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To let love live in your experience, you have to choose to be yourself, because at your core you are love. So to let love live, you have to be present, letting love express through you.

The lead article in this month’s Journal of the Creative Field speaks about this reality of who we are in a cosmic context:

There is a terrible tendency in the human experience for a person to understand their life in smaller and smaller contexts. The smaller the context becomes, the more difficult life is, mostly because the truth of who they are is far larger than the small worlds that they have carved out for themselves.

Love is a cosmic experience.

There are qualities of love that have to do with yielding and blending. When a person falls in love, they yield their heart to someone else and blend with them. They have the opportunity of being with that person. They have the opportunity to have the substance of their life be mingled with another. As that happens, they may touch an experience that is of cosmic proportion—something eternal that goes beyond the usual human context.

There are many references through song about human beings being stardust and sunlight and golden. There is an aspect of our form that is definitely created out of this earth. Whatever your mother ate when she was pregnant made you. And at least some of what you had for breakfast is making its way into your physical form. But there is stardust and sunlight infusing your being, nonetheless.

This week I received some comments from a medical doctor, Vida Baron, on the subject of meta-medicine. She says this:

Most of us physicians have suspected for a long time that the human being is more than what we in medicine call a physical body. We sense that we are a complete energy unit greater than the sum of our parts….

If you think of yourself as stardust, sunlight, and cosmic, can you see yourself also as a complete energy unit?—someone who is capable of letting love live, because what energizes the unit is love, because love is who we are, it is what we do, it is what we create with.

Later in her comments, speaking of the power within people, Vida Baron says this:

The mobilization of this unique and powerful force that we are as human beings is the task of meta-medicine.

With the knowledge of the completeness of the unit of life force which we all are, meta-medicine then asserts that individuals should emerge from the disease process more powerful than they were before they became ill. It further contends that the disease process was intended to do that all along.

Think about the possibility that this energy force is actually something that can get stronger instead of weaker as you continue in your life. When we let love live, our life force grows instead of becoming depleted. We are meant to live a life with the increasing capacity to be all of who we are in the world. That’s what I’m about. That’s what I want to invite people into. I’m not interested in having a person’s spiritual experience be a comfortable ride into death. “If you just stay spiritual, your life will be such a suffering.” I don’t accept it. Not for me and not for you.

I’ve been with a few people as they were passing away, and seen as much vibrancy moving through them as I always knew. And sometimes I have also sensed an excitement that they didn’t know before, because they were going somewhere. They didn’t know where, but they were excited about it. There is a kind of surrendering, yielding, which makes a person weak and puny. But when we surrender to love, that is the most powerful place a person could live—surrendering to what you have decided to love, surrendering to what you have chosen to yield to. When you surrender to the reality of love, it fills you up. It fills you with possibility, and the opportunity to magnify love through your living.

Letting love live may seem to be a passive thing. But we let it live when we choose to magnify love through our living—when we choose, repeatedly, to do that, because what we focus on, grows. If you focus on what you don’t love, that will grow. If you focus on the things that irritate you, irritation will grow. If you focus on what you love, what you love will grow.

We can choose to open ourselves to the cosmic context in which we live, and to the love that is present there. It is there for us to know and magnify, and to yield to in our life. The love that manifests through the cosmic context can manifest through us. Can you think of yourself as a cosmic being, as opposed to just a physical being?—a meta-medical being, a powerful being that magnifies as you grow in experience and loving.

Here is a poem from St. Teresa of Avila, called “The Servant of Unity.” Love is the unifying factor in our experience, so we are a servant of unity when we surrender to love.

Most men in power have not the strength nor wisdom

to be satisfied with the way

things are.

The sane know contentment, for beauty is their lover,

and beauty is never absent from this world.

The farther away light is from one’s touch

the more one naturally speaks of the

need for change.

Yes, overthrow any government inside

that makes you weep.

The child blames the external and focuses his energies there;

the warrior conquers the realms within

and becomes


Only the inspired should make decisions

that affect the lives of many,

never a man who has not held God in his arms

and become the servant of


To hold God in your arms is to know the cosmic context of being in love and letting it grow through you. It is caring for the unity of what is unfolding by the power of love. That is the greatness for which I long, filling out the design of love on this earth, in this body of living love.

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