Generating a Field of Collective Prana

David Karchere

We, the people who read this Pulse of Spirit weekly message, are creating a field of prana—a field of conscious, collective energy. This field of prana is creating a stargate to the Infinite. We feel the Infinite opening up and we feel connected to it; infinite possibility, infinite potential, infinite Love and infinite wisdom.

That is the promise of living. It comes out of our living because the generation of prana results from our everyday lives. Creative living generates life-giving prana connected to the Infinite.

We generate prana at many levels. When we take care of ourselves through a physical practice or diet, we generate prana. We develop prana through our service to others in love.

The deliberate practice of opening your heart and opening up to the expression of the highest that’s available to you generates a field of prana.

When prana is high and full enough, it connects to the Infinite, and the Infinite flows through the prana, generating more prana. This is the promise of living. It is continual spiritual regeneration. There is no limit to the height and the beauty of it.

Any association of spiritually awake people creates an opportunity for collective prana-generation, knowing that everything that happens in life depends on that. So, I encourage you to set aside other things while reading these words and see it as such an opportunity. See what happens.

There is truth at so many levels, as I spoke about in the Pulse of Spirit last week. To simplify it, there is the manifest truth, and truth that is unmanifest. When we generate prana, the two come together and the unmanifest truth, which is the promise of living and the potential for our future, streams into the manifest to be fulfilled by us in our life.

We live in a world where, so often, culture cuts off the generation of prana. It is hard to generate prana together when there are separation and divisiveness. Or when there is a lack of truthfulness, even about the manifest.

So here is my question to the world: How can we become truthful about the unmanifest if we can’t even be truthful about the manifest? 

The path to discerning the invisible, unmanifest truth begins with discernment and honesty about the truth that has manifested.

So, what is our discernment of the patterns of truth that we see in our world? To be discerning, we have to see both the pattern of facts that is creative and true, and the pattern of facts that don’t bring life. We have to be willing to see, not just what we want to see but what is. Not see only what we wish were here but to see what’s really here, believing that in the end what’s real is far more beautiful than anything we could make up. So, we have to be willing to see all that’s happening, for better or for worse, but with the faith that it’s leading to something glorious and wonderful.

To be truthful, we have to discern, and then we have to be honest with ourselves and other people about what we are discerning. It’s not just what we wish it would be, it’s not just the story that we would like to be telling other people, but it is what it is. Honesty requires that we not only discern patterns of truth that are manifesting but that we are honest about them to ourselves. That we don’t lie to ourselves about what’s happening in our own immediate human experience, even in our own hearts. We have to be willing to tell the truth to ourselves and tell the truth to each other. That is not bending the facts to make them worse than they are—putting people down, criticizing and judging. And it is not trying to make facts better than they are. To be truthful about the manifest world, we have to be an impartial observer and reporter of fact.

Being truthful about the manifest develops that very same capacity of truthfulness that we exercise with the unmanifest. It is the very same capacity, only turned in a different direction. It is our innate capacity to discern truth.

And again, I ask, How can we become truthful about the unmanifest if we can’t even be truthful about the manifest?

We live in a world that, in so many ways, is not truthful about what’s manifesting. We want to develop our truth-discernment ability about the manifest so that we can exercise it relative to the unmanifest—so that we have a clear perception and discernment of the promise of living.

It is the prana of truthfulness in living that allows us to connect with the Invisible and then enables the unmanifest truth to manifest, first of all in our awareness and then in our expression and our embodiment of it, and through our noble action that is bringing truth into the world.

These principles are true for anybody, anyplace, anytime, from whatever walk of life. Truth matters. And I would urge anyone anywhere to be truthful about the manifest and learn, thereby, to find the glory that’s in the unmanifest and let it manifest.

But this has special significance to us as spiritually awake people. We find ourselves as an association of people who know these things. I’m not saying we have any kind of complete ultimate knowledge. But perhaps we know enough to know that what I am saying is true. We are learning these things more deeply all the time, and therefore we are very consciously and deliberately generating a field of prana that is not only enough for ourselves and our own life but enough for a world that needs it. We are generating prana as people who know how to come together in heart and mind, spirit and energy. We are generating the prana to change the world. Not just for ourselves to get through the next week. We are generating something together that has enough potency to sound a vibration into the larger culture that transmutes it.

I believe that each one of us is called to that task, and that’s why we are called together. I believe you were called not just to generate enough prana to get through the next week, month, year, or the rest of your life. You and I are called to generate the prana that changes the world.

There are huge implications for this in our individual lives. Our immediate life pattern is our opportunity to generate prana for the world. You know all those tough things that you face in your life? They are there to be a fulcrum so that you can uplift the world. They’re not just something for you to get through in this next week.

And you know all we face together as a community of people around the globe? Why do we meet all these challenges collectively?

Those challenges give us a fulcrum into the world too. They are a great opportunity to generate prana that is relevant to world patterns. So, what do we say when we face the things that we face?

Thank you, God. You thought that much of me, to give me this? You thought I could handle this? You need me to do this? Thank you.

That’s true individually, and it’s true collectively. Whatever is on our plate, thank you.

Here in America, it’s Thanksgiving. Here is something to give thanks for: the fulcrum that we are given, this collective opportunity that we have to generate prana together, a field of energy that carries truth.

This is not a field of dumb energy. This is a field of smart, subtle energy. And it’s getting smarter all the time because the more it’s generated, the more it connects to the Invisible, and the wisdom of the Invisible comes into the prana. And when it comes into the prana, then it comes into heart and mind, and into action. The wisdom of the Cosmos downloads through the prana, and more is generated.

We have all kinds of ways, as a human family, of ripping apart the collective field of prana. What are the big culprits? To speak plainly, they are lies, hate, fear and suspicion. Those attitudes are antithetical to truth, and they don’t allow prana to build.

They say context is everything. Knowing the vastness of the context we are in, we face all the little immediate things with the power that comes from that context. It is the power of truth, which is the pattern of Reality—the pattern of all Creation and all Being. That is the context. Out of that pattern comes wisdom and power. It is coming now.

Let’s generate this field of prana together. Let’s change the world.

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December 5, 2020 9:47 am

When two or more agree in His Name, the World changes. I agree with Fiona as she speaks Truth that resonates in my understanding. To have a spiritual and consciousness practice is both comforting and liberating at the same time.

I choose to meditate first thing in the morning, write a journal note to Self/self; and then courageously, creatively and compassionate step into my work-world each day to discover how best to serve the generation of a greater field of Collective Prana. Let’s cultivate the land, plant seeds, trees and use water sparingly and invite others into a spiritual and consciousness practice if they desire it.

Through this I discover that I have indeed a larger sphere of Being that enters into my consciousness, I have the energy to keep walking, and discover new opportunities to learn to be alert to what we can do to let Life flow more abundantly.

I am here to close the gap between Reality and current reality where culture so often cuts of this generation of life force; and together with you, invite others who are in this quickening awakening transition to join in the collective generation.

Is there anything more important ? I think not.

Thank you for the constant, and reliable Pulse of Spirit – heart beat for the World.

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
December 5, 2020 8:02 am

So few use this platform… but this is how I generate prana. This is a discipline for me each week; to sit with the PoS, to gather the inspiration to respond to the impetus in David’s words; to thank, to give back, to extend the tent of understanding… all these things are part of my engagement.

I also enjoy searching on the internet for inspirational pieces of music to share because this informs the heart centre. I particularly like choral pieces because the voice is so immediate in its resonance and it’s ability to blend – perhaps this is also due to the genius of composers and song-writers.

I have just retired – whatever that means – from my work as an elementary teacher. With the Virus, these past few months have been challenging but a real opportunity to be innovative and to ‘up’ one’s game.

We are coming to the end of the industrial/corporate way of doing things. No longer the pattern of being told what to do; the way lies open for us to think for ourselves – go figure it out. We don’t have to play safe by thinking we have to know all the answers before we start.

We have a well-know artist in South Africa, William Kentridge. In a recent BBC interview on a program called HARDtalk, he spoke about the journey of his work, of the meaning inherent in his projects coming through the doing and engagement process rather than from a pre-formed idea at the outset. I found this most interesting and relevant.

I think this is how we generate prana; we just need to engage in life itself; to trust and flow with the impetus. Then we start being part of the magic! To remember how to be simple.

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