Emotional Intelligence and the Constellation of Reality

David-Karchere_NEW2014.200x243The great mass of humanity is involved in emotional disfluency with an impure heart. I am not saying this to shame or put down anyone. This is simply a realistic statement of what’s happening. If you look at humanity, it is in a huge muddle with itself, with all kinds of mixed emotions. Those mixed emotions are in a habitual pattern of feeling that’s reactive in and between humanity, and then with the larger world of Creation.

How do we, as spiritually aware human beings, relate to that muddle? The horrible temptation is to be a part of it. The horrible temptation is to allow ourselves to become sucked in so that we are a part of the great constellation of that muddle. If we see ourselves that way, we attempt to fit in. Of course, any young person who’s worth their salt rebels at that. They look at that situation and say to themselves, That’s not who I am. I don’t want to grow up if that’s what growing up means. I don’t want to be part of that mess. The muddle doesn’t connect with the primal spirituality of that young person, so they say to themselves, one way or another, That’s not how I’m made; that’s not where I came from. I’m not here to make a bunch of money. I’m not here to fight it out with other people and may the best man win. I don’t believe that he who dies with the most toys wins. We’re not made for that. And there’s something in us that rebels.

But unless we find another option as human beings, we ultimately succumb, even if we’re rebelling. We succumb to seeing ourselves in relationship to the muddle. And one way or another, either as a part of it or as somebody who rebels against it, we see our lives in that context until we find the true context for a human life, which is not the muddle.

Never let the muddle around you define who you are. Never let the confusion and the mixed emotions of the people around you define you. That’s not who you are. You’re not the person who’s a part of that, and you’re not the person reacting to it. None of that truly defines the truth of who we are, which is why it is so damn uncomfortable when we relate to it as if it’s the real context for our life. It isn’t.

By our very nature as human beings, we find ourselves part of a constellation of some reality—or at least some apparent reality, which may end up being an unreality. The reality that we ought to allow ourselves to be a part of is the real reality, not the fake reality.

By our very nature, we end up relating to a point of focalization. If you take a prism, that prism can receive light and split it into the whole spectrum of color. We’re like one of those colors relating to that prism. The prism is taking light from someplace beyond the prism. But in relating to the prism, we’re allowing ourselves to be part of what’s focalized by that prism.

That’s a metaphor for how we work as human beings. If we let a focal point of the muddle control us and focalize us, we allow ourselves to be part of the constellation of the muddle and we have only ourselves to blame for buying into that reality. And we will have that muddled experience.

What has to happen for us to find our true destiny is to relate to the constellation of the Creator that we are a part of, the constellation of God, if you will. We’re part of that constellation, and we relate to it when we allow ourselves to be focalized in that reality. We get included in it, and we become ourselves. We are already ourselves, but we become it in living experience. We know ourselves as ourselves, and on that basis we have the opportunity to come into true emotional intelligence: a pure-hearted relationship with that reality and a pure-hearted way of bringing that reality to the world.

It is not possible to relate to the muddle of the world, believe it’s real and see oneself as having a place in that muddle—looking for one’s place and then agonizing over it when that place doesn’t work out right—and then end up with a pure heart and emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is not getting bigger and better in that world; it’s not achievement in that world. That’s not emotional intelligence—that’s a path to emotional stupidity. True emotional intelligence is living in the world of reality and being clear in one’s relationship with that, bringing the power of it, the beauty of it, the wonder of it, the love of it, into your world. That’s emotional intelligence—doing that clearly, no matter what.

We carry such power of Creation as human beings, and we have such huge potential for good, the good of true creation. Today, that potential within the body of humanity is largely being used in destructive ways. Nonetheless, we have within us, as individuals and as a race, this huge power of Creation that carries intelligence and love.

When we allow ourselves to be constellated in the body of the Creator, we come back to ourselves and we inherit the intelligence and power that is ours. The minute we try to see that power as being relevant to getting ahead as a part of the world as it is, we fritter it away. We end up being reactive to that world around us and then wonder why the world doesn’t work. No, I say live in the world of reality. Bring the creative power in that context and find that, in doing that, one can move effectively in the world as it is. One can navigate that world by being in the world but not of it.

We are here to inherit our birthright, our primal spirituality. We are here to become a sun. The sun is a symbol of the reality of the Creator that we are. We’re here to be that in living expression. The world needs your warmth. The world needs your light. The world needs your gravity as a sun. The world needs you to be a point of orientation. Just as the ancients sailed their ships according to Polaris, the North Star, we need to be that star in the heaven of the lives of other people so that they can constellate in the body of Reality, which is the body of the Creator, and be part of that, knowing who they are in that context. When we ourselves are knowing that Reality, we have the privilege of saying to someone else, in essence, “Welcome home to the real world.”

I understand that somebody who lives such a life is potentially subject to ridicule in the world—not necessarily, but potentially. Most of us are subject to some kind of ridicule at some point in our lives anyway; it might as well be for a good reason as opposed to a bad one.

In some way, when we are constellated in the body of Reality, we may become invisible to people if they’re looking to identify themselves and then us as someone constellated in the muddle. You seem like you’re hardly there—there’s no muddle. But there is something there. The sun is there, shining, and there is a welcome home to Reality from us. All who look in the direction of the sun can see us.

I say that we were born into the world for this purpose and from this place. We grew through our childhood and into our youth to inherit this Reality and this strength in self-expression. We may have had whatever period of slumber and muddle ourselves, but I suspect that for anyone reading these words there was a point of awakening. As a poet once said, awake people need to be awake, because this Reality that we touched is relevant to the child and to the youth and to that awakening person. It is relevant to a person at any stage of their life, all through their life. And at each stage of our life it calls us to emotional intelligence, to purity of heart, to integrity with the Reality of who we are, and clarity about that Reality. We are constantly called to a clear connection with it, and then a clear bringing of it into the world.

That’s not a static state to be achieved; that’s a dynamic state to be lived. Every phase of a human life is about that. In our comings and our goings, in our beginnings and our endings, in every phase of our life, life is about that. Never settling for the muddle in any way, never believing that “Oh, I awakened once, and now my life is on to other things.” No, the Reality that’s within us, which is the Reality of the Creator that we are, calls to us at every phase of our life, in everything that we do. It calls for us to be emotionally fluent according to the creative process that’s at work now. The creative answer to that call is I’m here for this. I’m here for the beginning and the middle and the end of all things. I’m here for the beginning and the middle and the end of my life. I’m here for it in my integrity, coming forth as a sun.

If we truly do that, we can do all the things that we need to do as a human being. The fallacy is that if you are spiritual, you are giving up on human effectiveness at other levels. According to some definitions of spirituality or religion, maybe so. Not by mine. If you are spiritually awake and emotionally intelligent and emotionally fluent, that leads you into all creativity, all effectiveness, all power that you’re meant to have in your life, all wisdom that you are designed to have in your life. You inherit that experience for yourself, and then you have the great honor and privilege of meeting others who have done the same, and of sharing with them that life, that reality.

These days, we might call it the Reality of God, only because we need some word to say it’s not the muddle. It’s the reality of the Creator, the reality of something else. And we look forward to the day when we don’t even have to use that word. It’s just the Reality. It is the only reality, actually. The muddle, while it’s an experienced state of consciousness, lacks substantiality. It isn’t born out of the Universe. It’s just born out of the nightmare of human consciousness. And yes, sadly we manifest that nightmare in form, and yes, we use the power of the Universe to do it—we borrow that creative fire. But it still isn’t real. It’s not based in Reality.

Reality is the Creator within us, and we’re here to show up as that—words and music. The music is the power and the tone of love that’s present in all of us, transparently expressed, and the words are the accuracy of our words and our deeds. But of course, words and deeds can only be accurate when there is a transparent knowing of the cycles of Creation. The rhythm of Creation can only be known as there is emotional fluency, so that exactly what’s needed now can come through us, not because we spend forever figuring it out but because we’re undistracted by the muddle. It’s pretty hard to be appropriate in a situation if you’re all caught up in the muddle. You’re inflicting that muddle on yourself and you’re inflicting it on other people.

So cease to see yourself in that context. Let’s cease to see each other as defined by that unreality. Let’s refuse to accept that unreality as being real. It’s unreality. And then, in embracing the Creator that’s within us and the creative fire that’s within us, we also embrace it in each other, love it in each other, support each other in following that, and therefore stand in our creatorship in our world. We become real ourselves. We know ourselves as constellated in the body of the Creator as human beings on earth.


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Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
May 15, 2016 5:07 am

I love the clarity within both the Pulse of Spirit and the response that Andrew has written. Super !
What a privilege to participate in and contribute to this radiant repatterning on the Planet as a collective body, there is no greater mission or fulfillment possible.
I have been considering the usual ‘riddle of Reality’ and that this is now longer such a riddle for many people. Certainly ‘Current reality’ needs honest and authentic acknowledgement, ‘Potential reality’ needs dreaming into being with passion, and then there is ‘ Universal Reality’ which seems mostly hidden in plain sight for many in my experience.
It does take emotional intelligence and the constellation of all 7 spirits of Life expressed through an open heart and a clear mind devoid of the usual filters to allow a True Context for a human life to bring Heaven on Earth – I am here for this ‘upcycling’ of substance, to Grow Up and bring my Power on line, in humility and the fullness that will get the job done.
with love and thanks.

David Karchere
David Karchere
May 13, 2016 6:22 am

Clearly said, Andrew. Thank you!

Andrew Horwood
Andrew Horwood
May 11, 2016 7:29 pm

Thanks for continuing this important expose on Emotional Intelligence. The process for awakening ones is that their view of reality is clearing but not yet clear. Initially there are moments of clarity, reality, amidst a preponderance of muddleness. Gradually the mix changes and it’s only with sufficient experience, FELT experience, of reality that this can become known as the true state in the cells of our body. That cellular knowing is unshakeable. Anything less has an element of fragility about it – partial knowing with elements of belief to support the partial so that it appears like the fullness that’s yet to be actually known.

For everyone, there’s been some degree of living in the muddled world. There have been emotional, heart wounds that have occurred and stories, beliefs, made up by our mind in an attempt to explain what happened and to plan to prevent future happenings. When people start to awaken, they will confront these stories and plans as they are the result of earlier attempts to make the world a safe place. This confrontation will intensify the energy of e-motion in a person’s experience, which both makes possible the transformation to emotional fluency and which also commonly results in greater reactivity in response to perceived increasing threat. Such is the work of purifying the heart.

In my experience, it takes skill(s) and the support of those who know this territory for an awakening one to be able to maintain the stance of reality whilst purifying the heart. The steps that a person seems to need to work through involve:
• Owning the feelings that arise
• Finding a way to release the energy in those feelings – rather than buying in to the story the mind presents. I think this is rather like going to the bathroom – knowing where to go, what to release, cleaning up and not giving it too much attention.
• Experiencing a new space in consciousness in which a new perspective might appear. It’s so vital there are awakened ones to hold that container otherwise the muddle of the collective human consciousness will surely rush in.

With enough experience of releasing what doesn’t belong, a person can increasingly detach from the power of the emotional muddle in which they have found themselves. THEN the emotional realm, more clear and calm, is available for the spirit of God to move upon the face of those waters. Then creation can happen in a new way and Thy Will can be done on earth through transparent human beings.

With love and thanks

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