Father’s Day Service at Edenvale


Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers and to all of us. I celebrate a new reality of fatherhood—not the old father who is either abandoning his world and his responsibilities, not acting for the good of his family or community, or the world. Not the dominating father who abuses and imposes an unnatural control. And also not the domesticated father who doesn’t have the current of fatherhood moving through him. We as men are called upon to bring the true Father into the world. That is the calling of any man, as it is for all of us.

I had a vision of the seismic nature of the vibration that comes from a creative person. There is such a thing as a seismic wave, which is vibrations that move through our planet, some through the outer crust and some through the inner layers of Planet Earth. Seismologists have categorized these waves and one of the categories is the Love wave, named after a British mathematician, A. E. H. Love.

As spiritually awake people, we are here to bring a Love wave to the world. We are here to bring a powerful, reordering vibration that changes the world in which we live. A domesticated man cannot do that. The Father within all people can, and a man who’s given to the Father can bring a Love wave into the world. But we as men have to acknowledge that we don’t have exclusive rights to that process. Anyone can open themselves and let the power of Universal Love come into them and through them and find that it holds the world together, and shapes the world according to the patterns of Creation that are natural for us as human beings and that are natural for the world in which we live.

What is natural? It is hard to define. But certainly when we look at the world around us we see things that are not natural. We are interested here in opening ourselves to the intelligence that sees the true pattern and brings it into the world.

I’ve been hearing a phrase recently that’s interesting to me: inflection point. An inflection point is that place where a curve changes direction. While the origin of the phrase is from mathematics, it is used in the business world. In that context, an inflection point is an event that results in a significant change in the progress of a company, industry, sector, economy or geopolitical situation. It is a turning point, after which a dramatic change with either positive or negative results is expected.

This applies at a personal level. Personally, an inflection point might be that moment when a person chooses to extend themselves into the world in which they live. It could be that point at which a person decides someplace deep within themselves to allow the Love wave to come out through them and into their field.

For me, it has been an important spiritual practice to notice where in my life I am holding back; where in my life I feel some kind of hurt or pain or withdrawal; an unwillingness to show myself. It is important to notice where I am tiptoeing through life on that basis. That experience is inevitably tinged with some kind of victimhood, and the constant companion of victimhood is recrimination of others. So I am willing to notice when this pattern shows itself and give myself a talking to. That is different from taking a whip to my own human heart, which I wouldn’t suggest for anyone. But I do notice what is happening and I am willing to enter a process that comes to an inflection point around the issue; a point of choice which brings me to the readiness to extend myself out into my world and to do it with a strength and power that is not self-generated. That change taps into the very natural urge that’s within us all to come out and extend ourselves.

That is the urge of the Father within each of us men and women. The Father wants out. The Love wave within us wants out. Up to that point the world in which we live looks scary. That’s true of the immediate world. People around us can look scary and it’s also true of the wider world in which we live. Yet when we reach this inflection point and allow ourselves to be truly present in our field, that field looks different. We find that we are supported in unexpected ways. Yes, there might be naysayers. But we’ll also have a natural support from others who are resonating with the same Love wave with which we are resonating. And there is something in that field into which we enter that supports us energetically, and that level of support doesn’t depend on any particular person and what they say or do. It’s in the field.

Before we enter that field, it probably seems like a physical field and a worldly field. If you want to enter the world at large, it seems very human and perhaps very corrupt in many ways. And yet, when we extend ourselves out into the world, we find that the field has altitude as well as breadth. It is not only the field of the manifest that we’re entering. The manifest field that we see in the world is the earthly dimension of a world that Lloyd Arthur Meeker called the whole, holy world. It includes not only the forms of the human world but the invisible dimensions of Creation. It includes the invisible pattern of Creation and the field of quantum possibility for the world in which we live. The DNA of a new world is there.

When we move out into the field we find ourselves not only surrounded by the human world but a part of a larger world that many are unconscious of. We find we have entered not only the earthly planes but the heavenly planes as well.

We find we have a presence and a beingness in our field that is unexpected. It doesn’t seem that way when we’re huddled in our homes. But out in our field are not only the people of earth but the angels of heaven; and when our spirit is moving out, we find ourselves in the presence of angels. We find ourselves at home in that heaven. We find new dimensions of ourselves held and supported, not only by people who are here with us incarnate in the flesh but by invisible forces of Creation and by invisible dimensions of Being.

I’m not losing it here or saying anything too terribly fantastic. And I’m truly not inviting wild flights of imagination and great mental constructs of angelic hierarchies, or anything else. I’m just saying that, in my experience, there is a world waiting for us. There’s the human part of that world that desires our presence and there’s the angelic dimension of that world that is waiting for us. And while there is a tremendous human tendency to retract—and for some a desire to leave this world and go into a heavenly hereafter—it’s actually the extension of ourselves into our world that allows us to enter a heavenly realm at the same time. That is counterintuitive for someone who is withdrawing into themselves.

We of Emissaries of Divine Light, wherever we may be around the globe, are at this inflection point collectively. We are at a point of choice, and with choice is opportunity and potentiality. It’s true right here at Edenvale and for Emissaries of Divine Light in British Columbia. For those of us who are aware of this, we feel the world calling, and wanting us.  And we feel the angels of heaven calling us, wanting our presence, wanting us to show up, not because we are leaving but because we are arriving.

We come to this inflection point because there is a generation of spiritual love substance in our own Being as an individual human being, and then among us. Up to a certain point, that generation seems purposeless. It buoys us, but it is not applied toward the fulfillment of a purpose in the world. It is not for any particular reason other than just to allow the beauty and the loveliness of what we have to share to unfold between us.

Sometimes we seem to have a hard time with that as human beings. In one of his classes, Lloyd Arthur Meeker said that it would be shocking for most people to realize that the generation of that substance in their life was thick at a young age, and then it was as if a dial got turned and it essentially stopped. In the initiation of a relationship in youth, perhaps through the honeymoon period, there is usually the depth of feeling that is necessary for real spiritual generation to occur. And then, as if a dial was turned, the people involved stopped generating. Whether it’s a couple in relationship, an individual, a community or a nation, the same phenomenon can, unfortunately, occur.

We’re called upon to notice as an individual when there are internal dials that have switched off our spiritual generation and that require a reopening of the heart—a flow of blessing in, and a flow of blessing out. Breathe it in and breathe it out. Simply enjoy the loveliness and the pleasure of communion. Allow the awareness of sacred space that we have to share. And then, when the inflection point comes and it is time to bring a wave of love into the world, it’s backed by what’s in the bank of spiritual substance that we hold together.

The time comes when, whatever is in the bank account in that regard, you are called upon to make the investment of your love into the world. And if you are a few dollars short you had better start earning quickly, because it’s time when we reach that inflection point. And I say, my friends, It’s time.

Each one of us has to determine, in whatever part of our soul we decide such things, what time it is for us. And I can’t tell you that for you. But I can say what is true for me and what I see for us. And everything in me says, It’s time.

It is good on this Father’s Day to allow the Father’s love to be full and rich among us and to pour out into the world.

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
June 30, 2018 8:13 am

“There are tides in the affairs of men…” to quote Shakespeare from Julius Caesar. Recognizing an inflection point and following the impulse leads on to victory; if overlooked, the experience is bound in the shallows and in misery.

Failing to act or to overlook a situation comes with consequences, as one frames ones life with small-mindedness. The impulse of response to the tide of life brings courage and vision, a sense of quest, and one hooks into the wholeness of heaven and earth; a partnership. A shift happens.

I think I was more maliable when younger; more flexible being on my own, solo. Marriage and family life have made me more settled, less venturesome. Perhaps the time has come….

Raymond Salton
Raymond Salton
June 28, 2018 10:48 pm

Such a transformation takes place when I stand on Sacred ground Then I breathe the Blessings of that Sacred space into my sacred Temple The Sovereign stands as a man in communion with God The heavenly Father in women and men who are in Spiritual agreement generates a creative field which allows the love wave to radiate !! I say let it rip into my world Divine passion born of a heart yielded to god Spirit comes through as a channel Nothing to do with me but as an Emmissary of Divine Light Held in the Holy land which Uranda and Lord Martin Cecil initiated to birth Sunrise Ranch Sacred ground held by so many enlightend ones In 1979 I was truly home for the first time in my life So many held me in love I was fathered into beginning to be a conscious angel here on earth I have never forgot the Attunement that I received from Roger de Winton My energetic connection to the ranch has been a sine wave reflecting my 3rd generation Bipolar Mental state This has taken me to extremes in my expression at times A true testing ground for Spirit to actually Bless ! my being and my world Thank you David and to so many that hold a creative field with you grounding the ebb and flow The seismic wave that makes all things new Heaven on Earth which transforms in ongoing cycles AUMEN !

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