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International Teleconference Service from Sunrise Ranch, A Worship Service Honoring the Vision and Spirit of Martin Exeter


David Karchere
Jim Wellemeyer
Lou Rotola
Tessa Maskell
Rupert Maskell
Paul Blythe
Alan Hammond
John Gray


PenDell Pittman sang “Come and Behold Him,” words by Martin Cecil, music by Lillian Cecil

George Emery read “Thus It Is,” by Martin Cecil

Michael and Sara Puharich read “The Lord’s Prayer” and “The Prayer of Being”

Jane Anetrini read “The Angelic Proclamation”

Joyce Karchere sang “Place of Worship,” words by Gary Diggins, music by Mary E. Hanson

Joyce also sang “Here in Thy Temple” by George C. Hans

Martin Exeter
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