Higher Ground

We’re here on earth at this time to bring a vibrational message to the world. It is a world that finds itself in a dilemma—one big fat dilemma worldwide and all kinds of little dilemmas that people experience in their lives; trouble of one sort or another that people can’t find their way through. We say that the only way out of the dilemma is through, and the only way through is the way up—up to Higher Ground.

It is only as a person goes to Higher Ground that there is an answer for what looked like a dilemma. That’s true individually, for you and for me and for anything in our life, and it’s true for humanity as a whole. As we know that for ourselves, we have something to bring to humanity: an invitation to go to Higher Ground.

The purpose of a human life, any human life anywhere, is to be of service to humanity. True service is rooted in the understanding that the only way out of the dilemma is through, and the only way through is the way up to Higher Ground.

There are many paths of service; there are many ways to serve. But within whatever a person is doing, there’s an opportunity to be of larger service.

When I’m talking about being of service to humanity, yes, I’m talking about being a comfort to other people, being a help to other people. I’m talking about making another person’s load lighter and helping someone see the way through. But the kind of service that we have to offer is well beyond palliative care, which makes people more comfortable in their dilemma. The kind of service we have to offer to another person is from Higher Ground ourselves. Being on Higher Ground, there’s something that flows out from us that is of service to that other person. Contained in what flows out from us is the invitation to come to Higher Ground.

We all receive the impulse of the Creator, the very impulse of Creation that’s within us. It’s there, it’s present, it’s calling to us from a high place within ourselves. And to the degree that we answer that calling, to the degree that we listen and respond to that call, we come to a higher place. We can hear that call from within ourselves, within our own heart, within our own soul. We can hear that very same call through another person who lives in a high place themselves. It’s a small person who can’t see and acknowledge and accept, receive and appreciate and be nourished by the flow that comes from a high place in someone else. So without prejudice or bias as to where it comes from, we are here to receive something from a high place and, in that, answer the call and come to a high place ourselves, so that we may truly be of service to another person.

Our true service contributes to the path of humanity. It contributes to the evolution of the consciousness of humanity. There are so many ways to serve. Some of those ways relate to the creation and implementation of technology of all kinds. It may relate to social advancement—culture, learning, health or politics. But ultimately the contribution that we have to make transcends technology and social advancement of any kind because, of themselves, those things don’t get humankind out of the dilemma. We don’t get out of our dilemma by using technology, even though technology has a part to play in our lives. Social advancement, per se, doesn’t necessarily advance the human race.

So whatever we’re doing, in whatever honorable profession or whatever honorable activity there is for a human being, if we’re being truly of service there’s something larger that’s being done. We’re contributing to the very quality of human experience and the very essence of human character and the evolution of human character, knowing that there has to be an evolution of human character for there to be an answer to the dilemma. We have an opportunity to know that advancement ourselves and to share it, to create the very spiritual form of humanity, the form of humanity in spirit, in consciousness, the very being and character of humanity. We have an opportunity to contribute to that by the character that we express and embody, and by assisting another person to come into their own elevated human experience—by assisting them to contribute to the development of human character so that the very spirit of humanity is more capable than ever of answering the impulse of the Creator that’s within our own heart and within our own soul.

We are part of a lineage formed by people who have done this work down through the ages around the globe. It is a lineage of those great ones who came and answered the call of the Creator within themselves and came to a high place.

People makes choices as to their willingness to answer the call. They make choices as to the altitude to which they are willing to go.

Some people are like a still, small pond. There is something beautiful about a still, small pond. And yet we know that if there isn’t water coming to that pond from a higher place, and if there isn’t water flowing from that pond to a lower place, it is becoming stagnant. Things are growing for a while; algae and tadpoles and so on. But after a period of time it’s a dying pond if it’s stagnant. I suppose the ultimate dying pond is the Dead Sea. It’s a wonder! You can bob up on the surface of it because of all the salt, but there’s nothing living in it because it’s stagnant. There’s no place for the water to go.

If you came across a still, small pond, it would look very balanced and composed. Even serene. A person who is a still, small pond may be seeking balance. But if they are stagnant, they are not really living. And if you become a still, small pond you could end up being very balanced and very dead. So we don’t want that kind of balance in our life. There has to be some kind of dynamic balance that contains flow for there truly to be life.

Other people are more like a large, gently flowing river. Imagine the mighty Mississippi. I’m sure there are places where, standing on the bank, overlooking the mighty Mississippi, you might not realize that it’s flowing. But it is. It’s flowing down to the Gulf of Mexico, to the sea. That flow is created by altitude. Its origin is from a higher place, up in the northern plains, and then it flows gradually and majestically down to the Gulf. Old Man River. It’s happening because there’s a difference in altitude.

You are like Old Man River when there is something higher in you that you relate to and you come to that place. You live from there, and your spirit gently flows out through you. It’s beautiful to meet someone who is like Old Man River. There’s a beautiful flow of love, of life. There is generosity and service.

Some people are like the Poudre River. They are a torrent of water cascading down from the mountains. They are drawn to a high place in themselves, and the torrent that pours out through them is alive and inspiring. You couldn’t miss it.

I’ve been up at the headwaters of the Poudre River. It starts as a small lake near the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains, here in Colorado. But it’s not a still lake. It flows into what looks like a little stream, and the little stream wanders through a meadow and finds its way down the mountains. Other small streams join it until it turns into a thunderous river, particularly in springtime. There are rapids and there are waterfalls, there are torrents, and it’s gorgeous. It gurgles and it roars, and it’s a wondrous thing. And it is alive—you look down into the water and you can see the trout swimming, and many other forms of life. It thunders down through the Poudre Canyon, through Big South, and comes out in Fort Collins, where at some point it does become more like the Mississippi, a gently flowing river. There is something so life-giving, so majestic about it as it flows through the canyons.

Some people are like the Poudre River. Their spirit quenches the thirst of other people, just as the Poudre waters the plains and quenches the thirst of the population of those who live there. People who are like a river coming down out of the mountains have found Higher Ground and allow what flows from that place to water their world.

Rarely, you meet a person who is like a waterfall. They have listened to the impulse of the Creator. It is a call to come to a high place in themselves and drink of the water of life at the very source of Being. It looks like a perilous journey anytime you go to a high place. You could fall—you could come back down to earth. There are all kinds of things that could happen in our lives when we go to a high place.

In some cultures in the world, they talk about the “tall poppy syndrome,” meaning that the tall poppies get lopped off. And if you go to such a high place in yourself, others may point and ridicule and try to cut your legs out from under you and bring you back down to earth with all the people who are living down below. When you go to Higher Ground, you run that risk. You also run the risk of your own arrogance and your own self-deceit.

If you go to such a place, you are sacrificing all the things that some people are pursuing in their life down below. So there is sacrifice involved. There is also commitment to being in a high place and being of service from there. There is surrender, because it is only in surrender that you come to that high place in yourself.

So the choice to go to that place from which the waterfall flows is a path of sacrifice, surrender and commitment. But for a person who goes to Higher Ground in themselves, the seeming sacrifices that they’ve made are not really sacrifices at all. They know the thrill and the pleasure, the joy and the fulfillment of the waters. They know the joy of being a waterfall who quenches the thirst of others and offers upliftment and opens new opportunity.

The one who is a waterfall has learned that the waters never flow without a discrepancy in altitude between yourself and your world. And that the way for your spirit to flow out to your world is to go to Higher Ground. The irony is that the greater the imbalance in your life in this sense, the greater the flow. So when you’re going to a high place in yourself, you’re signing up for some kind of imbalance, only it’s a dynamic and joyful and fulfilling imbalance—an imbalance that allows for a flow like Niagara Falls, with such power that there’s generation from it, like the hydroelectric power there. Niagara Falls has so much power involved in the water that is falling from such a height, that not only is there the water for us to see in that majestic falls but there is enough water to also generate the hydroelectric power that’s serving the area. We can be like Niagara Falls, with a flow of spirit pouring forth from us that is mighty and majestic and life-giving.

We establish for ourselves our station in life, whether we will be the still, small pond, Old Man River, a Poudre River, or Niagara Falls. We establish that according to the height to which we’re willing to go and from which we’re willing to live our lives. Our station is largely determined by the degree of our own willingness to live on Higher Ground. We are the spiritual descendants of a long line of people from throughout the world, throughout history, who have gone to a high place and who have lived on Higher Ground to bring the answer to humanity.

Along the way on this human journey, there has been horrific failure, seemingly, at almost every step. We could each speak to our own personal failures of whatever kind; of hearing the call to go to a high place and perhaps not answering it; or, having answered and gone part of the way, of having turned back, believing that the sacrifice and the commitment were too much. So for each of us, I suspect, we could count our personal failures. For humanity as a whole, seemingly there has been failure at every turn. Where there has been the opportunity to move to Higher Ground, people have often either turned a deaf ear or, having gone there or partway there, they turn back. Having become aware of the opportunity, they ignore it or betray it.

I say that all that failure, whether it’s personal or whether it’s in the whole body of humanity, is fading away into the oblivion of time, even as we’re moving forward and creating a new culture, a new human character, a new human experience. Even as we travel forward, all of the failure of humanity is left to dissolve into the oblivion of time, never to be heard from again; to recede back into the great pool of matter and energy of the cosmos, and to be recycled and to rise up again to create new forms, a new reality, a new experience.

There could be a hundred failures, and one person moving forward makes it all not matter. We could have a hundred failures, but if we have breath today and if we’re moving forward in our lives today, if we’re answering the call to go to Higher Ground and to live from Higher Ground and create from Higher Ground, all the failures up to this present moment mean nothing to us. And yes, a failure is something to be navigated at the time, so we have to do something with our own failures and the results of them. We have to navigate them. We have to navigate in a world full of the failures of others. But in navigating those failures, what we’re doing is leaving them behind, because we have something greater to move into. We’re moving to Higher Ground.

That’s true in our lives personally, and it’s true in our collective lives. We’re called to function in such a way that all the failures in our own lives and all the failures of humanity are left to fade into oblivion, not to be brought to mind anymore.

All failure, all resistance and all dilemmas are left behind to fade into oblivion by people who answer the call to move to Higher Ground, to live from Higher Ground and to create from Higher Ground.

I don’t care what the dilemma is, in the micro or in the macro, whether it’s health or whether it’s money, whether it’s about love or family, success or happiness. All dilemmas have one thing in common: the only way out is the way through, and the only way through is the way up to Higher Ground.

The way to be in this world and the way to live in this world is from Higher Ground. Humanity is made to live in Higher Ground. We thrive in Higher Ground. We thrive in the mountains of our Being and it’s natural for there to be an outpouring from us continually.

It’s been called the secret place of the Most High because seemingly hardly anybody goes there. Not so secret anymore when we go to Higher Ground, we go to the place of the Most High in ourselves, and we express that. We have all the moments of a day to practice, to do it, to actually let it happen, to let the outflow occur in service to the people around us. Yes, being of comfort and of assistance, showing a way and lessening their burden, but offering something well beyond palliative care. Offering something that’s life-changing, uplifting, transforming and transmuting. That’s true service, not only for that person in front of us but through that person in front of us, creating something for all of humanity.

Let us speak together a vibrational message to the world:

Hear us, O world. Hear us. Come to Higher Ground. Rise up. See the world from here. Live from here. Let flow from you the very Source of inspiration and life, the very spirit of the Creator, known here in Higher Ground.

So may it be.

David Karchere
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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
August 31, 2015 2:50 pm

Noah anticipated rain, and a flood of water. I think there is another kind of intensification afoot – perhaps it is a flood of love and generosity rather than something portentious but on higher ground one gains perspective, proportion. I live at the foot of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. Whilst I do not live on the top of the mountain, I gain inspiration from looking up every day and this raises my spirits!

Andrew Horwood
Andrew Horwood
August 28, 2015 5:00 am

I so appreciate your clear description of what’s needed for anyone personally facing dilemmas in their life and for humanity as a whole. And a dilemma occurs whenever there’s a calling from within to change something. It could be some ill thing that’s appeared or it could simply be the call of Spirit to move on in life – to let in more fresh water. One question I ask myself is “how much love can I handle?” As I let go to the flowing stream of energy that is my life, do I ask for a gentle flow or a waterfall? Am I willing to accept whichever is called for by Life? I’m asking these questions of myself again at this time when my life contains some dilemmas regarding the future. And I know the answer will come from staying in Higher Ground. As I let that happen in my life, I show others that this can be done in their lives. Think global, act local.

So may it be

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