A Sea of Glass Mingled With Fire

Savannah Guthrie, a morning news anchor in America, just published a book entitled Mostly What God Does. What she is saying is that mostly what God does is love us. It is a good reminder, and I invoke it here. Being aware of that love and receiving it, we radiate it. As Savannah says, if you truly feel God’s love, you can’t help but exude it. So, I invoke that love for all who are experiencing trouble in their lives, in whatever way. Even while experiencing lack and distress, there is the presence of the Reality that loves us all. I invoke the presence of that reality.

Using the word God may make this sound religious. But not necessarily. Something is giving us life, whatever you want to call it. A fire is burning inside us all, no matter how much a person might ignore it or try to tamp it down. There is unending love available for us to know.

I can’t think of a more loving act than to give a human being life. It brings comfort in times of trouble when we realize we are being loved like that in every moment. And so, I give thanks to Savannah Guthrie for helping people to become aware of it. Reporting on daily calamities, she exudes good cheer that makes it all easier to hear. And now she has declared where that good cheer comes from. She knows that mostly what God does is love us.

We live in a world, near and far, with people in distress. At Sunrise Ranch, the husband of a woman who works here just passed away. My heart goes out to her. And many other people I know are experiencing challenges of one kind or another. I imagine anyone reading this article could bring to mind people in their lives experiencing distress. And perhaps you, yourself, have something up in your life that seems challenging.

The news is a constant reminder of the distress the world is experiencing. The tragedy of starvation and loss of life in Gaza is terrible. And the attitudes and actions of some of the people involved are equally terrible.

So, what do you think? Do we, as a human family, have the ability to heal the factors that bring distress to the world? Do you believe we have it in us someplace, in some region in our heart, somewhere in our spirit, in our inherent creativity? Could anyone tell me that we don’t? I wouldn’t believe it.

And yet, that creative ability we have that creates, sustains, and heals the human family has somehow escaped human awareness, at least for many. And why? The simple answer is that people tend to look away from the place where it resides. They might be looking at the trouble they see in their life and in the world. Or to something they want from the world. But they aren’t accessing the power within them to bring the human family together.

It seems logical to be worried about the distress of the world in which we live and to be taken up with trying to find your way through it personally. It can seem reasonable to feel anger toward people who are apparently to blame for causing trouble. As people look for an answer to the distress they witness and experience, they demand that the people who seem to be the cause of it change. And they attempt to punish those people when they don’t. Here’s the problem—it is very likely that the other parties involved in the conflict are doing the same thing—trying to force others to change. And so the trouble goes on and on. Doesn’t that describe the situation in Gaza?

Acknowledging that we all have to meet the world in which we live with a practical approach to the matters at hand, if that is all that everyone in any given situation is doing, there is no answer to the trouble people find themselves in. The answers are within us in the realm of our hidden potential to know and radiate love and to weave the sacred fabric of the human family. Without accessing that potential, the powers and capabilities that we have within us remain hidden collectively. Perhaps not entirely. But how much more is possible?

These factors are at play in the issues we face as a global human family. The same is true for our immediate world and for all the microcosms of the human family we are a part of—for our blood family, community, circle of friends, and co-creators.

It comes down to this: Do you believe you have access to the fabric of the togetherness for the microcosm of the family in which you participate? If you access it, you inherit the ability to weave the togetherness of the human family. You have the power to call people to come near to you and to one another. You have the capacity to call forth the creative gifts of others. You become the hearth of the home for the human family.

But how do you access these abilities?

Just as for any highly creative act, a person has to cultivate a state of mind and heart that can receive the creative potential to bring the human family together. I have a practical experience of the quality of consciousness needed to be creative when I compose music or write poetry, prose, or songs. I can’t expect to just sit down at a piano and start plonking out notes. I can’t just start tapping away at the keys of my laptop to write a book. I have to cultivate a quality of consciousness that can receive the intelligence and love I invest in my creations.

In the Book of Revelation, John says this:

And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire. 
Revelation 15:2

Here is a poetic description of the consciousness needed to call together the human family. It speaks to a state of mind and especially a quality of heart.

We have the opportunity to cultivate this state in ourselves. It’s not going to happen if our mind and heart are troubled with all the distress of our world, including the part of that world that is closest to us. There is no sea of glass for us if that’s the case.

A person has to let their heart attention rise until the heart floats up to the underside of the invisible potential that hovers above them, waiting to descend into their awareness. There, the heart is listening for the pattern of Creation that can then begin to move through it. The heart starts to feel the presence and the love of the Creator. The sea of glass begins to be mingled with the fire of God’s love. And the Presence of God is felt and known.

As we cultivate in ourselves a consciousness that becomes a sea of glass mingled with fire, we receive heavenly power to call the human family together. We find the threads that reweave the fabric of humanity. And we make a home for God on earth, which becomes a home for humankind.

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laurence Mendes
laurence Mendes
March 10, 2024 1:04 pm

This pulse has ignited the flame in my being, out of the great fire of Oneness. More than ever, I trust Life, accept how everything is, and am thankful. So many grow I sense, out of situations that they would not have chosen. I see more readily, that there’s a far larger purpose that my mind doesn’t know. I surrender and reflect in humility, and receive God’s Love. Deep gratitude. L

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
March 9, 2024 7:54 am

I think much of the troubles in the world reflect our inability to simply deal with ourselves. When energy builds internally, it can feel strange and uncomfortable, so we look around for an outlet especially where we feel threatened not loved. What if God is at work generating this fire in our belly?

There has been some escalation of protest on our University campus in Cape Town in support of the Palestinians in Gaza. This serves to ramp up opposition to the Jewish population as the bad guys in the picture. Either way, how informed is the average African student about what is really happening? Living in this part of the world, on the tip of the African continent, it is surely none of our business, and yet we make it so, even our Government has intervened. It is a deceptive move in an Election Year to deflect all that is not being done at home.

To be at home in myself. This is the simple way for peace and creativity right where I am. Here I can begin to understand the drawing power of love at work, having nowhere to go but abiding.

Samantha Mckune
Samantha Mckune
March 7, 2024 11:05 pm

…..as you once said ” Love is the only “answer” I know…..so, thank you.

Samantha Mckune
Samantha Mckune
March 7, 2024 11:01 pm

…..then let us make make a home for God on Earth, which becomes a home for humankind.
Thank you, David.

Andy Vincent
Andy Vincent
March 7, 2024 10:35 pm

Thank you David.

As I read your words what came to my mind was the level of anger, due to hardship running in the heart of many , in my country Nigeria.this time.

Yes,the situation in Gaza is very tense. In some other lands it is replicated as severe ferming,terrorism, kidnapping and other shapes of human wickedness and suffering.

Humanity is deeply not connecting and that consciousness which generate the atmosphere of heaven from within is largely missing in many.

For those of us who know and understand human condition, I think, it’s a wonderful opportunity and a delicate commission to inspire courage, dedication to vision and love, which bring that fire of transformation in our world.

Stay blessed.

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
March 7, 2024 6:26 pm

This morning in the Administration Building the power was shut down for about an hour. Other office workers and I basically couldn’t do any work during that time. To me it symbolized how our spiritual work shuts down if we are not connected to the “sea of glass mingled with fire.” How vital it is to make and sustain that connection!

March 7, 2024 2:02 pm

David – this is so beautiful and draws us together and reminds us who we are in relationship to the All – and that lovingly includes our immediate family here at Sunrise – and ripples out to all we know and love around the world – and all we love simply because they Are – they are a part of our planetary family – and it is so time for us to come Together.

David Barnes
David Barnes
March 7, 2024 2:01 am

This is a most beautiful, accurate and sublime Creative Word, spoken here David, quoted from the body of your piece:

“A person has to let their heart attention rise until the heart floats up to the underside of the invisible potential that hovers above them, waiting to descend into their awareness. There, the heart is listening for the pattern of Creation that can then begin to move through it. The heart starts to feel the presence and the love of the Creator. The sea of glass begins to be mingled with the fire of God’s love. And the Presence of God is felt and known.”

As the reality of what is succinctly focalized through these five sentences is experienced and differentiated through even a few in agreement, the truth of what it means to be a real Human Being is known, and all Nature sings, while round us rings the Music of the Spheres. With body, mind, heart and spirit moving in this Way of Ascension, the body of All Human Beings, is transformed and then transmuted in the Sea of Glass mingled with Fire hovering in the Heaven. And God is in action on earth through Divine Man and Divine WomanJe-Ho-VahJe-Sufulfillment and friendship are known.

Thank you for this David.

Tom Cooper
March 6, 2024 11:56 pm

YEs. The sea of glass MINGLED WITH FIRE is that it takes. Let that passion and clarity ring forth eternally. Love, Tom C.

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