August Monthly Excerpts

From:  Excellence
David Karchere
August 2, 2010

Excellence has to do with manifestation. It is about allowing what could be to be present, to manifest here and now, in and through a person and in their world. Until potential has manifested, it may be a hope or a dream, but a person doesn’t have the experience of excellence. Because even though hopes and dreams can be wonderful, excellence is about manifesting possibility.

To know excellence in living requires that a person go through a process that is a kind of remembering. It is a remembering of what is true, a vivid awareness of what is true about oneself and other people. This kind of remembering evokes the abiding belief that despite any past experience to the contrary, the truth of my life, the truth of all life, is glorious.

Excellence also requires that we use our strength as human beings to let what we are remembering be realized here and now. The way a person uses their strength is a critical choice for anyone. Our strength is for excellence, for manifestation. Ultimately, our strength is in service to a potential that is not just about ourselves but about the whole of the world in which we live.

From:  Let Love Live
Rich Kenny
August 9, 2010

Love is the truth of you. Love loves to love. Whatever else is happening in your circumstance, it is an opportunity for love to be present. In your circumstance, the only way you can ensure that love is present is if you bring love. The only way you can bring love is to know and express the fact that you are love. You don’t just have love. That’s the truth of who you are. You are love.

How is my life, my circumstance, my situation, inner and outer, perfect for the expression of love? In the tougher, knottier, uncomfortable, painful situations in your life, it is not easy to ask this question. I suggest you ask it anyway, because it could open a chink in the prison walls and let a little light, not in, but out. Once it starts going out, nothing can stop love. Love is unstoppable. We can stop ourselves from being the truth of love, but love itself cannot be stopped.

Let love live.  Live holds the essence of both stillness and activity, of dynamism, of being and doing. When we settle into a place of truly being one with life, isn’t that what it’s like? The deep stillness of our meditation isn’t void, with nothing happening; it’s very dynamic. We find that, born of the power of love, in the womb of truth, you emerge in life—you live.

From:  The Transparent Heart
David Karchere
August 16, 2010

If love is going to live through a person, they must have a transparent heart. A person’s heart turns transparent when they have a radical openness to love in a cosmic context. And if you have the opportunity to meet someone who has that quality of openness, there is something remarkable that comes through them. There is light, there is illumination, there is a joy that seems to be coming from someplace else.

To have the experience of the transparent heart yourself, you have to surrender to what is most important to you. You have to open to the wellspring of your own creativity. You have to decide that is more important to you than anything else. And if anything else is getting in the way, you have to get it out of the way.

The world needs people who bring a transparent emotional realm—a feeling environment that isn’t filled with the usual storms that ravage the human heart. Personal mastery includes the ability to say to the internal storm, “That is enough. Silence. There is something that is looking to come through me in blessing to my world and to the people in it that means much more than my reaction to this. My heart is given to love in a cosmic context so that could come through into my world, in blessing, so that the factors that bring peace could come into my world.”

From:  The Transparent Heart
David Karchere
August 16, 2010

We are cosmic beings, beings of cosmic proportion. It is a pleasure and a fulfillment of who I am to be incarnate in human flesh. There are opportunities that we have here that we would not have otherwise. Incarnating in human form should not convince any of us that we are defined by our human experience. We are not. We inform this human experience with the stature of who we are.

There needs to be a priesthood that brings stillness and brings assistance to others, to help them sense and feel and know their own cosmic stature because there is the transparent heart through which it may be sensed. We are the priesthood of the transparent heart. Or, we might say, the Priesthood of the Sacred Veil. Why a veil? Because the emotional experience of human beings has blocked off, veiled the cosmic experience. But it becomes a transparent veil when the true priesthood is present.

So we are forming that priesthood on earth, and we have been doing so in this lifetime—and, if truth were known, for many lifetimes. The Prince of Peace came to gather this priesthood. We came to be this priesthood.

From:  One Beast, One Angel
David Karchere
August 23, 2010

The field of human conscious is transformed through prayer. Your life, your family, your world—your prayer changes it all. We have that power, each of us, if we will avail ourselves of it. Another way to make reference to that creative power is to speak of it as the Creative Word. In a spiritual context, the Word includes the speaking of words. But the power of the Word goes beyond just the speaking of words. The Word is the power of prayer we each have that transforms consciousness.

This world needs the power of prayer in human consciousness. And why? It is because there’s something in the nature of human beings that is a beast. We can see the beastliness at large in the world. There is a quality of human character that seems to be bent on destruction, both self-destruction and the destruction of others.

We invoke the power of prayer to transform human consciousness, beginning with our own. It’s the power of the Word that is sourced in the fact that there is One whose consciousness this is. For us personally and individually, we could say, “This is my consciousness, for my use. These are my feelings, my thoughts. This is my life. I created it. I have power over it because it is mine. And this human nature that has been a beast, a beast that eats a person up inside, is mine, for my use. And the power that I have ascribed to this beastly nature is my power.”

From:  One Beast, One Angel
David Karchere
August 23, 2010

It may seem as though you are all alone in confronting the beast in your life. But there is one beast. It is not just your beast, it is the beast. And it isn’t just you confronting it. The one angel has already confronted the one beast. The angel created the human capacity that has taken on beastly attributes. It serves the purposes of the beast for you to think it’s just your little individual beast or that it is just a beast in someone else; because when you really know that all around the world there is one beast and one angel, for you, the contest is over.

At that point, you can hear and speak the voice of the angel that says, “This body of humanity is mine, and everything about it is mine, for my expression, for the fulfillment of my purposes on the earth, to bring my spirit. This body is here to bring the vibration of cosmic love. This body is mine. And because it’s mine, I do not have to fight with it. I possess it.” Where there are people who see that and know it, the contest is over.

A friend of ours says that the elders in the circle have to disbelieve. They have to disbelieve that the beast has any power other than that which we give it. This creative field we share is a field for transformation because there are elders here; elders who hold this field and create a context where other people can awaken to who they are, so that people around the world can find, consciously or unconsciously, that their thought and feeling are drawn to the creative field held by the one angel.

From:  Love In a Cosmic Context
Jane Anetrini
August 30, 2010

Love is a cosmic experience. If you think of yourself as stardust, sunlight, and cosmic, can you see yourself also as a complete energy unit?—someone who is capable of letting love live, because what energizes the unit is love, because love is who we are, it is what we do, it is what we create with.

When we let love live, our life force grows instead of becoming depleted. We are meant to live a life with the increasing capacity to be all of who we are in the world. What we focus on, grows. If you focus on what you don’t love, that will grow. If you focus on the things that irritate you, irritation will grow. If you focus on what you love, what you love will grow.

We can choose to open ourselves to the cosmic context in which we live, and to the love that is present there. It is there for us to know and magnify, and to yield to in our life. Can you think of yourself as a cosmic being, as opposed to just a physical being, a powerful being that magnifies as you grow in experience and loving? That is the greatness for which I long, filling out the design of love on this earth, in this body of living love.

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