Attunement: Consciousness and Energy

I invite you to join with people around the world in deepening our collective understanding and love for the process of Attunement, as we build toward three Attunement Retreats in April and early May.

Attunement: Embodying the Cosmic Love Within Us

Sunrise Ranch
Loveland, Colorado

April 12 to 14

Glen Ivy Center
Corona, California
April 26 to 28

Abbotsford, British Columbia
May 3 to 5

The process of attunement includes a process of discovering non-attunement. When we deliberately attune to the highest vibration, we then have the opportunity to address the parts of our experience that are hanging out in something other than that. Every time you have taken a creative step in your life, haven’t you had a new perspective on some part of your experience and noticed that it is not attuned to the direction in which you were beginning to go?

As human beings, we don’t usually just open to a new creative direction without being faced with the necessity to integrate that new direction in our life. Most often, the new opening is followed by the thought, “Oh my god, look what I’ve been doing!” And it may be something very practical, like, “Look what I’ve been eating!” or “Look at how I’ve been expressing myself to other people!”

You may also notice a feeling state within yourself. For instance, if you choose to express unconditional love in your life, you may notice a feeling state that is anything but that. If we have a higher awareness of who we are at a level that transcends whatever feeling state we are in, we have the inherent power to say, “I’m going this way. I’m going to express unconditional love.”

The practice of Attunement includes recognition of the bridge between what is happening for a person consciously and what’s happening energetically. That bridge comes to focus physically in the endocrine glands. The pineal gland is the apex point of the entire system of endocrine glands. It is located between the two hemispheres of the brain and it is shaped like a pine cone, hence its name. It brings to focus pure love and it is the connection point between the unmanifest reality at higher levels of vibration and the manifest experience.

So the energetic function of the pineal gland is tied to the conscious choice to love unconditionally. This means that whatever anybody else does and whatever is happening in your life, no matter if you have had your feelings crunched or whatever it is, you can choose to bring the vibration of love. It may not be received by the people around you. It may not be welcomed in some corners. But you can, nevertheless, choose not to stop loving. You can simply decide that your life is about expressing love, knowing that life works when you love unconditionally.

There is something that happens energetically for a person who has made that choice. They radiate love. You can see it. Their countenance changes. Something emanates from them that is different. They are not a milquetoast and they are not a doormat. Really bringing unconditional love is the most powerful thing a person can do. Love is an unstoppable force. What happens through the pineal has altogether to do with that choice.

The next gland in the system is the pituitary gland. At that level, we name the spirit as the spirit of the womb. Here is definitely a feminine metaphor, the womb being a place of conception, a place where the things of love are received into the human experience; a place where the conception of life takes place and is then held safe. In the gestation of a human being, the gestation period is nine months. That is a long time to hold safe the seed of something beautiful and wonderful that could manifest in a person’s life. The cycle of gestation for each reality that manifests in a person’s life is different. But how many people have the ability to hold the seeds of love in a safe place in their awareness for however long—to treasure them and love them and let them grow before they have begun to manifest in external form?

This is the conscious choice point related to the pituitary gland: Will we hold safe the seeds of love in the spirit of the womb? We can let all the precious seeds of possibility that are landing in our consciousness be cared for. We can keep them alive; we can choose not to give up on them; we can sustain them—not trying to bring them forth into the world the instant we become aware of them, knowing they would probably wilt and wither, but hold them safe so that they can grow and gestate in the womb of consciousness, so that they can gather energy around them—until that day when they are ready to be born, ready to manifest in our life, when it is really time for giving birth.

If we can hold that womb for the precious things of love in ourselves, do you think perhaps we would know something about doing that for another person? Could we then hold precious possibilities for them, creating the vibrational surround for those possibilities to take form?

In these words, I am now holding the vibrational surround for the things of love that are gestating within you, that want to be born one day and manifest in your life. I know I can be part of the process by which the vibrational womb can be kept safe for those things. I know you have that ability too, for the people that are in your life.

Isn’t that what being a true parent is all about? It is not just the nine months of pregnancy in which there must be a spiritual womb present, though we honor women for the amazing role they play in that process. It is also the holding of children as they grow up. True parenting is holding the vibrational surround that allows all those precious elements within them to have time to develop and then take form in their lives. In the process, their expression comes out funny sometimes, and they do silly things, and maybe they’re bad sometimes, as we might think of it. That is all part of the process. If we are a true parent, we know we have to keep the right surround so that it can all come out right. But it is not just children who need that. All people need that kind of surround. All circumstances do.

When we make the conscious choice to bring the vibrational surround of the spirit of the womb, an energy is invoked through us. It is the energetic power of Mother God that each person has the capacity to bring to the world, whether they are a man or a woman. That energetic power is invoked by conscious choice.

Each of the endocrine glands is influenced by the conscious choices we make. The process of Attunement has to be both an energy practice and a consciousness practice.


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August 9, 2014 10:54 am

Essentially we are all the same, it is the ego’s behaviours and manifestations that make us appear different. I think when we operate at higher energy levels [it] helps overcome challenges such as this;, however, it’s the practice of trying to maintain it that provides the most difficulty. Intuition can really help us when we are wondering if something is not quite right, generally the truth will sit within us, bugging us if we don’t choose to acknowledge it. Thanks for the post and emails, they’re great.

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