Guardians of the Light

David-Karchere_NEW2014.200x243All of humanity shares in common a wound. And while it shows up physically, it’s not primarily a physical wound. It’s a wound in consciousness. It’s a wound of confused thinking and destructive, troubled, irrational feeling. Together, thinking and feeling can create hell in people’s experience.

This is a wound that you share in common with all people and that we hold collectively as humanity. The only distinction is that there are some people who are honest enough to recognize what the situation is for themselves and for humanity, and then there are many more who do not. But whether or not it’s acknowledged, it is present.

I learned something recently about physical wounds. It can be very dangerous to heal a physical wound from the outside first. With a physical wound, you want to heal it from the deepest part of the wound all the way to the surface, until there is complete healing. In some cases, a physician has to actively prevent the healing that starts on the surface because it can prevent the deeper, total healing.

How do people usually attempt to deal with the wound that is present in their emotional body? In their thinking? Where there is honesty and people acknowledge what the fact of the matter is, there is the openness to allow healing to begin at the inmost point of this wound in consciousness. At that inmost point there is holiness. Not religiosity or sanctimoniousness—holiness. In every person on the face of the planet, in you and in me, there is this point of holiness at the inmost part of the wounded consciousness.

Holiness is wholeness. It’s the seed of wholeness for our Being and for the healing of the wound. A wise person begins the healing process from that point of holiness within themselves, where the reality of Eternal Being touches us; where we have a clear connection with what’s true and real about ourselves. At that inmost point, there is nothing yet accomplished, nothing yet done. It is simply a point of holiness in ourselves. In the living of our life, if we are wise, we allow healing to occur from there. We surround and guard the function of the Light of that holiness that emanates from that place deep within ourselves and let it create healing.

The Light doesn’t need your protection to exist. The eternal reality of our Being is doing fine without it. But for it to work in our own experience and in our world, we have to cherish it. We have to be a guardian of the light within us.

Here is the refrain from Courtney Bohlman’s song “Guardians of the Light,” which she sang recently at Sunrise Ranch:

If your sky is dark, I will bring in the sunshine,
If your frequency is low, I will raise it with mine,
We have the right not to fight,
We are the guardians of the light.

We don’t have to go to heaven and guard the light up there. We are guardians of the light within ourselves. That’s what a wise person knows and what a wise person does.

A person who is in denial about their wounded consciousness does something else. They become guardians of the wound. And that’s the choice. You either become a guardian of the light from that inmost point of holiness; you cherish it and you love it, and let your wound be healed by that light. Or you become a guardian of the wound.

All of humanity shares this wound, and therefore we all share this same problem. You’ve got the problem, I’ve got the problem, and everyone on the face of this earth has had the problem. Jesus Christ had the problem; Gandhi had the problem; Nelson Mandela; the Dalai Lama has this problem; Martin Cecil had this problem. And so we have the same issue to address: we are either guardians of the light or we become guardians of the wound.

When we become a guardian of our wounded state, we try to heal from the outside. We try to put Band-Aids on it and get the flesh to come together. And then we try to act as we imagine a whole person would act and ignore the festering of the wound.

The impact of becoming a guardian of the wound in consciousness is profound and far-reaching. To start with, your ability to think creatively is greatly impaired. As long as you are a guardian of your wound—of all your crazy destructive, hurt feelings—you are busy thinking about the protection of your wound. You are hiding it, making excuses for it and defending it. If you let in a new thought, you may expose the wound. You’ve given your mind the job of being your wound protector.

When your mind is a wound protector, it can’t think a creative thought. It can repeat a sound bite. It can express biases, prejudice and judgment. It can repeat something you’ve read or something you’ve heard from somebody else, and it can sound like your mind is thinking. It’s not. Real creative thinking involves mind and heart together. And as long as you’ve got that heart all closed over, protected and guarded, it can’t participate in the thinking process that brings Creation. And the wound won’t heal.

So I’ve got wounds—let me tell you, I’ve got wounds! How about you? Let me tell you about my wounds. Let me tell you about all of the hurt feelings I’ve got. Let me tell you about all the dark places in me. Well, you probably don’t want to hear about all that. But I’m not afraid to admit that they are there. And I say you’ve got them too. When we are willing to be real about that—to expose our wounds to the light of day—everything changes. Healing is under way.

When consciousness is characterized by stuck, structured thinking and irrational, destructive feelings, that consciousness generates a wounded sense of self that we call the human ego. I have no hope that the human ego in me or in you has any real interest in healing. The human ego is the defended sense of self. It is too busy being a guardian of wounded consciousness to be a guardian of the light.

So I am calling to the angel within all people. I am calling all angels. The angel is always present and always knows what is happening. The angel is the holiness at the core of who we are. The angel says, I’m here for this. My light is here for this. And I bring healing to my own heart, to my mind, to my own fractured state of consciousness. All is well.

From the standpoint of the angel, I don’t need to be inspired to do this. This is who I am, this is what I do, and this is why I’m here.

When you live from the standpoint of the angel, it’s excuse-free living. Do you ever find yourself making excuses or explaining why you’re doing what you’re doing? Well, I did it because they did this, and this happened, and I was thinking this, and what else was I supposed to do? That is excuse-filled living. That is being a guardian of the wound.

When the angel is present, you’re just being yourself. And you don’t have to make excuses for your wound. Yes, I have this screwy, messed-up persona, but it’s okay—I am here. I am present. I am the angel and the angel prevails. As Martin Cecil said in his poem, The truth is true and all is well, unconquerable life prevails. When the angel is present through human consciousness, the angel is prevailing. I am prevailing in my human experience, and I am healing the wounds that are present in me. And there is enough of that light for me to share with you.

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David Karchere
David Karchere
June 6, 2015 10:16 am

Yes, indeed, with passion and joy, centered in Truth North. Enjoy your winter in Cape Town, Anne-Lise.

Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
May 31, 2015 6:12 am

Perfect message for starting our Winter Work here in the Cape, let me be guided by remaining Guardian of the Light in all endeavours, re-aligning false loyalties and misdirected defiance with a true compass, allowing primal energies to serve that which is True, Beautiful and Good; and enjoy the assurance that we are doing this collectively with passion and care. Thank you.

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