Prayer of Being

Martin Exeter

Martin Exeter was the second spiritual leader of Emissaries of Divine Light. He was the founder of the spiritual community at 100 Mile House in British Columbia, and he led the Emissaries from 1954 to 1988.





I am in heaven.

The revelation of myself is holy.

My kingdom comes because I am here.

My will is done in earth because my will is done in heaven.

I give the bread of life in each moment of my living on earth.

I forgive, and that forgiveness is received by those who share the spirit of forgiveness.

I lead no one into tribulation, but deliver all evil into the creative cycle.

For mine is the kingdom present on earth because I am present on earth.

Mine is the creative power of the Word.

And mine is the glory which results, shining round about, to be reflected by the world which I create.

Martin Exeter

Martin Exeter
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