A Baptism by Fire

What is life fulfillment? To me, life fulfillment is what happens when our hunger and thirst for a deeper connection to the Divine opens up the possibility of a new reality.

What happens when this new reality starts to enter in? What happens when our hunger and thirst open up a beautiful new possibility? The true fulfillment of our lives is made possible through this opening. And it is as a baptism by fire. This opens us to a deeper level of what it means to know our collective Christ consciousness.

We are a nation that is in a baptism by fire. Forest fires in Northern Colorado and on the Pacific Coast are taking us through this experience. And so is a pandemic and a highly contested election. And yet, how many of us now see more clearly the preciousness we are surrounded by in each moment? That blessed recognition is from the fruits of a baptism by fire.

How many of us have become closer to a loved one in deeper ways? How many of our relationships have been tested by tension and forged into greater unity by overcoming the challenges of this day together? The purifying factors of this baptism by fire have forged a greater closeness with our loved ones.

How many of us prayed together for the sacredness of Eden Valley, where Sunrise Ranch is located, to be preserved? And how strong was our Attunement current? I know that there are some in the valley who could tangibly feel it on a red-flag day as the winds turned when the fire was only fifteen hundred feet from our neighbor. That level of collective radiation is a baptism by fire for us as a body. That baptism is meant to become a permanent state of a new level of our collective radiation.

In this time, I could feel our function as a collective Christ consciousness begin to emerge. There is a new consistency to the flow of spiritual energy between us. We can stabilize in this new level of our relationships, this new level of our access to divine mind, this new level of our collective prayer for the fulfillment of our mission. As we do, we restore the soul of humanity in each moment of our togetherness.

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
November 7, 2020 6:47 am

In this passage is a distillation, and carrier wave of Spirit; it speaks of the power of the collective – the Collective Christ consciousness being present, and active.

This is out of the ordinary; it is not about the individual but the power of the collective divine mind. There are some divine mathematics at work which makes things expand by an “exponential” power of multiplication.

The baptism of fire was not entirely in the circumstance – that was the catalyst – the baptism of fire was the collective intent and the resultant divine action which was called upon through the Attunement current.

This was a demonstration of magnitude. A demonstration of what is possible, not through the individual, though the individual must also come into alignment, but of the aligned conscious of the collective.

I am filled with gratitude, and awe.

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