Deliver Everything Into The Creative Process

Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

These are watershed times. This is a breakthrough opportunity for all of us. In the world for which we are responsible, there have been a number of what appear to be fairly gentle revelations in consciousness. Whatever the appearance might be, our agreement and accord has made a huge impact.

I can feel the physical reverberations in my own body that are telling me something. They are expressing what David Karchere shared so wonderfully—this is a golden, shining moment for me to take hold of. The question is, will I? Will any of us actually? I say yes. Many of us are saying, “Okay, the time is now. I hadn’t realized it yesterday, but here I am today. I am fully present, and we have something to do together now. Something has become clear to us. We have the tools at our disposal and the spiritual technology that we know. Now is the time to put them to use if we haven’t before.”

I have to emphasize that I feel very excited by words that speak about destiny and calling. Here is this golden, shining moment. Here is this current opportunity to shift things in consciousness—in my consciousness and yours.

In my travels, there has been the opportunity to let go of what has been and then to gather up the substance, born out of what has been working away in the unseen, and bring it all forward into the present moment. I did arrive in this country, from South Africa, burning inside. It hasn’t gone away. It has just re-shaped. What was burning in me was the preparation for what we allowed to land in our Trustee time and in our Open Sessions. What was allowed to land! Not what we made land or what we planned to have land. “I think we’ll do it like this, and this will happen, and then that, and then that.” You know the joke: “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him about your plans!”

That reminds me of a poem by Jimenez:

my boat struck something deep, nothing happened

sound silence, waves, nothing happened

or perhaps, everything happened,

and I am sitting in the middle of my new life

My boat hit something deep.

Perhaps we have been just paddling along. You know how it goes. It’s a beautiful day. If you are Canadian, perhaps you are paddling along in a canoe on the lakes. In Colorado, you might be on a whitewater raft. But there is still the expectation that you are going to be able to navigate all the rocks. Well, I think that’s the world we knew yesterday.

When we hit something deep vibrationally, our awareness changes. Our world changes. I arrived here knowing that what I had come in contact with vibrationally had to be given voice. The compulsion was so strong to get conscious, to name what is happening at unseen levels of our being. Speak it out. And we have named things. That frees up the substance of consciousness. It allows awareness that has been hidden away in dark closets to be aerated.

So I knew something had to come to focus. I knew that letting Spirit focus in me was crucially important in these days. I carry that as if I was the only one who knew that. At the same time, I know that all my Trustee friends carry that same spiritual focus, with many others. We deliberately allow a place for the spiritual focus we carry to have a voice. But what is most crucial for me is that Spirit has to come to focus in me.

The mantra that has been working me was this: “Deliver everything into the creative process.” Bring everything with you that’s unfinished, that’s untidy, that is just stalking around in your feelings and in your awareness. Bring it all and deliver it into the creative process. There are other ways of saying that: Lay it on the altar. Let go. Oh, don’t we hold on? Don’t we want to drag it forward? I have an image of prying one’s fingers open and ripping out what one desperately wants to hold on to. I don’t think what is required now is going to let us hold on to anything. So I was working with that in myself: deliver everything up, and let Spirit come to focus.

What’s at risk for me to let go of things? For me to deliver things up to the creative process? What’s at risk to live an explicitly spiritual life? “Oh, I couldn’t do that. Or at least, I couldn’t do it 100% of the time.” Well, I think that’s what’s required. That seems scary. There are very real risks, and if we don’t name them they’re going to stay there in dark closets. Deliver everything. And let go. When I have delivered everything into the emerging collective consciousness, then there is a gateway. Spirit can land and come to focus. Personally, I had a very real experience of this, initially in the Trustee sessions and later into the Open Sessions we held.

Doesn’t this process allow a shift to occur? Doesn’t it take us exponentially from one place to another? I know it has for me. Hold a creative field of consciousness through which the One Spirit has a gateway. Welcome the unknown. Deliver everything into the creative process—all that messy stuff, all that we would rather have all neatly finished, all that is still unresolved, all those questions. Deliver it all to the creative process that is at work, and hold it all in love so that the One Spirit has a gateway, so that the One Spirit has fluid consciousness with which to work. Then everything can be transformed.

I believe we all agreed to take on this job, despite the fact that it seems daunting. The ability to hold all the unresolve, all the messy, and to hold steady anyway, letting Spirit have a gateway, is critical to a creative outworking. We could be put off. We could call it impossible. There is a challenge in being told “This is impossible; you will never achieve it!” My response is “Try me.” That’s the spirit. Try me! I’m here. I’m ready. I’m willing. You try me. What’s going to stop me? I can hear Uranda’s voice pounding in my ears: “If walls can stop you, you will be stopped.”

So, I’m ready. I have no doubt that I will be met with walls, and I will be challenged. I will continue to deliver everything into the creative process because I know it works. I want to take this one golden moment, now, and now, and the next one. So you’re likely to see me here again, and again, and again! Is there anybody else who wants an impossible mission? Let’s go! Because this is the only shining moment that we have, now!

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