This Golden, Shining Moment

Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

To you who read these words, wherever you may be around the world: You may have just subscribed to this electronic mailing list, or you may have been receiving the regular pulse of spirit we have been offering for decades. You may have been deeply committed to Emissaries of Divine Light or you may have felt distant from us and our work. Whatever the past has been, I offer these words to you, and pray that you hear and understand the spirit of them.

Together, we have this golden, shining moment in time to bring a shift in the outworking human destiny. Despite whatever sense of disillusionment may have been present for you, despite whatever failures you may believe to have been present in your own life or in our collective endeavors, this opportunity is present with us now. Knowing that consciousness is the pivotal factor for humanity and for our beloved Planet Earth, we may bring the highest reality of which we are aware to our world.

What must we do to let this happen? Most essentially, we must simply say that it shall be so. Let the highest reality come through my consciousness and yours, and let it be extended to the world. Let that reality come through our collective consciousness. With that willingness and commitment in the living of our lives, IT SHALL BE SO.

Having made this declaration, these steps are open to us:

  • A full opening of heart and mind to the One Spirit
  • A joining together in passion for our destiny to bring the transforming power of the One Spirit to the world
  • Initiation of others into a knowing of the highest reality available to them

How do I know that what I speak is true? I speak from the great legacy of all the men and women who have walked this planet, bringing the spiritual victory which has brought us to this opportunity. They have done their work so that we may do ours. I speak for many around the world who hold a creative field of consciousness through which the One Spirit has a gateway into this world. I speak from the highest reality I know and serve. Now is a critical time for Planet Earth. I do not know how long this moment will last. Let us rise to answer the opportunity before us.

I would love to hear from you. Share, if you will, how you receive these words, and what action you might like to take, in thought and feeling and in the world, having heard them. The question in my heart is this: “What can we do to answer the call of this day?” And what will we do? The easiest way to be in touch is by e-mail. You may contact me at I would also welcome hearing from you by phone at 970.480.7792 (a United States phone number). I encourage you to share these words with any who you believe may be open to them.

May we know and share the blessing of the Most High.

David Karchere
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Robert Merriman
Robert Merriman
March 10, 2010 10:36 pm

David –

In reality, how could I do anything else?

It warms my heart to hear the call that is my call articulated so clearly. My passion and presence is with you right now.



Will Omega
Will Omega
March 9, 2010 11:45 pm

Hi David, I receive your words with deep gratitude. The action I am taking is to share more openly and freely the impulse of Spirit that moves in and through me. “To answer the call of this day”, I will not resist being who I Am and fulfilling the purpose of my life on earth. Inspired by your Sunday service, here is my offering to the world this moment. Thank you.

Written March 7, 2010
…Struggle versus Oneness …
It’s very easy to stop … to end any struggle. I’m not talking about a problem or problems. There are no problems. Problems are just mistaken thoughts looking through a veiled mind. There are situations that require adjusting or evolving, but no such thing as problems.

There are two totally different perspectives. ‘Problem’ = a perspective of struggle, pain, discomfort, separation … and ‘Situation’ = opportunity to serve in a higher consciousness capacity, from a higher place of awareness, to unveil the perfection in that moment; because every moment is an opportunity to awaken more deeply, more lovingly, more compassionately, and more completely to our Oneness with Spirit and our Oneness with each other.

So to end any struggle, simply surrender to the Unity of Love … that’s it! Everything we are trying to do here … The Emissaries of Divine Light … is intended to accomplish that full and constant experiential awareness of our unity in Love and Truth. That Truth, not being just a mental understanding, is the Eternal Spiritual Presence Itself that we know must supersede, permeate and direct all of our thoughts, words and actions – from the point of Awakening within us.

Our ultimate goal isn’t to achieve something physically or mentally … although we use those capacities in the process of Awakening. But rather, by accepting being ourselves (especially in the higher sense that our true identity is total God Consciousness Union), then together we go Home as One. How many books, religions or belief systems will humanity need when we are, as a whole, experiencing Oneness, Truth, Love, & Peace?

So don’t leave the direct experience of the Kingdom within you for anything … not even to do (or in the process of doing) your work – your service. If I do … if you do … if we do … If we sacrifice the Kingdom for the cause, we eliminate the power of ‘The Current’ which has the ability to accomplish the True Cause through us. Then, you defeat the real purpose of life itself…which is to become fully aware of our Oneness with Creator and with each other, and to offer that to the world … Will Omega ……

Des Carter
Des Carter
March 9, 2010 8:51 am

Your words have fallen on fertile ground in me. My
action is already taking place. I am taking a critical look at what it is that is distracting me from more fully participating in expression of the highest in me. As I identify them I readily sacrifice them to this cause. There is no other, THERE IS ONLY THE ONE. In the days ahead I shall be considering whatever I feel led to do to let SPIRIT guide me in this majestic endeaver.
I am with you in saying “It shall be so”.

Des Carter
Cape Town

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