Awareness of the Field


Consider the difference between an old thought and a new one. How does it feel when you have an old thought—a thought you have had many times before? A pestering thought, a gnawing thought? Such thoughts are often accompanied by worry or anxiety, and a wish for something unfulfilled. Such thoughts are not typically happy thoughts; they are just bothersome. Someone referred to thinking such thoughts as being like a dog gnawing on a bone.

And then there are those new thoughts. New thoughts are just incredible. They are like little babies: new, fresh, and full of life. And it may be something like what you have thought before, but somehow it is not. It is filled with promise and filled with possibility. New thoughts come with a sweet essence to them.

Some of my most ecstatic experiences of new thought have been as I wrote music. Entertaining the thought of a new melody, you hear it as if discovered in some secret place. And there it is! It’s sweet and it’s lovely, and you know that it could have a prosperous life in the world. It could be born, and other people could hear it. But you know that you got to hear it first. It’s just a thought, but a new thought, a fresh thought. It’s enlivening, it’s life-giving. It’s beautiful. And such is the nature of creative consciousness.

I have been pondering that for myself and for this creative field of consciousness we are in. Two weeks ago I was speaking about the way that consciousness facilitates Creation, and how the seeds of Creation—the design and pattern of Creation—are both within the form of Creation itself and also in consciousness. There are some beautiful words from that ancient story of Creation in the opening chapter of Genesis. On the Third Day of Creation it says something about the fruit with the seed within itself. I was walking down the road at Sunrise Ranch this morning, past a cottonwood tree. The cottonwoods seem to have gone crazy this year. The wind was blowing and then all that cotton with the seeds in it was coming off the tree, and the cotton was shimmering in the sun as it went by. I couldn’t help but think, How efficient is that? Really good—it’s spreading its seed around, caught on the wind.

Consciousness makes a difference. We bring consciousness to the garden at Sunrise Ranch, for instance. The seed is in the plants of the garden, but the seeds of the garden are also in our consciousness. The pattern and design of the zucchini, and the growing of the zucchini and everything else in the garden, is there in consciousness. Human consciousness has this amazing ability to touch into the pattern of Creation. We sometimes take a step too far in that process, so that we are imposing our consciousness upon Creation. And then we create these monstrous patterns—atomic bombs, chemicals that should never be created, and all kinds of awful things imposed upon the natural world.

And isn’t that the same thing we do to other human beings sometimes?

Quite literally, at a physical level, we have the seed of the human being that we are in our DNA. But that seed is not just at a physical level. At every level of the form of a human being—at the level of the emotional body, the mental body, the spiritual body—the seed is in itself. In other words, the very nature of who we are as a human being, the very pattern of Creation for our creative unfoldment, is within the multidimensional body of the human being. And yet, with consciousness, we impose things on other people and upon ourselves—standards and judgments. We have a pattern in consciousness that we are trying to make other people fit into.

There is a pattern that is the seed within the form and there is a pattern in consciousness. To live a creative life, we have to understand that it is all part of one pattern of Creation. What is present in consciousness is not separate from what is present in the form. Through consciousness, we are touching into the pattern of Creation. And yet, for us as human beings, our awareness of ourselves and our awareness of the forms of Creation all around tends to be limited by localized consciousness. We think of “me” as separate from “you,” and the thoughts I have about you as separate; and the same is true with the garden, when actually it is all part of one pattern of Creation that we are all participating in. And yes, it localizes itself in the zucchini and in you and in me. But who I am is not just the localized pattern. And I have the opportunity to touch into consciousness that transcends just the localized me—the localized, personalized version of who I am.

We sometimes refer to that localized, personalized version of the individual with derogatory names, such as ego. What is ego? Ego is really the localized personality self, the localized personality consciousness. And even though I have yet to figure out a way to manifest myself on earth except through myself, I am bigger than that manifestation. I am larger than the embodiment of who I am through my own localized body, mind and heart.

Creation happens through the magic of witnessing Creation; through the magic of bringing consciousness to Creation. There is magic in that act. It draws out the possibility of Creation and unleashes the volcanic power of Creation. Consciousness does that. We know that scientifically—that’s what quantum physics is about, is it not? Light somehow behaves differently when it is being watched. That is, in short, what was found. But our world is the same way. When we watch another person with loving eyes, when we are a loving witness to their unfoldment, something different happens for them, and something different happens in the space. I am not imposing something on that person if I am that witness. I am also not an impartial, removed observer looking with critical eye. I am engaging in Creation through conscious witnessing. In that, I am celebrating you. I am celebrating the garden. I am celebrating what is happening in the field. I am celebrating the seeds of Creation that are within itself, that are within you and within me. It is all the pattern of Creation that is manifesting locally but which also transcends the local.

What consciousness brings to Creation is so powerful. I think about this creative field we share. What is this field? It is not so local, because the people who read this Pulse of Spirit are spread around the globe. But there are certainly localized manifestations of us, as readers, in various parts of the world. But actually this field spreads beyond that. I do believe it is quite possible that there are people who are connected to what is happening in consciousness through the readers of The Pulse of Spirit, who are participating with us also. Shall we exclude them? So while the field we share has local embodiment, it is not limited to that.

What is this field? It cannot quite be defined, but there is a creative field of consciousness that we have somehow entered, and through the magic of becoming conscious of this field, there is something happening on an accelerating basis. We are bringing a focus of consciousness, and therefore the field is volcanically arising. The power within it is being released. Its inner nature—the seeds within itself—is being shown, and then the fruit is growing and ripening.

And what is the price of admission to participate powerfully as a creator in this field? The price of admission, if you want to pay to play, is to appreciate that you are not just the localized version of yourself. You are consciousness that has ever been and shall forever be. You are that. And knowing that you are that, being that, and bringing that into the field—that is the price of admission. That is where the fun is! It is not fun letting your life be defined by your localized sense of self—by your history and by your old thoughts that gnaw away at you. That’s not fun. That’s not creative for any of us.

The localized experience of self is transformed when we realize that there is something more going on here, that we are transcendent consciousness. This is not spiritual happy talk. This is the reality of who we are. That doesn’t deny the local experience. We are investing the transcendent into the local experience. That is where the fun is. That is where the new thoughts come in; new consciousness, and new awareness. And mind and heart open up to that and let it in.

When we are having new feelings, it is not so hard to bless and understand the people around us. It is work, from an egoic standpoint, to understand and bless the people in your life, because on that basis they are actually not quite so lovable. Have you ever noticed that? When you are stuck in your ego state, the people around you don’t look so lovable. But from the standpoint of God consciousness, we are losing the limitations of the localized sense of self, and we look around and we are witness to the pattern of Creation, which is beauty. We become a witness to beauty. And in being a witness, we are loving it and we are drawing it out.

It is burdensome to entertain the old thoughts. The old thoughts are judgmental. And living in the egoic state and being judgmental of others takes a lot of effort. If you are in that state, you may not realize how hard you are working to keep that going. Gnawing on that bone takes a lot of work, because the consciousness of who we are is just looking to share the light of itself and the love that it naturally has to give. By our nature we are loving people. By our nature we are understanding and blessing people. The truth of who we are does see and understand and does love—not because we are trying to be good but because that is who we are and it is what we do as consciousness.

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Andrew Horwood
Andrew Horwood
June 25, 2018 8:15 pm

This matter of consciousness creating the world is so fundamental and yet hidden in plain sight. It’s like gravity – we’ll all affected by it but it’s invisible. Instead of gravity, consciousness has gravitas – the power of all creation embedded within it. This is the most powerful creative tool known to humankind.

Whether consciously understood or not, control of consciousness has been, and remains, the primary tool in what the Toltec tradition calls “the domestication of humans” and has over the millennia led to both extraordinary destruction and brutality and amazing creativity and beauty. I’m reading a biography of St Francis at present, and his entire life was devoted to ensuring the conditions were optimal for new thought and feeling through deep appreciation of the beauty and wonder of what was already present. I, too, have that opportunity, as do all people. I gladly embrace that opportunity and pledge to live that way alongside you.

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
June 25, 2018 12:49 am

Nelson Mandela was a prisoner for 27 years, but he was not captive. His mind and heart were not behind bars. He encouraged himself with reading and study, thinking and discourse. He was a free man well before the Government had a change of heart.

We are expansive beyond belief! I am expansive beyond my dreams – I must know this for myself and fulfill my cosmic purpose.

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