And It Is Good

Music has charms to soothe the troubled breast. Joyce Karchere recently performed an improvised chant and, in the lilting tones that sounded round the room, I heard the Great Mother calling. We also listened to the tones of the didgeridoo sounding and resounding in the room, bathing us in cosmic waves. I was reminded of how the Aboriginal people of Australia believe the world was sung into creation. Science has now recorded the “sounds” of the universe, and I was struck by how similar those were to the sounds of the didgeridoo. In our own way we are here to sing something into creation by our living on this earth.

The feminine essence that came through Joyce’s chant seemed to cradle everything in the room and, in that holding, soothe everything. I wanted to dwell there. It evoked the memory of a lullaby or the soothing tone of Mother. It is this tone that humanity needs to receive. We also need power, strength and the ability to act. If we are to have any impact, make any difference in our living on this earth, we need both the ability to dwell in and receive the cosmic energy and the discipline for penetrative action.

There is a tendency in our humanity to just sit back and let it all happen to us. “Oh, the Universe will do it; the Universe will let me know.” What about the universe in us, in each one of us, bringing forth our aspect of the power of Creation?

I have both these energies present in me. I have that ability to hold my world and to still something, allowing the pattern to show itself and unfold. And I also have the power to bring forth who I am, fully, clearly, in a loving manner that engages with my world.

In a recent Pulse of Spirit, David Karchere spoke about the two powers of Creation, which he named as Love and Truth. We need both of these—it’s the marriage of Love and Truth that brings forth the Life that we feel. In thinking about this, it is often said that Love is pervasive. Given that, then Truth is specific, it’s accurate, and we need both the pervasive and the specific.

In the story of Genesis, from the Bible, periodically God saw that “it was good.” It suggests an acknowledgment of completeness at each stage of His creative process. How about our ability to see something—in the world around us or in our own experience—and feel it, understanding that it is all good and complete? It is whole; it is perfect in that moment. It is good.

I went back to Genesis in the King James Version of the Bible. And in reading the story again, I discovered that there are both masculine and feminine qualities portrayed in each Day. Both Love and Truth are present, the pervasive and the specific.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. (Genesis 1:1,2)

A feminine quality, which I think women know quite well; an ability to hold the darkness in a process until the timing is right.

And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

That’s the masculine essence, acting.

And God said, Let there be light:

Let—the masculine directing energy,

and there was light.

The feminine quality of light all around us, pervasive. But the action of bringing it—that’s the masculine function.

And God saw the light, that it was good:

A complete phase of the Creation; it was good!

And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

I get the sense of the creative cycle; the feminine essence holding the vibration while the masculine essence initiates and acts through the process. There are active energies and there are receptive energies intertwining throughout the story to make a whole, at which point it is acknowledged that “it is good.”

I also noticed, as I read the poetry in the King James Version, that there was power and rhythm in the words. And again, I felt these two qualities, the two essences of our world that are naturally intertwined and integrated and continually coming forth. How are we doing with this wonderful perfect state? How are we doing in our everyday living and in our hearts?

I remember hearing long ago that resistance could be called the primary quality of human nature. If you look at governments or at the economy…any field that you look at out there—not in here because it’s never us, is it?—there’s resistance. There is always someone up in arms about this thing or that thing. Are you up in arms about anything? And, by the way, that phrase refers to weapons. Are you against anything, or are you for it? It’s the energy of against-ness that is really wearing, tiring, destructive. It’s a kind of slow suicide.

I looked up the electrical definition of resistance. When you pass an electrical current through a conductor, it creates heat when there is resistance. So obviously if there’s no resistance there’s no heat. But the amount of heat that is generated is directly proportional to the amount of resistance present. So how good a conductor am I of the powers of Creation? The heat is representative of the drama, issues and challenges that we fight in the world. We resist, and the heat spills out all around us. How about being a conductor for the powers of Creation, the powers of Love and Truth?

Finally all of the work that we do internally for ourselves, all of the transformation that happens when we notice these patterns of drama or resistance, and choose to change them, all of this changes things vibrationally in the cosmic “soup.” We set a vibrational path through this swathe of humanity. We set a vibrational path to victory by changing the nature of our human nature to let the power of Creation move fully through us.

From a Transcript of a Service at Sunrise Ranch
July 19, 2015