Attunement and the Principles of Manifestation

It is good to be in sacred space and to be cultivating and building that space in what we are sharing together here this morning. Where the spiritual atmosphere we are sharing is rich and full and clear, there are experiences that are available that aren’t available otherwise.

I’d like to speak this morning about this as a process of attunement. When we speak about attunement, we are speaking about a spiritual dynamic. It is, first of all, an individual process that begins with quietness so that a person is more closely in touch with what is at their own core. We go into our closet in prayer, into our own personal sacred space, so that we touch in deeply with what is most sacred to us, what is supremely important to us. This is the beginning of the process of attunement.

As we touch in deeply in that place, there is a spiritual current that is available to bring to other people and to our world. It is a current that generates atmosphere. It is a current that creates a context in which the creative process of our life and of our creative field can continue. So another way to think about the process of attunement is to understand it as a process of manifestation. Because where there is attunement going on, there is an atmosphere, and there is something that can happen in that field that cannot happen any other way.

When spiritual atmosphere is created, we begin to know things that we did not know before. We begin to see something about other people that we hadn’t seen. I remember my own experience as a teenager, going out with one of my first girlfriends. I remember knowing what she looked like, gazing at her across the room in my English class, and then going out on a date and gazing into her eyes, and realizing that I had not seen this person before. Have you ever had that experience? You thought you had seen someone, you thought you knew them; and in a moment, because the atmosphere between you plumped up, you realized that you hadn’t seen before and you hadn’t known this person.

Creative atmosphere does that, particularly atmosphere that has its origin in love. And I’m not just speaking about the romantic infatuation of a fourteen-year-old. I’m speaking about a quality of love that is universal—that spirit which is in all sacred things, whatever form they take. Love is the ultimate value in all things and in all people.

So the process of manifestation includes these steps. It begins with going into one’s own closet, so that one touches and knows for oneself what has value. As that happens, there is another step to take, which is the generation of atmosphere personally and with other people. As that atmosphere thickens, there are things that become possible in form that would never have been possible before. There are things that come alive in one’s world. There is living form that, at least to us, had not been alive before.

We teach this process in the Emissaries. There are people in our context who know how to do this, and they know how to show other people how to do this. But we don’t own this process, by any means. This is the universal process of manifestation.

And what are we speaking of when we’re speaking about manifestation? We’re talking about creating living form in a living world. Human beings seem to be able to manifest certain things. People are looked up to if they can manifest money, or other material things. That’s not particularly what I’m talking about, although money and material things can be part of the process of manifestation. I’m talking about the supreme calling of any person, which is to participate in the creation of a living world. I would say that we know and feel the difference between a world that is dying and coming apart, and a world that is alive and coming together. We know when our world is chug-chug-chugging along but isn’t buoyant, isn’t filled with life for us or the people around us. We know what it is to grind it out, to simply bear up and endure. There is a time for tenacity and endurance, but we know the difference between an experience of life and buoyancy and creation, and grinding it out.

A simple factor in the process of manifestation is that you have to start with what you want to end with. So if you want to create something that’s living in form in your world with other people in the creative field that you’re working in, you have to start by honoring the essence of what you want to have born in that world. The process we speak of as “going into the closet” is for that purpose. It is a process of touching and honoring the essence of what is to be born.

We speak of that essence as the Father, and we could speak of what’s to be born as the Child, using those words as symbols for an experience. So we go into the closet to touch something of the essence of the Father, the essence of what may be given birth to in our life and in our creative field. What is given birth won’t be the Father, as such—it will be the Child, and children have a way of having a life of their own, in their own unique way, that is so unpredictable. Life is like that. What happens in life, if it’s really life, is unpredictable in a wonderful way. But if you trace it back, you will see that if you have communed with what is most precious to you, and you have allowed your thoughts and feelings to be full of that reality, the world you create will be full of those spiritual genetics.

What is the person’s role in all this? It is to be the Mother: the fertile context in which the essences of love may gestate and be born.

For this process to work, there has to be the generation of spiritual atmosphere, which is a large part of the fertile context that allows life to be born. With atmosphere come intelligence and an understanding that there is a pattern for our creating. There is a creative pattern for our life and there is a creative pattern for our world. There is an invisible grid that connects all people and all things. Participating in the creative process, we begin to become aware through the spiritual atmosphere that there are people and circumstances that are being drawn into place on that grid, to manifest in our world. They are called into living form in our world. Certainly, there are practical things for us to do to let that happen. But it is the magic of the process that lets it work, not just our efforts.

I’ll give you an example of this. This month we have seven people who are moving to Sunrise Ranch—seven wonderful people who are joining us to be part of this community and to join us in our work. I don’t think any of us got on the phone and tried to talk them into it. But because there are people at Sunrise Ranch who have an experience of being in communion with the highest values in their life, that creates an atmosphere. That atmosphere is the medium through which a call has gone out around the world for people to join us in our work, in whatever way is right and fitting for them. That might be for a person to serve in the field where they are. It might be to come here and join us for a season, as some do, for a week or a month or a year or more.

That call could mean many things for a person. For these seven people, it meant they were called to be here in form as a part of this, our living world. There is a sense that these are just the perfect people to come here now. Perhaps once they get here we may not think they’re so perfect! There will be things always to work out at a personality level. But there is a sense that this is perfect and that what is being drawn into manifestation here, now, is perfect.

That has special significance to me and to us who live here. But I am speaking about this mostly because it is evidence of the principles of manifestation at work. Central to that is the process that we speak of as attunement. We may be thinking of an individual human body and the manifestation of health and well-being in that body. How does that happen? It happens through attunement. It is a process of manifestation. Or we could think of whatever field we may be operating in, where we are asking the question “What brings wholeness here?” For the individual, for a body of people, a family or a world, what brings healing?

I’d like to read four premises that are foundational for the process of attunement. Here is the first one:

“Human consciousness is the critical factor in the destiny of humanity.”

There are many other things we could talk about—the ecology, the economy, nuclear weapons, world finance, etc.; and still, if you track all those things back, what creates all those realities? They are created by human consciousness—what is happening between the ears and in the heart. Here is the most critical factor for the future of humanity.

Here is the second premise:

“All people are connected at unseen energetic levels.”

When we are in the same room together, as we are here this morning, that seems obvious. If our awareness is open to perceive it, we realize we are sharing something energetically with other people, whether we’re in a context like this or whether we’re at a wedding, like many of us were last night. We are sharing an energy field, and what I do energetically affects you, and what you do affects me.

But this range of energy has no bounds. Something specific happens with people in physical proximity, but is your energy really disconnected from somebody who is outside this Dome here this morning? We are energetically connected.

Here is number three:

“The most profound influence on human consciousness as a whole is spiritually awake and conscious people acting in concert under the direction of the universal spirit of love.”

Do you think that we might make a difference energetically in what happens in the world? I can tell you that there are people who believe it matters what they do, and they may not be thinking in such a spiritually conscious and awake way as we are this morning. There are people who are looking to manipulate human consciousness, certainly, whether it’s politicians or people creating advertisements, or religious leaders of all kinds. So there are people who believe they can influence the body of humanity in a manipulative kind of way. Do you think it’s possible to bring a powerful creative influence to the body of humanity with an attitude that says, “Let love radiate without concern for results”? I do.

Here is the last of these four Attunement premises:

“The process of Attunement is a high-level spiritual technology that allows conscious people to bring a healing influence that changes the future.”

For those of us who have worked in the field of attunement more specifically, we know that it is genius-level technology that is behind this work. It begins with the genius of the human body. That’s a good place to start. It also works with the intrinsic creative principles that bring life and manifestation. The man who developed the attunement technology was certainly a genius when it comes to this work.

The ultimate wisdom of the process of attunement is that in spiritual substance, which is the atmosphere that we work with through attunement, the genius of life itself has a chance to show itself. The healing pattern, which is the whole pattern for life, is present in the current that’s carried through the atmosphere that’s shared in the attunement process. It is that atmosphere that allows the very current of life to reach the world of form—starting with the human form—to bring healing and wholeness, so that the person can hear the current of life calling through the substance. They hear the call to wholeness. And whole people create a whole, living world.

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