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Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

It’s a pleasure and a thrill to stand in commitment and vision and to share it with leaders worldwide, including the twenty-six people that have been at our regional gathering this weekend. We acknowledge individually and together our leadership in providing a light in our individual worlds, and also in this collective world.

I was thinking of how you can have a bunch of fireflies flying around. Incidentally, they’re little bugs with fluorescent tips on their tails. One of them looks like a spark floating by. But if you catch a group of them and put them in a glass jar, their collective light will show you the way home. I guess if you have enough of them, you’ve got the lighthouse that we have been considering.

We’re each lighthouses to the world in which we live. I acknowledge everyone online, because I think we’re leaders, whether we like it or not. If we’ve come to the consciousness of being emissaries of light, bringers of light, we’re leaders. We’ve gone past the point of no return. We are leaders. So we might as well be right in for the fun and the thrill of it.

I was thinking a bit of the seven-hundred-billion-dollar bailout. People may have thought, oh, we can relax now because stock markets will go up. The stock markets didn’t go up, because there’s more than that answer needed. Frankly, the answer to our financial crisis comes at a deeper level. It comes at the level of the vibrational climate—the climate in me, the climate in you, and the climate worldwide.

I have some friends that think people from other dimensions or other planets are going to come rescue this benighted planet. I have other friends that think the government is going to rescue us, and still other friends that think the central banks or the business community are going to rescue us. I probably have a few friends in some obscure corners that think the revolution is going to rescue us and we’ll just get rid of all this structure; then everything will be fine.

I don’t think we have to get rid of the structure. That’s looking after itself. My mission is to bring something, to give the truth of love, love articulated according to its true nature. Some people wait for change, and some fear change. I prefer to think of myself and my friends as agents of change. I’m not waiting for a rescue—I don’t have time. I don’t know about you but, for me, life is too short to wait for rescue. Some wait to see the change happen as they would like it. Everybody would love change. You see the slogans in the elections. We have elections in North America right now in a couple of our countries, and lots of slogans about change. We’d all like to see it.

But I’ve found myself asking this question—do I think that fundamental change is going to happen in this world without touching me and mine? Do I think it’s going to happen without changing the lifestyle I’m used to and the culture I live in? Even the Emissary culture! It’s all part of this world we’ve built. Just as we’ve been part of building it, we’re part of letting it change and move into what would be born of life now.

Perfect love casts out fear. I think anyone who is honest will admit to knowing fear occasionally—maybe more than occasionally! Perfect love casts out fear, and perfect love is what I’ve come to bring. That’s what we’re emissaries of. When I think of perfect love, it isn’t conditional love that says, “Yes, I will love you and the changes that are coming, if they are a certain way—according to my vision, of course.” I trust that if I bring the light, it is perfect. I don’t have to run around and change the world around me. I just have to keep bringing that perfect love consistently.

It’s always easy to be at the beginning of change. You know, it’s bright and flashy and not familiar. “Wow, change—feel the breeze!” Or to be at the end of a cycle of change when there’s the harvest. “Oh, look at this beautiful change that’s happened! Look at what we’ve done in the last year.”

The real work is done and real satisfaction is known in the middle of a cycle. Like on a Wednesday, when everything is pretty routine. That’s when the wind of change has to blow. If I can bring light into Wednesday, when I’ve got used to what’s happening, or when it’s got hard because it’s down to where I am letting go of what I had counted dear and comfortable in my world, that makes a difference. That is what shapes a new world.

These are times that call for paradox. It’s almost illogical, because it would seem logical that if I don’t have enough, I should save what I’ve got, I should guard what I have. But these times call for giving what I don’t think I have enough of. The psalm says, “Goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.” How wonderful! Goodness and mercy is only going to follow me for one reason, and that’s because I give it. And because I give it, I leave a trail of it. That trail isn’t for me. That trail is for others, that they may be touched by what I leave, by what I give. The reality is that we’ve come to bring inspiration.

Many times we’d like encouragement. You know, it comes up in the human heart—at least it comes up in mine—“Gee, it would be nice to be appreciated once in a while…” But I’m not waiting for that. I don’t care who gets the credit. I don’t care whose name is at the end of the movie or who takes the curtain call. What I care about is that there’s some flesh—some living, breathing people on earth to express their reality—to express the truth of what people are born into this earth for.

We didn’t come just to have a good life, to have an enjoyable time on this planet, to bless a few people. If there are a bunch of aliens who are going to come and rescue us, or rescue the planet, I guess we’re the aliens! Think about it: we’re the ones that are here. That’s what has really touched me in looking around the room and in being on this phone line. You are the people I’ve come with. You are the people who have come to be with me. We have yet to meet some who are with us in spirit, but what a beautiful fringe benefit when we do.

Mine is to bring my best to what I’m about, trusting that the people who have come to be with me are bringing the rest of what’s needed in the whole expression of spirit on this earth. Because the way is held open, the light is there. There is a lighthouse. We are keepers of lighthouses.

I love this name we have, Emissaries of Divine Light. In a world that looks a bit dark and twisted these days, it might be prudent to wait until I see some more lights around me. But that’s not why I came. I came to bring a light, to strike a light. It’s such a pleasure in these days to see light in others. But I don’t need it. If I were the only one present, or you were the only one present, I am confident there would be light in this room. But because we’re all present and we’re all on this line, there’s a greater light and much more can be done. That greater light touches hearts far beyond our line of sight.

I’ve come to bring the light, and I’m fully confident you’ve come to bring the light, because we are the light. The setting is perfect for that. It may be different from what we were born into, and tomorrow it may be different from today. I hope it is so, because I am not put off by changes in the form and I embrace the rhythm and change in the expression of spirit, through me and through us together. Whatever dust that stirs up, that’s just perfect.

We bless that expression and keep an eye to the spirit. We were born with a heart that can sense spirit—we were born with a spiritual capacity. Maybe we need to look a little less to the form. That makes it easier to hear spirit. It doesn’t mean eschewing the form; it just means cocking an ear to the spirit.

Are we willing to do whatever it takes and accept the results? However they look, they’re just perfect. The piano doesn’t have to be perfectly tuned for the pianist to play perfectly. How great to be with you this morning and to celebrate light because we are light.

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In our world, there are two ways to be awakened. One, you can get the rude awakening that’s been going around in the last three or four weeks. And the other is, you can be awakened by the light. We have in our hands the choice of how some of the people in this world who are stirring are wakened the rest of the way. The awakening isn’t left just to the rude awakening that time has run out. We have the opportunity of wakening to light now.

If some who are stirring are wakened by a rude awakening, there needs to be light present and life present when they wake up, so they know which way to turn, which way to go. There is a stirring, and it’s interpreted a million ways. My prayer and purpose is that the awakening is to the light because it is on earth. I celebrate all who bring the light and who rise to bring leadership.

Hugh Duff
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