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I was considering the seminar that has just concluded, called From a High Place. It occurs to me that the reason that we have to set aside time to go to a high place to consider these things is because it is not happening in the world all the time. My deep-down knowing is that it wasn’t meant to be this way. My deep-down knowing is also that it is this way.

Tracing things back and bringing it home to my own experience, I know that somewhere along the way, however it occurred, there was a consciousness of a separation from God. Since we were made in the image and likeness of God, male and female, how could we possibly have a fulfilled, successful, happy, joyful life on the planet while being separate from God? How could we have a consistent experience of that high place? I’ll answer that for myself: we couldn’t, and we haven’t, as a human race. I believe it started out with the loss of a consciousness of heaven, and I believe that that went to blame—men blaming women, women blaming men and serpents, but blame—and that that has been continuing on ever since.

There is a way in which that has played out in the consciousness of each one of us. There has been a separation in consciousness in each one of us, between our feminine and our masculine aspect of God, and certainly between our association and our oneness with the truth of who we are, which needs to find expression on this planet in order for us to be fulfilled. So in some ways it’s a simple matter—at least, simple to say. We need to, and are, finding ways to once again start to experience that oneness, that oneness with God, however that plays out in our own consciousness—oneness between the different aspects contained in each one of us. Then we have something to extend into our world.

I know that—certainly in my lifetime, and when I look at recorded history it has been going on seemingly forever—there has been what has loosely been described, or perhaps tightly, as the battle of the sexes. And I do believe that this stems back to the fact that, since we haven’t found that oneness in ourselves, we’re still looking out into the world for it. So I, as a woman, have been looking out in the world for true masculine to fulfill me.

Everything comes back to what is going on inside me. That is the only thing of which I can be sure. My longing has always been to have my feminine and masculine aspects in play, both the part of me that was created to offer a blessing into the world, to offer assurance into the world, which we describe as a positive expression; and the part of me that is nurturing, loving, enfolding and nourishing, describable as the negative expression of who I am. If I find one part of me missing and I look for it “out there,” even if I think I have found it, I will not be content for very long. I have tried that in my life—I have looked for it outside of myself. It won’t be found there.

The amazing thing is that once I integrate those aspects of me into my world, into my life and my consciousness, I can find it everywhere, because I am no longer looking for something to fulfill me. To the extent that I do that, Heaven and Earth are one and I am fulfilled, looking around and rejoicing at what I see in the feminine and the masculine aspects showing up on the planet.

I truly believe that we were created in the image and likeness of God, male and female, and there was no suggestion that that was different in a very radical sense—in other words, that only males would experience the masculine and females experience the feminine. There is predominance, of course there is, but all that we need for turning our consciousness towards God is contained in us. Once that starts to happen, then we truly have something to offer out into our world, and the pain and the suffering that’s undeniably present can start to ease. And as it eases in me, then those with whom I’m in contact feel that ease too, because it’s real. No amount of reading or education alone is going to do that. It has to be experienced.

Maureen Waller
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