Birth of Light

My online dictionary defines a black hole this way:

  • A region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation can escape
  • A figurative place of emptiness or aloneness
  • A place where money, lost items, etc., are supposed to go, never to be seen again
  • (of a system, practice, or institution) A state of inadequacy or excessive bureaucracy in which hopes, progress, etc., become futile

I think what comes to mind for most of us is some sort of dark, scary place, where nothing happens; a place that sucks the life out of the environment. Growing up, my parents at times commented that there were needy people in life that were sort of like black holes—people who consistently intended to cheat others out of what was theirs, and that could seemingly take everything you had, literally or emotionally, and keep on taking.

In space, no one has actually seen a black hole, though scientists believe they can measure its effect in the space around it. Its mass is so densely packed that light cannot escape from its surface. What a metaphor for the state that humanity has come to! It is a miserable state for any person, to be so densely packed with lies, with fear, guilt, shame, you name it, that the light that is truly us can’t move through. That’s just not natural. That’s not the reality we came to bring. There is nothing happening in that black hole, I presume—nothing to work with, nothing creative.

In my meditations of what’s moving in the heaven of my experience and what I share with my friends here, my thoughts have continued to come back to the most elemental of experiences of being. At all levels of creation, what is happening? What is our core experience? It is radiance, no matter what. I’m not a lack of something. I am the projection of something; I am an expression of something. I am radiance; you are radiance. You are not “not here.” You are here! Therefore your natural position is to give of who you are.

The most natural thing about us is our radiance. This seems such a pivotal fact to acknowledge in our lives. The most natural way to live is in giving. To me, it is just face-smackingly obvious. Everything about what I see tells me that it is an expression of love; it is an expression of the source of all light, even though, in the human world, there are black holes that absorb the full expression of that source. We are on our way somewhere because we have already been sent forth from that place of origin. And everything about our lives resembles love. There is only a lack of that experience when our own light is not shining in the world.

The reason to be is so elemental and so often missed. We are here to love, because that is who we are. We are here to express the love from whence we came. It is a projection from the heaven that is our joyous responsibility. Love in action on earth. You know, that is really happening right here, right now, with all of us. We came here this morning so that we could find out what love in action looks like together. When we open a space so that the love that we are actually starts taking shape through human beings, that is magical.

We are stellar beings, creatures of light, in human form. It is an exciting life when you realize that this next moment that you step into is one in which you can offer your radiance. You can give your infinite wisdom into it. You are in joy, because that is who you are. You realize you are a gift from the cosmos. You are a gift from that which is behind the cosmos. You are a gift from the source of all life.

Somewhere along the line, people adopted the silly idea that there was a good choice to be made to forget that—that personal preferences are actually more satisfying and more real than the radiance from within; that an attempt to fill one’s own needs on an arbitrary basis would make one satisfied. That approach just makes you a black hole. The creative process is reliant upon the fact that we remember that our gift is what begins all of creation. It is a gift from that place that lies deep within us. We need only remember that we are here to give, and say yes.

There can be a misunderstanding about what that means, saying yes. I would like to emphasize that saying yes means saying I am here to bring clarity and light and love into this situation in the most accurate way—and in a given circumstance, that might include the statement “No, this is not acceptable.” We are interested in the highest and finest here, and we get to say no to that which would not allow the highest and finest to be held between us. We say no to the old story that lies within our genetic makeup that we inhabited when we came into the earth. There has to be a no to that old story. The old story tries to cover up the truth, tries to cover up our radiance. I am a spiritual warrior, so I say don’t let it win!

We are not here to let those old lies reign supreme in our experience. We are here to create the finest reality because it’s ours. We are here to let the stars of heaven, our heaven, be revealed through our living. That happens when we let the radiance that we are burn through those lies, so a constellation oflight beings starts to become evident. I start seeing an uncovering, truly. The design of heaven, which is our place of origin, is one that we know well. We are looking for it to take shape again, but it is already there. It’s just looking to be uncovered. It is creating our own “personal apocalypse,” and our willingness and our joy burns through the old and anything that would stifle our positive expression of love.

Creation is happening already. We have the incredible opportunity of stewarding it here on earth, so that it may be that gorgeous reality that we have just a glimmer of, really, in human concept. In our heart of hearts, we seek for it to be made real again. We want to see it, here and now. There is no reason to pretend that that is not important to you.

In saying this, I am speaking to the world. When I’m offering up the best that I have to my love, I am speaking to my world as well, and everything in it—my own human capacity included. All of humanity is one capacity, really, with a deep desire for healing.

As we gather our agreement in that, our love for that absolutely, we see more of our true selves happening, more of God happening. That requires us together. Each one of us is that representation of God, and it needs more—to see more of that One.

I relish this present moment when we share together with other awakening ones around the world the recognition of the true nature of divine being—positive, generous, offering love into every moment of our living, for a high creation. It is the birth of light in each moment.

Daphne Bramlett
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