True Humanity – Born of True Orientation

Right now we each have a special opportunity to create a new experience for ourselves and the people in our world. For as long as we live, actually, each waking moment will afford us the opportunity to create something new with each thought and feeling and action that we choose. Throughout history, however, thoughts, feelings and actions have not been necessarily consciously chosen, but have been more of an unthinking reflex action; and this habitual way of living a life has proven to be problematic—to say the least.

I am thankful to notice that there is a growing awareness of our innate creative power worldwide, and I also notice that inherent in that awareness is a growing sense that humanity as a whole has a destiny and a responsibility for allowing that destiny to unfold. I think that another natural and important awareness is also arising in consciousness for people. I think that people are awakening to the fact that a true point of orientation needs to be established in the creative experience that we share in order for our true destiny to unfold. For many of us, the old pattern of human efforts— which can include politics, religious traditions and cultural influences—is beginning to appear more and more random, and ultimately either impotent or destructive if it is not consistently referencing a true point of loving orientation.

During this holiday season that includes the celebration of Jesus’ birth and the heralding of a new year, there historically tends to be a natural orientation with something of Love and possibility in the hearts and minds of many people all over the world. There are also a lot of limiting assumptions and entirely unrelated presumptions associated with this time of year, which manifest in the form of spiritless traditions, a commercialized waste of resources, expectations never to be met, and promises scarcely kept. If you consider the countless traditions and religions that span the globe, which are intended to lead a person to spiritual actualization, you find that there are just as many limiting assumptions associated with all of them.

Here at Sunrise Ranch, David Karchere lead four powerful sessions of consideration about the life and teaching of Jesus, and for me these sessions were both a means of honoring the life of this great man and a means for the deepening and sharing of the true message of liberation, natural creation and unconditional love that he brought. What’s more, I personally took the opportunity to more deeply own the fact that the timeless message of love and creation that he brought is also my message and my reality. I invite us all to let go of the beliefs that we have held about the life and death of this man and simply find ourselves in deepening awareness and union with the quality of spirit that he embodied and the message that he brought that so beautifully articulated that reality. I find that when we allow ourselves this gift of surrender and openness, we discover an entirely new and loving range of reality and creative ability in our lives, because we are not actually surrendering to an assumption or a series of beliefs; we are surrendering our beliefs to a timeless Reality.

In order for true humanity to actualize here on earth, the human beings creating this experience must discover the true point of orientation inside themselves and dedicate their lives to living according to the Pristine Invisible Reality that is eternally available to them. I do believe that has been the intent of the wide variety of traditions that span the globe—to invoke the experience of the sacred and eternal in our experience—and that has also been the unconscious intention of the destructive repeating patterns that humanity has fallen prey to down through the ages. In a forgotten state of consciousness, patterns of destructive behavior are repeated in order to relive the part of what we felt in our experience that was actually true. Our love life, our holiday habits, our dramas at work, our family dramas—most often we’re creating our lives through an unconscious attempt to feel and find what is actually true in it all. Coming to terms with that fact is very powerful, and yet blaming ourselves for the forgetfulness isn’t going to invoke the experience that we’re looking for either. What is required is a continual turning of our attention to the quality of experience that is rightly and naturally ours, and a tending of our external vision and experience to match that inner Reality.

Each one of us has come on earth to reveal this kind of love, this quality of being, and each of us knows this about ourselves deep down. If you’ve already come to terms with this fact and you notice how it is done in inspiring people that we have come to know, don’t you notice that for every inspired and inspiring person it comes down to deciding where we will give our attention and to what we give our energy? I certainly notice that the only way that we can say for sure that anything in particular is going to happen for ourselves individually is through our own conscious attention and energy being given over to what we want to experience. When we’re intent to allow something creative to happen with other people, it is not even our energy exerted on them that really allows something large to happen, is it? It’s actually the space that we hold in consciousness and our dedicated openness to the possibility itself that leads to a grand and glorious outcome! We have no way of knowing what is possible with the people in our life if we aren’t consistently holding an awareness of the larger energetic potential of any given circumstance. Someone has to hold a vision and quality of experience of what is possible in order for that possibility to be met. We can do that together and find greater wisdom and possibility than we could have ever individually imagined!

There are people in my life that are absolutely inspiring figures. They’re all over Sunrise Ranch, where I live, and I continue to discover that they’re all over the world. But I wouldn’t even know that they’re incredible people if I didn’t know that the very Reality that they seem to be reflecting in their living is in fact the Reality that I love—that is also inside of me. Becoming more and more deeply familiar with that place in the eternal by consistently referring all thoughts, feelings and actions to that place is necessary then, so that I am ensuring that the place in which I meet others is that place and that we are expandingthat Reality together.

I don’t know about you, but I’m intent to take full advantage of the opportunity that lies before us at this particular time in history, as there appears to be a gathering awareness and attention being given to the larger opportunity that exists for all of humanity to awaken to its true purpose and fulfillment. One important invitation that I feel the urge to extend is an awareness of true spiritual leadership for our shared creative field. Who’s the leader in your experience? Who’s your spiritual leader? I say we will continue to be lost if we don’t know that it starts with us. We really have no way of knowing who to orient to or who to work with in our lives if we don’t rest in the recognition that we ourselves can fully own the powerful presence and potential that exists within us and that it is ours to express. Living from that potent and peaceful place of recognition, we can meet our friends and find ourselves in a magically coordinated constellation that magnifies the Reality within, and we can naturally create a world beyond what we could have ever imagined ourselves. But it starts with that ownership, humble ownership.

I have been considering the word humility and how it is actualized in human experience. As critical as humility is along this path of deepening spiritual awareness, it is actually a natural by-product of a life given over to a grand purpose. It gets back to where our attention is paid… When we are focused on the Pristine Invisible Presence within all people and all things, the rest of our experience follows, moves, rises up to meet, continually shifts to be in that place of meeting, of union, and unified expression of what is true. Humility is a quality of expression that joyously and continually comes forth and meets eternal Source. That is also the means by which a human life can know unconditional love. I think that most people would find it a very new experience to love people in their life based on their love for the Creator, but that is actually the only way to truly know unconditional love. Unconditional love is love that meets itself everywhere, in every situation, and recognizes that everything in one’s life is actually a reflection and invitation for more of that love. Our life together takes on an entirely new quality of creation when we live in this way, wouldn’t you say?

One of the teachings of Jesus that David Karchere drew our attention to this week during our considerations was “Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” (Matthew 5:8) It is important to acknowledge that we would likely never begin a path of spiritual revelation if we thought that we had to have what most of us would consider to be a “pure heart” first. With the multitude of scary, demeaning, painful thoughts and feelings that can arise out of the mass subconscious, which we cannot escape as human beings, it seems nearly impossible to begin any meaningful path if we have to rationally believe that we will not feel things that we judge as impure. What is most important to me about this passage is the recognition that one who simply gives their attention over to the loving presence of God does see God in all things and is truly blessed. We can know the abundance of potential that is present in every moment because Love is present. You and I can be here representing the substantial recognition that blessings do come and refreshing waters of truth do fill our awareness and cleanse the vast realm of feeling and thought that is ours when we give our attention to that which is true and loving and always present.

I am grateful to be on earth at this time and able to share in this special process of deepening and expanding invitation to the world with new and old friends. As the invitation from Love itself is extended to me and to us, I can honestly say that I for one feel the magnitude and depth of that invitation, urging a more and more transparent experience and expression of love from me in my life. We can know the joy that comes with thanksgiving to the One from whom all blessings flow, and we can experience the relief, the freedom and the creative power that we naturally hold in the world, when we courageously choose to live according to our design. This powerful choice to open to the fine presence within us and deliver that same quality of being into our world is the one continual choice that can meet the growing opportunity before us to allow true humanity to be revealed on Planet Earth.

Daphne Bramlett
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