Bringing Attunement to the World

I am bringing Attunement to the world. That is my passion. Perhaps that is true for you too.

I am devoted to bringing the practice and the teaching of Attunement to the world. But beyond that, I am devoted to bringing the reality of Attunement, the experience of it. As a spiritual community, that is our devotion. It is my delight to bring this commitment to the surface of consciousness.

Recently, we have had the pleasure of introducing Attunement at many levels to people we have met in South Africa and in the United Kingdom. We stayed with William and Naomi Duffield at their home, Bella Vista, on the south coast of England, in Dorset. They organized an Introduction to Attunement evening event. And at some point, Naomi thought there might be five people attending. But then she sent a message to a WhatsApp group of women who swim all year round in the English Channel, announcing the event. Others heard about it too, and we ended up with about 25 people in a small meeting room at Bella Vista. As I put it at the time, it felt like we were attending a crowded cocktail party. We included about 25 people online. I know those attending are unlikely to forget the experience anytime soon.

Last Thursday, Karen Pritchard and I drove to Worcestershire, familiar to us Americans as the home of the famous sauce. We held a one-day Healing Chant event at a farm and event center, The Fold, a place Tessa Maskell introduced me to years ago.

Eighteen people attended, almost all of whom had not experienced Healing Chant before. They were initially cautious. Throughout the day, I taught the foundational building blocks for bringing a healing influence through their voice and hands—how to offer Attunement in that way. At the conclusion of the time, someone asked me why I had not told them in advance what it was all leading to. What he didn’t realize was that they wouldn’t have known what I was talking about if I did.

It was a powerful day. And it was an opportunity to work through people’s caution and wariness. What’s going on here?

Gradually, they had an experience of Attunement. When that happens, it is hard to argue with. You know the truth of it, and it is delightful and invigorating. I could pull out scientific studies about the power of prayer and the vitalizing effect of chant. But after a day of Healing Chant, our bodies were on fire—full of love, passion, and vigor. And highly oxygenated, for sure. We had a firsthand experience of the results of being in Attunement. And we formed a little community of people for the day, having this experience of what we call Healing Chant.

Healing Chant, as I practice and teach it, is something I created while chanting with others. But I developed it mostly myself. And right now, I am not sure that there is anyone else conducting Healing Chant sessions when I am not there. I wonder, How can I share the leadership of this wonderful practice?

People have resistance to experiencing something wonderful. And Attunement is wonderful. To bring Attunement to the world, we have to do something about the self-active mind—the mental tendency to let fearful, negative thoughts dominate the human experience.

Human consciousness is like a garden. Attunement allows the sun and rain to grow the garden. But self-active thoughts close a person off to elemental energies. The soil where seeds can sprout and grow turns hard. And then the only thing growing is weeds instead of luscious fruits and vegetables. And there has to be some loosening of the ground to break up any hardpan and let moisture enter the soil.

This might sound like an abstract metaphor for what happens for people worldwide. But it becomes far more than that if you are introducing people to Attunement and Healing Chant. You have to assist people to trust the process enough to experience something that is of great value to them. It takes wisdom, courage, and love to let that happen. 

I am thinking about us as a community of servers—servant leaders who are bringing a precious gift to the world. And I am thinking about what I wish for us as we take on this great work. I wish for us power. Not worldly power. I wish for us the power of love.

That is what I wish for each of us—the power of love rocking this community. The power of love resonating between us, loud and clear and strong, so that it moves us—our bodies, voices, and hearts. It reverberates in the worlds we inhabit—the love we share rocking the world.

Let’s raise the vibration of love that we know. Not by human effort—there is no way it happens that way. Let it rise in us and express itself through us as individuals and as a community, so that when any one of us is present, when any one of us speaks, they carry the reverberation of us all. They bring the love that is rocking this community. I wish for harmony. And to have that, there has to be conscious harmonization—a conscious, deliberate effort to work in harmony together. We have to harmonize how we are doing things. We have to learn from each other and learn collectively to allow wisdom to increase. We are on that journey. It is a learning journey, a harmonization journey, and a wisdom journey.

Learning takes humility. It is the humility to be directed by a higher wisdom, not the wisdom of our independent self-active mind but the wisdom of a higher knowing, the highest wisdom available to us. That is pretty important, is it not? We cannot settle for a lower understanding. That is true for each of us individually, and it is true for us together.

Relative to any collective creative endeavor, the highest wisdom is specific to the task. So is the person through whom that wisdom is present. Who that person is might change, depending on the endeavor.

It is not as if no one else has wisdom to bring. We all do, and sometimes the highest wisdom comes from unexpected places. But still, a group’s chances for creative accomplishment are much better when it honors the people who bring the highest wisdom for what they are undertaking.

I have friends who are highly accomplished fine artists. If I were taking on an art project, I would want someone like them to lead it. At Sunrise Ranch, we have a construction project we are undertaking. We found an architect and an engineer to plan the project.

Humility is the beginning of wisdom. And there has to be the humility to listen to the highest wisdom in the room. It’s not that the rest of us put our minds in neutral or take another person’s thoughts without thinking ourselves. But certainly, if there is someone who has the highest wisdom in the room, they are worth listening to, learning from, and harmonizing with.

Whether it is a solo or a collective project, sometimes the highest wisdom is plainly evident, and the guidance it gives us is explicit. In some way or another, life tells us, Do this! Other times, the wisdom needed to be successful is far more subtle. Life sometimes hints more than instructs. It teaches us and gives us subtle clues. So we have to listen to those subtle clues and follow them out. We have to harmonize with the highest wisdom showing itself in our own awareness or within whatever group of people we contribute to. We have to let it teach us.

This is what is happening for us as we bring Attunement to the world. And it has to. We have to listen to all the subtle clues that life gives us in all the things that we do so that we can be not only full of love but full of wisdom and intelligence. That starts with following the guidance we receive that is plain and explicit. And if that doesn’t happen, the project is dead in the water, at least for the person not following that guidance. If we do not even take the direct guidance that comes to us, we do not get to the subtle clues.

The world is desperately in need of the highest wisdom. There is an explosion of information and intelligence, artificial and otherwise. And there are all kinds of knowledge available in the world. But is the highest wisdom available? Is it seen, heard, received, and known?

And what is the highest wisdom for us as humankind? Knowing who we are, why we are here, and what we serve. Without that wisdom, all the rest of human intelligence doesn’t bring us harmony and abundance.

Attunement brings the knowledge of these things. It is attuning to the power of love and the highest wisdom available to the human experience.

I celebrate this spiritual community that is bringing Attunement to the world.



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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
May 27, 2023 7:11 am

I’ve been taking care of my health this week, with time to read.

Firstly, I have started the 49 Attunement Cards and readings. Next, a 1944 edition of “Living Biographies of FAMOUS MEN” – by Henry Thomas and Dana Lee Thomas; what an extraordinary book to have lying around in the house!

The Attunement set starts with the New Earth; how perfect for my situation. When sick, the body needs to heal and be restored.

Next, the Famous Men – all giants of vigour and intention, many of them liberationists and freedom fighters. This made me think about this particular Pulse of Spirit and the declaration to bring Attunement to the world. I think this is a liberationist call, too, David!

It might be thought crazy to regard oneself as a liberationist but there is much work to be done to change the consciousness of humanity. And, how better to bring the power of Love and the higher source-codes, respecting the influence of universal forces which play a part in the larger context of our planet in the cosmos. How could we not be inspired!

Kari Bye
Kari Bye
May 25, 2023 3:31 pm

How can I bring the experience of Attunement to the world? Suddenly I found myself doing it, before my mind was activated to find an answer. I lead a few women-friends in a weekly exercise session, which they asked for because I always seem to have “ways to wake up your body.”
We started to do this with music. The third week the CD-player did not work. I moved on, choosing different exercises that I remembered. Then it suddenly felt natural to tell them that I not only wake up my physical body, but also my inner being. My inner power.

They were really with me as I opened up to an Attunement-dimension. I do not know what it may lead to, but there is a deep appreciation and trust as I share my learning and experience relating to health and healing.

May 25, 2023 2:30 pm

All so beautiful!! Blessings….

We have to learn from each other and learn collectively to allow wisdom to increase. We are on that journey. It is a learning journey, a harmonization journey, and a wisdom journey.

Bert Jackson
Bert Jackson
May 25, 2023 2:09 pm

There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. It is a delight when they are connected.

Knowledge is information accumulated about things and issues. Wisdom is acquired when we harmonize, identify and know we are connected to all that is.

Knowing that connection is delightful.

Ron Free
Ron Free
May 25, 2023 5:14 am

I celebrate with you David. Thank you for leading us in the paths of righteousness– i.e. wisdom–.

Michael Piovesan
Michael Piovesan
May 25, 2023 12:38 am


Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
May 24, 2023 8:04 pm

As you so clearly bring out, David, artificial or other forms of human intelligence are no match for the highest wisdom flowing from the truth of love at the core of our being. As we let that wisdom govern our expression in living we bring Attunement to the world.

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