearing the resonance of a word fitly spoken, and they are wondering where that is coming from. And they are trying to find it, probably outside themselves. And one day maybe they wake up to the reality that what they are touching in the resonant field of the consciousness of humanity is also within themselves, and they will get the big idea that they themselves were created to be a tree planted in the midst of the space-time continuum. They are created to be the consciousness of the Creator. They themselves have the magical ability to allow the Creator to drop in a thought in their consciousness, and the power of their life can energize that thought, and the love that they have touched isn’t just someplace else but can be in their world because of them. Their words can carry the transforming power of that Love.

This is a vibrational ministry, which is to say that it is a ministry based on resonance. The resonance is created by words fitly spoken. How much do you care about that capacity in you? How much are you using it for what it was designed to be used for? Or are you falling victim to the chaos of consciousness all around, and through some kind of unconscious negativity simply stirring the pot?

All of us sharing this Pulse of Spirit have been introduced to a wondrous possibility. That person halfway across the world hasn’t yet been introduced to it. But you have and I have, and what will we do? Allow the power of the Highest Love to be activated through us and expressed through a word fitly spoken? Or fall subject to some careless, unconscious use of words? “Who cares? It’s what I want to say—my opinion, my feelings, my reaction to you or to this world that matters to me.” If that is what you choose, you sacrifice your golden opportunity to walk through an open door and leave it open to your world.

And so we embrace the gift—the gift that we have simply by virtue of being a human being. But also the gift that somebody came into your life, and came into mine, and said, Look! You have fantastic powers of consciousness, if you’ll only use them for the purpose for which they were created.

Let’s introduce those fantastic powers to the world because we use them ourselves, and in using them ourselves they resonate around the world.

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.


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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
October 12, 2018 11:32 pm

I love calligraphy, the art of lettering. Since a small child, I have loved forming my letters, I have felt the encoding of those forms in my very tissue – the way the strokes form, the traction of the pencil or pen on paper, where those marks intersect and join, dance. And all these marks create more meaning as they form words and the words form sentences and convey more meaning…

There are ancient sounds – sacred tones, resonances which have been captured by man to build his utterances and languages and communications. Here is a call to re-define, refine and rework language; to understand the very power of what is within our capacity to transform our world – with Love and grace.

Thank you, David

Marie-Christine Pham
Marie-Christine Pham
October 11, 2018 3:02 am

Dear David,
I can hear and feel your vibes! I read your message words by words and find them enlightening.
I live my life following the Light of Love and feel so free indeed.
Thanks for the feedback that someone out there feel the energy that I feel too.

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